America, The FBI Needs YOUR Help!

masked man unmasked

FBI asks public to help identify militant in Islamic State video

WASHINGTON – The FBI is asking the public to help identify a masked man who speaks in what is believed to be a North American accent in a video that Islamic State militants released last month aimed at Western audiences.

In an excerpt of the video released by the FBI, the man, dressed in camouflage and wearing a shoulder holster, speaks in English and Arabic as he stands in front of men he says are Islamic State prisoners.

“We’re hoping that someone might recognize this individual and provide us with key pieces of information,”

So, let me get this straight. The FBI contacted the NSA and said, “A 55 minute video was released by Islamic State militants and someone speaking with a North American accent was featured and since you’re all in the know and in everybody’s business, tell us who this person is.” The NSA contacts the CIA and the CIA says, “uh…it’s one of our agents gone rogue. Try and keep this on the down low by asking for the public’s help. By doing so, we can stave off answering questions because the public will be so thrilled to play, ‘match that voice’ and ‘match these eyes that cry every night for you!”

So, Americans, if your brother is missing and he’s Black, that’s not him, he’s locked up. If your father is white and he has been tanning a lot lately and he is now missing, you might want to just pretend that he’s not missing unless you’ve got a grudge against him and if you do, contact the FBI and tell them that you think that that’s your dad, gone off to fight with ISIS because he lost his good paying job and then got laid-off when his new place of employment down-sized.

We are now to turn informant for the FBI which means, if you haven’t seen your neighbor for a couple of weeks, the FBI wants you to contact them and let them know this. They’ll proceed to SWAT up and shoot the place down, only to find that the neighbor dropped dead and no one cared and so, he was found rotting away or the neighbor simply lost his job and has been hiding out at home, hoping that the neighbors think his car broke down and he’s taking the bus to work. But tell the FBI anyway. We’ve all got to do our part to bring this dude with a North American accent to ‘justice’.

I am at this moment ‘manning’ the FBI tip line and so far, we’ve only had one caller to call in and say that her boyfriend is missing and she just knows he’s with a slut that he met the previous night at the Olive Garden and she wants to get back at him for it. We don’t want crank calls, people! This is serious! You have an obligation to your country to see that all terrorists are brought to justice, you know, like what’s been going down in Guantanamo and in secret CIA operated facilities in countries all across this planet.

Now, turn your fellow Americans in. Do it for ‘god’ and do it for your country! And remember, we Americans are the proud, the exceptional, the informants! Now let’s play, “Guess Who?”

Oh, and my 2nd guess? Zorro! ROTFLMAO!!!

33 thoughts on “America, The FBI Needs YOUR Help!

  1. Ewww ewww, pick me pick me…
    I know who that is. Really.
    That jihadi is P. Diddy Trevon Brown.
    However, I’m not about to waste anytime on the FBI. Those fuckers wouldn’t even acknowledge my complaint about George Bush’s being a war criminal.
    Hey G-man Comey? Kiss my ass!

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    1. Well Skulz, when I called in to ‘volunteer’ to do my ‘patriotic’ duty, *cough* *cough* Sorry, excuse me please, I always get rather choked up when that word comes up. But anyway, when I called the FBI to report that I suspected that dangerous war crimes criminal with the North American accent to be Obama, there was a loud cheering in the background and I was asked if I would help to ‘man’ the FBI tip line. So, they came to my house and set up a switchboard that’s recording conversations and pinpointing where the calls are coming from and of course, the name of the person listed as belonging to that particular number. Not only that, but the satellites are trained on my house so that if anyone tells me of a YouTube video being posted online, the FBI through the NSA will be all over it like flies on this shitty barge. Then the Department of Homeland Security via the CIA and Seal Team 19 is going to sweep in and get ’em with all of that military equipment that’s all across the globe. I’ve got a real fancy setup here.

      This morning I’ve had 9 calls so far and they were all from some woman claiming to be Kim Kardashian and she wanted to report that some guy named Kanye was missing and she thinks he went mad and has joined ISIS. Of course, this has been reported to the FBI, Homeland Security, the NSA and a flash mob. So, I expect we’ll know something soon and I’ll be on the 6 o’clock news as having been instrumental in helping to bring a ‘terrorist’ to ‘justice’.

      I’m so ‘patriotic’! *cough* *cough* Damn, I’ve got to stop with that!

      LOL! Thanks Skulz!

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  2. Oh, George Orwell would be so proud. Who even needs those creepy Big Brother posters? Wait, isn’t there some lame ‘reality’ show called that? Think I remember the hair on the back of my neck raising when they ran that first promo for it. Keep that snitch line going, Shelby — that next call could be the real deal! – Linda


    1. Yeah, you’re right! There is some stupid show called Big Brother on. My cousin watches TV ‘religiously and when I visit him, that shit is on and Survivor and Amazing Grace, uh…I mean…The Amazing Race. No wonder Americans are stupid. I fucking dared him to pick up a book and he looked at me like I had lost MY mind.

      Linda, I still got one good arm and the nimble fingers are all over the switchboard set up for me by the FBI. We’re honing in on that rascally wabbit. The name that keeps getting floated around is Kanye something or other. Oh, wait! Hold on Linda, another call just came in on the FBI snitchboard!

      Oh fucking no! They’re investigating the Pope! They’re checking the Pope’s whereabouts Apparently, he’s been in the sun a lot while running around talking about how wrong it is to ignore the poor. Oh dear, what a conundrum. I’m telling them, the FBI that is, that I am quite certain that this is just another crank call and let’s keep looking for this Kanye fella!

      Gee fucking whiz Linda, I’m gonna have quite the busy day! When we bring the dirty blighter to justice, my readers will be all in the know and I’ll be FAMOUS!

      I’ll be called, “The Witch who WOULD be a snitch that manned the FBI snitchboard!” Has a great ‘ring’ to it, doncha think? LMAO!!!

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  3. If this wasn’t so true, it would be almost laughable…by the way do you have the phone number? One of the guys at work called in sick Monday, Tuesday and today…maybe he’s the guy in the video. 🙂


    1. I hate to say this Dom, but while I’m ‘manning’ the FBI ‘snitchboard’, I’m having no end of fun! And yes, this is true AND serious! Uh-hum! Now, for the guy that keeps calling in ‘sick’. Well, we’ve got the phone number handy. So call in and ‘snitch’ on him and the official FBI ISIS snitchline is”

      Drum roll Please! BOOM BOOM BOOM!! 1-800-FUCKFBI

      All ‘good’ patriotic *cough *cough* citizens of the U.S., call the above number to report missing persons of potential interest to the FBI hotline snitchline. Turn your granpa in if he’s missing. He could be a dangerous terrorist criminal heading to the shores of America carrying the Ebola virus. We are trying to stop him from sneezing on you!

      “We are the FBI
      and we want ISIS to die.
      We’ve dropped the ball,
      so make the call.
      Don’t hesitate
      and don’t be late.
      Snitch on friends
      who wear Depends.
      We’re doing our job
      to stop this mob
      from bringing terror to you
      ’cause it’s what we do.
      Now, do your duty.
      Ain’t Shelby a cutie?
      So call her today
      and snitch away!”


      Thanks for your comment Dom! Now get to snitching on your co-worker. Hit me up! I still got one snitchline without a call on it. I’m fucking waiting on your co-worker’s name. LMAO!!

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  4. “You make me “proud” to be an Uhmerican. Dang, I hadn’t even thought about Kanye. Nice touch.”

    Think nothing of it Skulz! All in a day’s work of being a ‘patriotic’ *cough* *cough* fine, upstanding, filled with ‘exceptionalism’ credit to my ‘country’ *cough* *cough* *wheeze* *wheeze*! DAYUM!!!

    What the hell!! LOL!

    Skulz, never you doubt, that with me on board with the FBI, we is gonna git our man or it could be a woman. We got some ‘butch’ women out there that could do ‘justice’ to a man. Hillary Clinton comes to mind. Oh shit! Gotta go Skulz! I think I just uncovered a ‘new’ potential ISIS member. Gotta ‘snitch’! Good thing, I’m ‘manning’ the snitchline!!

    “Hello! FBI, I got a live one, it could be Hillary Clinton ‘out of drag’ and tanned and…….!”


  5. “Standby…it’s on the way”

    Dom, thanks but wait on that a bit. The trail is now leading to Al Sharpton. The FBI has suddenly realized that he was an ‘informant’ back in the day and he may be a ‘double agent’, the wily little bastard. It seems he learned Arabic while pretending to be muy simpático with Malcolm X when he was head of the Nation of Islam.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” – Walter Scott

    Dom, this is getting deep, but I’m all on it!


  6. Are you allowed to nominate more than one person? I presently have about five people on my shit less. They’re skin tone is more pink than brown but I don’t think it will make much difference to the FBI. Will it?


    1. Dr. Bramhall, it is your duty with your dual citizenship to report any suspicions no matter how insignificant you think the tip is. People have been known to alter their appearances for nefarious purposes. The FBI will look into ALL reported suspicious activity and will narrow down the suspect lists to those who may be a jihadist to those who are a jihadist to those who don’t look like a jihadist but have stated in no uncertain terms that they will “fuck America up!”

      Spray-on tans are popular when the sun don’t shine, I don’t care how pink a person is. If you suspect them of having crossed over to the other side, took another route, got fucking tired of America’s shit, decided to get even for the loss of their job, got fucking fed up with our congressional fucktards or simply stopped liking McDonalds fake ass killer food; it is your duty to report them. The FBI does not care if the color of their skin makes it seem impossible for them to be featured in this video. There are many fake videos out there but if the FBI has determined, for some unknown reason, that this particular video is real, well then what can I say? I just ‘man’ the snitchlines and report persons of interest until they are deemed, not of interest.

      So, name your suspects! Remember, the hotline number is: 1-800-FUCKFBI

      If you call today, the suspect won’t get away!



  7. LMAO, great post! Now we get to play informant like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. Hallmark sign that the empire is about to collapse, altho most Americans are too obtuse to realize what’s happening. Nice song choice… These eyes are cryin’ 😦


    1. Yes, 1EarthUnited, I am laughing so hard, my eyes are crying because we are playing the game, “The Guess Who!”

      With all of the state-of-the-art spy technology that the U.S. claims to have and with all of the tapping of phones of foreign leaders, the NSA can’t tell who is posting a 55 minute video on YouTube? The FBI actually wants American citizens to spy and snitch on one another because the spying network that we pay for just ain’t cutting it! Seriously???!!! For real??! This is all just stupid, really, really stupid. They want us to believe that they have no idea about anything when the CIA has infiltrated every known and unknown organization all across this globe. The spies and their lies, when will it end?

      That is why I am making fun of this entire load of horseshit because that is exactly what it is and if the stupid American people actually fall for this load of horseshit, then there is just nothing else to be said. Because this is just too unbelievably ridiculous to be believed.

      Thank you so much for your comment!


      1. Yup, look like the cannibals are cannibalizing us all. It’ll end when they consume their own tales! A despicable farce indeed. Well, here’s mud in your eyes. 😉


  8. Hold everything. You mean Shelby that this new very part time job Tubularsock has taken may be linked to ISIS? Tubularsock has been missing for a few days doing some “cutting-edge” work. Tubularsock likes the black face covering and the flag and all the guns. We have been singing some kind of Arabic camp songs and we get to do videos. Hope to be home soon so I can use what I’ve learned to be a home-grown-star on the reality TV show, “Cutting Off Your Head”. Cheers.


    1. Tube, your orange jumpsuit is being prepared for you in Guantanamo! I have told you time and time again to be careful about what you sign. I am under strict orders to warn you that you have violated Code 3848547. Section V283949 of the serve-to-destruct America code and therefore, you are subject to become a subject of TUYNN(Tortured Until You Name Names). After your initial torture initiation, you will then be transferred to a secret underground bunker that was previously owned by you, but has since been confiscated due to your TUYNN status. There you will have your due process stripped from you as well as your credentials that enabled you to freely move about the country as the Secretary of the Inferior. You will be more ‘inferior’ than you think. I do not envy your new status.

      However, since I threw myself at the feet of several FBI agents, I will be allowed to visit you once before your transfer and I can bring just one thing that you wish for. I suggest that you waste no time in naming that one thing. Until I hear from you,

      Your favorite snitch
      ‘manning the FBI snitch line,
      Shelby, assistant FIB agent, ‘Forwarding Information Base’

      …and please make a note! I take this new gig seriously!!! LMAO!! I really do!


    1. A very wise decision and request, stamped, GRANTED!! Your coffee will be delivered to you at 0800 hours on 28 November 2040 whereupon, you will be released from detention. Naturally, if it is determined that you are indeed a jihadist and the names are made-up, what becomes of your hairstyle will be the very least of your worries. However, I have the FBI’s assurance that once they relieve you of your head, I mean, your hair twist, that it will be saved for you and that you can have it ‘weaved’ back in. LMAO!!!! As you can see, I am doing ALL that I can to assist you!

      Yours truly,
      Shelby, assistant FIB agent, ‘Forwarding Information Base’

      Gotta go! Snitchline is lighting up! If it’s anything good, you may be off the hook! Keep ya fingers crossed! LOL!


  9. Oh hell, now I’M! getting paranoid! Most of my last comment got cut off somehow — and these days you can’t just shrug something like that off as a simple glitch. The missing bits were exhorting you to immediately investigate stuartbramhall’s tips — since they’re bound to be well worth checking out — before rushing into scapegoating a fellow blogger. I mean, think about it. If any one of us is condemned as a terrorist … it’d be only too easy for them to go after ALL OF US. Don’t knnow about you, but if I end up blacklisted and waterboarded, I at least want to earn it! (Then again, depending on their criteria … maybe I have. Hmm. This won’t do much for my insomnia, either.) But keep up your fine patriotic work, I guess. – Linda


    1. Now, Ms. Linda, please to understand that I am only doing my ‘patriotic’ *cough* *cough* duty and that as a ‘non-citizen’ of the U.S., I have been told that in order for me to be deported back to Guadalajara with my savings intact, I must turn in one of my most dearest and bestest friends and dear, dear Tubularsock came to mind, especially since it was the FBI that put dear Tubularsock in my mind, you know, with ‘mind control’. I am now appalled at how badly I was used. I mean, one minute, I am answering the snitchline and the next, I am confessing, under duress(my fingernails were being ripped off, one by one)and I was questioned about a man who is ‘nowhere at once’ and who owns an ‘underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA’, I mean, Linda, what could I say? We ALL know that is Tube. Initially, I tried to make it seem to be someone else. I threw out another name, that of Dick Kiss My Ass, I’ll Buy A Heart Cheney, but when I did that, one of the masked men claiming to be the FBI, unmasked himself and there stood ‘Evil Incarnate’ in the form of Sick Cheney! I was tricked and my plot was foiled by that evil monster.

      So, as you can see, I had no choice but to turn in Tube and I ask that you both forgive me because you have both been through a lot because of me, what with attending my wedding and what went down and with Tube having to make use of the services of Vinnie’s Pizza and Cement Shoes on the Southside of Chicago and I’ll never forget what a great PR firm Tube runs and all that he has done for me. The man is a Pope, I mean, a Saint. But Linda, those masked men were merciless and I’m just little ole Scarlett O’ Hara and you know how sheltered and dainty we southern plantation owner’s wives were. I mean, ever since, they freed the slaves, I’ve not had a minute’s rest what with having to do my own nails and cooking and sewing and butter making. Why, I just didn’t know what would become of me and then when I was offered the job of manning the FBI ‘snitchline’, well I just went for it but I nevah dreamed that poor, dear Tube would go down for it. I’ll make it up to him somehow, Linda. I sweah!

      When Tube gets out of the clink in 2040, we’ll throw a big ole parade for him and hopefully by that time, I will have been able to get him his old job back as Secretary of the Inferior. All I ask is that Tube can find it in himself to ‘fugive’ me and Linda, please try not to judge me too ‘haushly’. I was ‘undur duraausss’. Oh deuh, I need mah scented hanky afore I swoon from straaauss.



  10. Shelby, What can I say? We all have our weaknesses, that’s why we must stand together. Hope you’re all right — heaven knows Chaney would scare the shit out of anyone! And ripping out your nails? I go nuts with a teensy splinter or a paper cut myself, so I fear I’d be useless under torture, or even enhanced interrogation. Hate to think of what they may do to Tubularsock … but he’s strong, and most wily, so he may be able to get out of this, too, somehow. Trouble is, now I’m subconsciously listening for approaching choppers … And you take care, too — they may not like to leave any loose ends. But we’re probably okay, even if we are both “known associates” of a notorious terrorist mastermind. What could happen, right? – Linda


    1. Linda, I am hurriedly typing this message to you as I exit my home via my pipeline, “Champcanerica!” I am almost in France and so I think it is ok for me to get this message to you. Tell Tube that they are looking for him in Madagascar since before they let me go, they asked me where was this man that is nowhere everywhere and I told them that he was last sighted in Madagascar and that he was dressed as a doctor. Tell Tube to(and this is in code) “fly north and follow the crow’s wing to the south gate of Canada, there he will find a pipe with a line the color of fuchsia leading to a mailbox. The name on the mailbox reads, “Madame Shabela Gypsy Warrior Princess of the “Antibulloshit Tribe!” Standing next to the mailbox will be a little green leprechaun who will hand him a folded note, the note will read, “walk 5 paces in a southerly direction, wait for the wind to blow from the east and then head north until you come upon a stone that will lie directly in your path. Pick up the stone and throw it 5 feet, once the stone hits the ground, a mighty rumble will occur, the ground will open and Tube has 20 seconds to enter the underground cave before the ground closes back up.

      He is to then take the tunnel marked, France, if he takes the other tunnel marked, Oceanview, he will fall into the ocean. That way lies a trap. Tell Tube to follow the curves in the tunnel and do not veer off for there are many traps. Stay true to the course. Up ahead about 500 feet, he will come upon a belly dancer, she will give him sustenance so that he can continue on his journey. Tell him that the belly dancer will be very beautiful but that he must not linger or all will be lost for she is a siren that emerged from the Oceanview tunnel and she has captivated men and enslaved them down through the ages. Tell him not to look into her eyes for they are the mirrors to hell. Tell him to keep his head down while he partakes of the sustenance she offers him and continue onward.

      He will next come up an old man, so old and wrinkled, he will look like Father Time, this wise man will lead him to the exit and into France for this old and wrinkled man is really only 22 years old but as he has had no sunlight and has lived in a cave for hundreds of years and has had no GMO foods, he is very young and strong and only virgins can see his youthful and beautiful face and body. I know, because I saw him and he is the Black Adonis and we dallied, uh…never mind. Tube will be safe in his hands and I shall meet him once he exits the cave for I cannot go back inside the cave or my hair will turn into snakes and I can never leave the cave again. Although, it mightn’t be so bad with the Black Adonis awaiting me, however, since I am human, I need light and the warmth of the sun.

      From France, Tube will then be able to travel anywhere in the world he wishes to go because he will have a new identity and he will be given a new ‘look’.

      So, you see Linda, I have made things right with Tube and since you now have the coded message, if things get a little too hot for you and if you hear the sound of choppers, keep this note with you at all times and follow the instructions to the letter.



  11. Hanging in Madagascar
    Waiting on the CIA in a taxi-car
    Not really going to play along
    With codes and drugs and Madame Fong

    Shelby and Linda are tripping out royal
    With an FBI story with Tube as their foil
    But Tubularsock’s not scared at all
    Not at all about to take the fall

    You see the cave to France
    Has a back door en-ter-ance
    And Tubularsock does have the key
    One left turn and he’s off and is free

    On second thought what fun is that?
    No siren nor no ocean depth
    Tubularsock would watch his step
    And keep his hair in a French hair-net

    When dealing with jihadist-madness
    One must confess with fucking gladness
    That a bottle of Champaign in one’s back pocket
    Could make things better when you face the rockets

    Admitting up front to the drugs ahh floatin’
    Shelby and Linda have got to be tokin’
    It’s the only answer to the paranoia a’grow’n
    That they seem to exhibit as this story keeps on goin’

    So to wrap this up with the FBI stool-pigeon
    We have to return to the far off begainnin’
    And hope that some how if it could only happen
    That Tubularsock will have to get involved in some slappin’!

    But not to be violent and not to be glib
    Tubularsock easily could smoke a whole lid
    And tell the FBI to go fuck themselves
    Then run quick and as fast as a heard of gazelles.

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    1. Priceless! Fucking priceless! And thanks Tube, for joining in the fun! Linda is your most stalwart and loyal friend! She really is! If she didn’t take me to task for putting your head AND hair twist on the chopping block, then I ain’t never been taken to task and I have. LMAO!

      As you can see, I tried to worm my way out of turning you in, but Linda was having none of it and you have no idea the strings I had to pull and the palms I had to grease to get that set-up for you to escape with head and hair twist intact. It wasn’t easy, but I knew Linda would give me no peace of mind until I had gotten you out of what I had gotten you into!

      So now all is as it should be and there is no price on your hair, I mean, head and I am still ‘manning’ the FBI snitchline since so far, all calls have been crank calls. Apparently, now the American people are quite getting their jollies off in twisting the FBI up in knots. And they’re making a jolly good show of it too! If heads are to roll, most likely they’ll be rolling out of the FBI headquarters in the act of getting fired for being so stupid in the first place.

      And do forgive me for not having your back back there, it was touch and go when I was facing down Cheney’s evil ass. I’m still affrighted, I am I say! And I do hope that Linda will someday forgive me for my momentary weakness. Alas, mere mortal and weak human that I am. I should have rather been drawn and quartered than to turn one of my bestest friends in. Oh, what was I thinking. Again, do forgive me! I shall endeavor to make it up to you both!

      Your ‘former’ favorite snitch
      ‘manning the FBI snitch line,
      Shelby, assistant FIB agent, ‘Forwarding Information Base’

      …and I no longer take this gig, seriously! LMAO!!!!

      Again, thanks Tube! You’re a riot! You AND Linda!


  12. Shelby, With my endless failings, how can I point fingers at anyone! I’m just glad we’re all still at liberty and out of trouble. While that lasts, I’m tempted to add. Now why would I even think that? Surely, none of us could ever be … troublemakers! – Linda


    1. Oh surely NOT Linda! What ever gave you that idea? We’re as innocent as newborn babes. We’re babes in the woods. Troublemakers? Not us! LOL!!

      Well, I figured that we hadn’t had an adventure in quite some time and seeing as how we are all to become ‘patriotic’ snitches, we should get the hang of snitching on each other. I mean, it is our duty, ya know! And as you can see, I’m just taking this all TOO seriously. I’m ‘manning’ snitchlines, snitching on friends and some more patriotic shit. I’m just displaying my good citizenship qualities ’cause I’m so scared of what the spies are gonna do to me if’n I don’t! Uh..yeah…right.

      But I would never want to get in the way of the only person who can bring us news before it happens. Now, that’s something right there! I’m glad he’s on our side!


    1. Oh Lawd have mercy!!! I am SO sorry Tube but I did laugh at that comment. I’m not laughing over your poor, dear departed mother, but everything else in your comment. You are a mess, a loveable mess, that’s true, but a mess all the same. I’m sitting here now with tears streaming down my face from laughing at your craziness! And I know that you’ve seen this more times than you care to count, but for Christ’s sake, man, TAKE THE SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!! Although, when it’s all said and done about you, you probably ARE on the road with the show! Just be careful of the zombies! I hear they’re out and about ’cause it’s almost Halloween time!! Yeah…that’s what I mean!!

      Yeah!…and she should have been pissed! Where is your family loyalty? I throw my hands up over you! I’ve got you ‘marked’ down as being too far gone to get rehabilitated! LMAO! Stay the course, Tube, stay the course!!!


  13. Shelby, if truth be known, Tubularsock or at least his facsimile was with a group of Zombies just last night. Now don’t be scared. Halloween has nothing to do with “real” Zombies.

    It all has to do with the puffer-fish if you know what I mean. Ok, and staying up way late into the morning to come.

    Mom was there and we had a long “family” discussion but Dad couldn’t make it because he, though dead too, was busy with Beelzebub, a close family friend. Before the “fall” we all drank together but that’s another story.

    Oh shit! Tubularsock forgot, I have another appointment with Madam Fandango. You know occult meetings …… the ghouls are showing up tonight and Tubularsock has to MC.

    The show must go on. And on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, ……… Boo!


    1. Yes, the show must go on and that is why I thought that by now, you would have solved the riddle for the FBI by finding out just who the fuck this elusive jihadist fella is. I mean, my reputation is in shreds due to the fact that I turned you in and you, THIS TIME, happened to have been, quite innocent. *cough* *cough* I’m having difficulties getting out you being innocent. LMAO!!

      Since you’ve obviously got an ‘evil’ side since your poor dear dad is hanging out with Beelzebub, then that means you’ve already embraced evil and you just have to channel all that evil and hell fire and brimstone into conjuring up who this unknown is and make him known. Shouldn’t that be your next ‘assignment’? This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds!


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