…Swarming Like Killer Bees!


I know I said I was a good girl gone bad,
but I didn’t know that I’d eventually go mad.

The white-coated men can just haul me away.
I’m too far gone and ain’t nothing I can say.

One minute, I’m all about flowers and trees,
and the next I’m swarming like killer bees.

Who the hell knows what will happen next?
I often leave my readers quite perplexed.

Maybe, I’m the female Jekyll and Hyde
and it could be that I’m quite certified.

Who couldn’t go crazy in this fucked up world,
where madness reigns and evil’s flag’s unfurled?

If I doubt my sanity and wonder if I’m sane.
it’s because I see a world suffering in pain.

And when I feel sorry and sad for me,
I’m not getting bombed like those across the sea!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Sometimes I’m good and sometimes, I’m MAD!!! And sometimes, I’m just goddamn BAD!!!

2 thoughts on “…Swarming Like Killer Bees!

  1. There are some days I feel pretty “mad” (i.e. insane) myself. It’s hard to be bombarded on a daily basis with the extreme and unrelenting. cruelty and immorality of political leaders who supposedly speak and act in our name. It can get pretty overwhelming at times.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, ain’t it though? We can’t seem to get through one day without getting bombarded with a ton of horrifying shit. And I for one could NOT see myself engaging in bringing harm and as you say ‘unrelenting cruelty’ to people, the world over.

      And yes, that is why I am never voting again because I refuse to vote for that vile and filthy shit that sits in Washington and with the flick of a Bic, gives the authority to cause untold suffering from the U.S. to everywhere and the bastards don’t even have the fucking grace to even blink at what they’re doing. And I’m going to continue to be complicit in that shit by voting those goddamn dogs into office???!! Hell fucking no!!! And that is why I am REFUSING to cast another goddamn worthless vote again.

      My ancestors will just have to roll over in their graves due to the fact of their having had to march, protest, get hosed down with high powered water hoses, had dogs let loose on them, got jailed and some more shit just so that I could have the right to vote, but I don’t think even they would get pissed off at the reasons why I refuse to fucking vote ever again. This shit is just too much and I refuse in the only way that I can refuse to take part in this charade of hypocrisy. I’m fucking fed up with it all. Fuck it!

      But I do so thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. As always, it’s a pleasure to find a comment here from you! Take care and hope all is well with you in NZ!


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