The World Belongs To Us!


I know that you hate me when I take what you think belongs to you.
All my life, I have lived among the privileged few.
Never has anyone worked as hard at nothing as I do.
I look out from my penthouse window at the view.

I sit in a luxurious boardroom and look at the faces,
that stare back at me wishing they could change places.
I’m always a step ahead of all the rest and off to the races.
They would stab me in the back, but to my face, they heap praises.

You think it’s easy to be cold-hearted and to stand alone.
But what you don’t know is that I expect that I shall atone,
for the rotten things that I have done and for mercy, I have never shown.
I am at the top and there I will remain, no one can unseat me from my throne.

The whispers at night when those I pay for pleasure are gone,
keep me up, tossing and turning and wide-eyed when I greet the dawn.
You think that I don’t know what is in store for me, but I’m just a pawn.
Right now, it is me that you hate, but there will be another when I pass on.

Yes, we rule the world and we are the masters who dangle puppets on a string.
It is us that will depose a dictator and move people on a board to crown a king.
When torture is used, it is by our servants that the whip and the lash will sting.
And in secret, presidents, prime ministers and queens bow before us and kiss our ring.

I am one of them and I was born into the circle from which there is no escape.
From this world, we must take its riches and plunder, pillage and rape.
And under cover of darkness, what we worship enfolds us like a cape.
Don’t for a minute think that we ever really die, we just change shape.

The world belongs to us and all there in as we have declared ourselves to be gods.
And those who do not bow before us and worship us will face the death squads.
You cannot defeat us for our power is immeasurable and so what are your odds?
It amuses us no end that you are too blind to see what lies behind these mere facades.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

8 thoughts on “The World Belongs To Us!

    1. You’ve got that right HLJ! Us? Accepted? Among the privileged few? Oh, we are privileged alright! We are privileged to get shot dead for being Black after we dragged ourselves over to AmeriKKKa to become slaves. We are privileged because it is a privilege to be shot dead on ANY street in AmeriKKKa for just being Black. We are indeed privileged because even though the government would have us think that the unemployment rate has inched down,(which is a lie)the unemployment rate for Black people is leaping into the clouds. We are privileged to always be on the bottom. We are privileged to have our children move straight from the classroom into a for profit prison. We are privileged to watch rich white men commit fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and bring an economic collapse to the world’s economies and then we are told that they are too important to jail. We are privileged to get caught on any street in AmeriKKKa minding our own goddamn business and have the cops pull up and strip us damn near naked on the street and incarcerate us for having a blunt in our pants pocket. Oh yes, we are so goddamn privileged, I just don’t know what the fuck to say about all the fucking privileges that are laid before us! Oh fucking thank you rich white shits for privileging us!!! Thanky Thanky! Yessur Massa sur!! Thanky Goddamn worthless ass no good inhuman, rotten bastards. Fuck ’em all!

      Thank you HLJ for the thumbs up on this one and for your comment! Much appreciated bro!


  1. Shelby, Do you really thinnk the elites believe they will ever EVER! be held accountable for a damned thing? I don’t, or they would behave differently. As long as they get theirs, or what they feel entitled to (also known as every particle in the known and unknown universe), who gives a shit about anything else? Not they, for sure. It’s like Calvinism on steroids — if they’re selfish heartless shits, that must be the will of god, and they’re not about to question god’s will. If they have an obscene amount of everything while billions suffer and starve, it must have happened because they deserve it. Don’t know how they can seriously think that, but denial is a powerful thing. And most of us do nothing with half so much ingenuity and determination as lie, and keep on lying. Thanks for another thought-provoking poem. – Linda


    1. Linda, thank you for your comment. They know they will never be held accountable. By whom? Those who are mere puppets gladly do as told because by doing so they are allowed to amass millions to give them the illusion of what billions don’t have.

      Yes, it upsets me when I see pictures of the refugees struggling with their belongings on their back trying to make it across some country’s border that will accept them. It upsets me no end to see the result of bomb strikes on innocent people and know that there is not a goddamn thing that I can do. Composing a poem and posting it is not helping those poor people. Getting drunk and trying to forget the suffering and anguish that I know to be going on does nothing for those people.

      And we here in America, we think that we have it so bad and many people do, but the thing is see, we are not trying to cross borders because our country has been bombed to smithereens. We can still get in our vehicles and buy what we want and enjoy the privileges and not even think about the suffering that someone in a foreign country endured just so that we can enjoy that smartphone, that big ole TV and all the other useless material shit that we hoard and then throw away on a whim. We’re fucking useless and don’t I know it and I am tired of being just another useless, brainwashed, hypnotized, clueless and stupid American.

      Somewhere, there is something that may be I can do and hopefully before this shit over here sinks damn well and good, I’ll have gotten the fuck up out of here and gone on my way. I’m working on it.

      And again, thank you. I always appreciate your comments and your questions.


  2. This reminds of a story about Bill Gates in one of the books we were giving in our masterclass How Communities Awaken:

    Bill was helping his four-year-old son Rory on a small-scale volunteer project. “We were putting together these kits for homeless people – you know, where you put in the toothbrush and toothpaste- and Rory says: ‘This is really nice, Dad, but if these people are homeless, why don’t we give them homes?’

    Between 2000 and 2008 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded transitional housing for 1,400 people (there are 20,000 homeless people in Washington State alone).

    For someone with a net worth of $82 billion, it seems a great pity he didn’t listen to his kid.


    1. Yes! Bill Gates is just SO goddamn charitable, he just reeks with it! How in the hell can one filthy piece of shit spend $82billion and his son HAD more sense and more heart than his own daddy possessed and yet, did it change Bill Gates at all? No! Did it make him see the light? No! Bill Gates is a goddamn hoarder of money and yet, we want to throw pills at other people who hoard newspapers or boxes and yet those who hoard money are looked at in awe and congratulated.

      You know Dr. Bramhall, I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that I had more money than I could spend or that even my entire family could spend and to know and see and prepare kits for the homeless tells the story that I know what is going on and yet, I’d do the littlest bit possible? I would hope to think that I wouldn’t take after that nasty piece of worthless shit, I don’t care how much his ‘net’ worth is. Where it counts, he’s a worthless filthy shit and it is no wonder that their progeny turn out to be even worse than what they came from.

      Thanks for your comment Dr. Bramhall and for posting that link!


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