If Prayers Were Ever Answered…


To the people of Syria and Iraq,
there is much I want to say.
Though I am a lone wolf,
on your people, I don’t prey.

A haunting melody is haunted
by the innocent of your dead.
Their cries and pleas for mercy
go unheard through a sea of red.

You are not the chosen few,
and therefore, peace will never reign,
as you are again torn by war,
and those who kill you are insane.

The bodies of your dead,
are covered in a shroud.
And those who act like gods,
do worse than is allowed.

As refugees, you are not welcome,
though you’ve done no wrong at all.
You trudge through desert sands,
bereft of hope and so you fall.

Staring up at the merciless sun,
you wonder if you’ll rise again.
Too tired to whimper or to cry,
you close your eyes and say, “Amen!”

But your prayers are never heard,
and that is why I cannot pray.
For if prayers were ever answered,
in hell, your enemies would always stay!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Has the above picture ever ‘depicted’ life in the U.S.? Think on that while you’re gassing up the SUV to head to a Starbucks and then sit your ass down and do nothing for a few hours, then head to the store, pick up some items for dinner. And while your kids are in various rooms in your house, texting and screaming over their toys, for once think of what this country is doing to others in foreign lands. Think of them having to leave their homes over some shit we, the U.S. stirred up! Think on it!

13 thoughts on “If Prayers Were Ever Answered…

  1. No truer words spoken, nice job stirring the pot. The slow boil here is simmering, we need to wake up before we’re all fully cooked. Perhaps it’s already too late for the zombified US, seriously look into relocating to Argentina in a few years.


    1. 1EarthUnited, I am in no doubt that this unimproved version of the Titanic is sinking. I am already preparing to ‘jump ship’. And I have no intention of waiting a few years. Americans are already dead, some of them just don’t know it yet. And quite frankly, millions are the walking dead and have the nerve to fear some Ebola virus! Seriously? If we had anything to work with here, I would say that there was something worth saving but we have nothing. And though that may seem harsh, look at how we calmly go about our business when we know that we are responsible for innocent people getting fucked up, the world over and what do we do? Not a goddamn thing but sip coffee and drive to the mall.

      Americans can kiss my ass from heat-baked drought ravaged California to the slums of Atlantic City, NJ. Fuck this shithole. As I’ve said over and over again, this shit is already toast, but the shit here still wants to moan and groan about somebody bringing pestilence here. They’ve got to be fucking kidding. This goddamn shithole IS a pestilence and its been spreading its pestilence all across this god forsaken planet!

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited! Much appreciated!


  2. You know Shelby when Tubularsock thinks on anything he usually comes up with a great idea.
    So, Tubularsock has boxed up 50,000 soy lattes from Starbucks and is sending them to Syria.
    Hey, it’s the very least Tubularsock can do.

    Oh, I’ve put them all in God Bless America cups. I know, Tubularsock thinks of everything.

    Now are you happy?


    1. Hell no! I ain’t fucking happy! The only thing that could make me happy is for my candy ass(and yeah, I know what that means and yes, I’m timid ’cause I ain’t doing a goddamn thing to help anybody) to recuperate to the point that I can get the hell up out of this sinking, stinking shithole barge!

      And don’t even bother to ship that Starbucks shit to Syria. That’s fucking why Americans are twitching all over the goddamn place, fidgeting and some more shit due to a caffeine high mixed with Monster drinks and Red Bull. Americans take all that shit and then have the nerve to wonder why they are so ‘fidgety’ and diagnosed with ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). They’re fucking climbing the goddamn walls and needing all up on some Ambien and ZzzQuil and some more “Get me off the goddamn ceiling and into bed and asleep,” shit! So, yeah, send that ‘upper’ shit on over to Syria. That’s what they need!

      What they need is for the U.S. to stop training ‘rebels’ and when they refuse to kowtow to the U.S., they fucking get to going the fuck off and then what happens?, hundreds of thousands of people get turned into refugees. They need U.S. to leave them the fuck alone!

      But I know your heart was in the right place Tube and it’s all good! There just ain’t no cheering me up these days, but thanks for trying. I still love ya!


    1. Oh, but it’s working Dr. Bramhall! It’s working for the privileged just fine! They’re amassing a shitload of billions while people are turned into refugees fleeing from war torn homelands all over the goddamn place. Oh, yes! It’s working alright! And there ain’t a goddamn thing we can do to stop it from working because if pill popping and otherwise getting high would do it, then it’d already be done by now, at least by the good ole pill popping Americans who are now terrified of Ebola. Yeah! Like that’s ALL we gotta fear!! This shit over here is fucking useless AND clueless!

      But I do sincerely thank you for your comment. You know how I am.


  3. If I read the New York Times, I would love to open it up one day and see one of your poems or commentaries, Shelby. This one is just too close for comfort. In the U.S., we have the luxury of changing the channel to any news that challenges our world views. The people of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, et al., have no such luxury as they try to rebuild from the rubble left behind by the U.S. military and it’s privatized army of mercenaries and contractors.

    Hollywood and the entertainment industry have done a good job desensitizing us to real violence. These men, women and children are no more real to some Americans than the extras in a Transformers movie.


    1. Jeff, I would rather open up the New York Times and read something that you have written because only you can say it like it needs to be said. Your latest post left me speechless, absolutely speechless! No one has what you have and no one can say it like you!

      And you know as obnoxious as I can be, I’d never get in the New York Times, but I guess I should never say never. However, I do think that I’m too much to take. I’m not ‘politically correct’ and I never intend to be. We’ve lost the war because we never even picked up a weapon. We merely acquiesced to everything that was done. We put up with the NSA spying. We put up with getting radiated to board an airplane. We put up with knowing that innocent people are being detained without due process. We put up with knowing that innocent people are being detained, the world over, and have never been charged with a crime. We put up with the mass incarceration of an entire ethnic group. We put up with same ethnic group being brutalized and killed for no reason. We put up with the militarization of our police force. And I could go on and on.

      Even the cannon fodder, we can’t get to cease and desist. They line the fuck up and go out and kill and for what? They don’t even know. And then we are supposed to sympathize when they come back, if they come back, fucked up.

      Just like you say, to most Americans, the people in that picture are as real to them as “the extras in a Transformers movie,” and that is why I have such disdain and hatred AND contempt for Americans because we are fucking useless, indeed!

      I do thank you SO very much for your comment as it was ever so spot on!


  4. Americans could never imagine themselves in the photo above, so foreign to their consciousness worlds beyond their own bubble remain. American calamity is a temporary cessation of internet access, a cracked screen on an iPhone, their favorite sports team suffering devastating defeat, the DNF of a worshiped NASCAR hero, burnt pizza crust.

    I’ve imagined it though, and it frightens me because it may well happen; having to leave everything but the cloths on your back behind to the ravages of maniacs, your world turned completely inside out and upside down then beaten into the ground and spit on.

    Excellent poem and afterword, Shelby.


    1. Peter, I have no idea how I managed not to see your comment and at this late date, I do thank you for it.

      Yes, we Americans live in a bubble and we are cocooned from the majority of what we bring to the rest of the world in the form of sanctions that don’t impact the intended targets more than they impact the innocent. We sanctioned the hell out of Iran, Iraq, Cuba and then we turn around and bomb Iraq, want to bomb Iran and would dearly love it if we could wipe Cuba off the map. When in reality, what needs to be wiped off the map is America’s bomb dropping ass.

      And no, our leaving behind our belongs won’t happen because we’ve got all that military might, remember? ISIS aka who the fuck really knows doesn’t stand a chance against the mighty power of the military food stamp needing cannon fodder. No matter where they are sent, what they are told to do, they march lockstep and get it done. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong as hell, they’ll do it and then if they manage to come back, they’re needing so much care and support and compassion when they needn’t have gone at all. It was a conscious decision they decided to make and they must live with what they’ve done. They’ll get no more sympathy from me. I am tired of war and wars would not be fought if there was no one to fight them but we have no dearth of willing killers. So, don’t worry about our little bubble getting burst, we’ve got it covered real good.

      Thanks for your kind comment on this one Peter.


  5. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:

    I wrote this poem on October 12, 2014 and what has changed? Almost a year later and people are still fleeing war torn lands and can you guess why? It is because of US. Yes, that’s right! It is because of the ole red white and filthy ass blue. The US created ISIS and the fighting that is going down in Syria is a direct result of what the U.S. initiated and instigated and as usual, the innocent die as a result of our CIA shit stirring.

    How many Syrian refugees has the U.S. taken in? Do I even need a calculator? I didn’t fucking think so!


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