The Red Cross Is Spreading Ebola!


The lies just never stop coming.
And the tales just get so tall.
Here comes one more down the pike,
and for another lie, we fall.

Whatever happened to the truth
was it banished from the earth?
Did we lock it up and toss the key,
and give truth the widest berth?

The Red Cross is spreading Ebola,
to the Blacks who have the oil.
America’s going to bomb them,
unless this plot of theirs, we foil.

It seems that diamonds aren’t being mined.
Those who worked the mines just quit.
The West must have those riches,
and the Red Cross will do its bit.

Oh beware of their vaccines,
you don’t know what’s in that mess.
What is true is not so true,
and the liars won’t confess.

Life don’t mean a thing.
Its value falls each passing day.
And when we think that all is lost,
that’s because it is in every way.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Ebola ‘Caused by Red Cross’

While health workers are struggling to contain the outbreak, conspiracy theories about the deadly pandemic are proliferating on the internet, with people deeming the virus a creation of the West to annihilate Africans or as the result of bioterrorism activities.

The latest of these theories involves a Ghanaian man who claims the virus does not exist and that people are dying after they receive vaccinations by the Red Cross.

News website the Event Chronicle republished the post allegedly written by Nana Kwame, from Ghana’s capital Accra, who claimed that the deadly virus is just an invention and “people in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa.

“Ebola it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross, the post said, adding that the virus “was invented” to allow western troops on African soil.

“…to allow western troops on African soil. Doesn’t sound so farfetched to me!

Conspiracy or truth? You be the judge.

US will send 3,000 troops to help fight Ebola in West Africa

The Obama administration is ramping up its response to West Africa’s Ebola crisis, preparing to assign 3,000 US military personnel to the afflicted region.

“This humanitarian intervention….” Uh oh! That NEVER ends well when the U.S. military is involved. Humanitarian intervention from the U.S.? Get real! Why? Keep reading!

How the CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All

The U.S. was wrong to use health workers to target Osama bin Laden

In its zeal to identify bin Laden or his family, the CIA used a sham hepatitis B vaccination project to collect DNA in the neighborhood where he was hiding. The effort apparently failed, but the violation of trust threatens to set back global public health efforts by decades.

It is hard enough to distribute, for example, polio vaccines to children in desperately poor, politically unstable regions that are rife with 10-year-old rumors that the medicine is a Western plot to sterilize girls—false assertions that have long since been repudiated by the Nigerian religious leaders who first promoted them. Now along come numerous credible reports of a vaccination campaign that is part of a CIA plot—one the U.S. has not denied.

…and people want to call everything a ‘conspiracy’. Are you getting a clue as to why? If not, read up on the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and then keep reading and you will find the Guatemalan STD Study. So, when you have the U.S. intentionally using bioterrorism such as what occurred in Pakistan without any consideration at all for what could happen, why would it not be plausible for an organization that is as rife with corruption as the Red Cross is to be in co-hoots with the Obama Administration’s agenda in Africa?

For those of you who think the Red Cross is on the up and up, keep reading.

Mar 12, 2010 – Senators question $1 million pay for charity’s CEO – … Red Cross only gives $.07 on every dollar to the people in need.

And to think that many of us have a problem dropping a dime into a cup held in the hand of a homeless person because we fear that he or she will only get drunk. Why is it that we do not hold executives of the so-called ‘charitable organizations’ to the same standards? You have no problem dropping $50.00 or more into the coffers of the Red Cross when according to reports only .07 out of each dollar will actually go to those in need. So, are you still wondering why there are so many in need? If you are, ask the CEO of a ‘charity’ the Red Cross, ‘why’?…/charity-ceo-pay-questione_n_496317.html

14 thoughts on “The Red Cross Is Spreading Ebola!

  1. Poignant words Shelby, poignant. You rock. I am re-blogging your poem. That’s the only worthwhile poetry that should be read in these troubled times.


    1. Thank you Lou! I’m trying to do my part in getting people to do their own research and to figure out just who stands to gain the most from this Ebola scare?

      And Obama’s talk of sending in the military for logistics purposes is pure bullshit! So, the military is going to logistically bomb Ebola into outer space and that’s how they’re going to get rid of it? Why are they heading over to Africa when they’ve flown Ebola patients into the U.S.? Surely, the CDC has all the blood samples and other bodily fluids samples from the patients that were flown to America from ‘Ebola’ infested regions. Surely!

      As usual, I take everything with a grain of salt and I would encourage others to do likewise. Again, thank you for the re-blog Lou. Much appreciated.


      1. I have been in three National Disasters in my life and the RED CROSS have never helped one whit, all they care about is sustaining their highly paid board, who sit on their asses and draw down millions of dollars in salary for doing nothing and helping nobody.


  2. Wow, there is a lot to think about in this one Shelby. I can’t discount the conspiracy theory at all because of our past indiscretions, but if we are doing this covertly then it looks like it may be about to backfire on us in a big way. I truly hope not, though only time will tell. Great post.


    1. Thanks Dom! I’m just attempting to put up the so-called facts against the so-called conspiracies and see what holds more water. I believe that people should have as much information as possible especially with so much disinformation out there. That is why I took the time to post both sides.

      We know from past experiences that our government is capable of the most heinous crimes and we know that some of these so-called charities are actually ‘for profit’ corporations. They are no different than Wal-Mart or Sears or McDonalds and in many instances just as bad. To know that only .07 out of every dollar donated to the Red Cross goes to those in need should be eye-opening to say the least. And the sad fact is that the Red Cross is not alone in its dubious dealings. Goodwill is running neck and neck by ‘hiring’ our most vulnerable, the disabled, and paying them .22 an hour because they are not considered a ‘whole person’ being disabled and all AND that is legal.. Ain’t that just some shit!

      That is why I have no problem believing anything that I hear about the Red Cross. That organization is capable of being as merciless in its dealings as Monsanto and I have no problem putting it out there. I’ve dealt with the Red Cross and so I know, first hand how vile that corporation is.

      Again, thank you for your comment. Just sift through the information and make the best decision for you.


      1. I didn’t know that about Goodwill, I know that they must be raking in some cash based on the size of the storefronts that they lease/purchase, but I didn’t know that about the pay for their employees, that is disgusting. I am aware that we need to watch the charities that we donate to, so many of them are in it for their own wellbeing as opposed to those they claim to server. It is great that you presented both sides, I will be checking out the American Red Cross, this is really disturbing. Thanks again my friend.


  3. Dom, as you can see, I research these things and most thoroughly because I hate to see people get ripped off and taken advantage of. And these corporations masking as charities are taking advantage of people left and right and those who these charities are supposed to help are hardly ever helped on their feet and no one wonders why that is? It is because of where the money is going. And that is why I say, if a charity can be that vile, nasty, deceitful and hypocritical and hide behind a few Christmas slogans and tout out the homeless for the next photo-op, what else would they be prepared to do?

    This is a little excerpt from my post…/goodwill-workers-disabilities-low-wage_n_…‎

    Jun 21, 2013 – As some workers were making as little as 22 cents per hour in 2011, Goodwill International CEO Jim Gibbons made $729,000 in salary.

    Some disabled workers are paid .22 per hour and it is legal for this ‘charity’ to exploit the most vulnerable in our society while the CEO rakes in $729,000+ expenses(over three quarters of a million dollars). Where is the hue and cry of outrage over this? We are truly rotten to the core when we know that CEOs of charities are receiving outrageous salaries and we have no problem with this. We are sadly lacking in courage when we do not stand up for those disabled workers who are being exploited. We are ridiculously apathetic when we can know that only .07 out of every dollar is actually put towards helping those that the ‘charity’ was established to help and we just shrug. It is no surprise that these ‘charities’ are paying their executives these ludicrous salaries, etc., because they know that the general population is just too self-absorbed to care or to complain. Business as usual.

    That is just wrong in so many ways!

    And when my apartment building burned to the ground when I lived in Baltimore, MD, and I called the Red Cross, they told me that they would put me up in a motel for ONE night and that after that, I was on my own. I explained that I had lost everything. They didn’t care. I had to beg them for another night and someone heard me on the phone begging for another night and told me to contact a local news station and that is how myself and the others who were burned out, received help.

    After our story aired, then and only then did the Red Cross offer me a $55.00 clothing voucher and a $15.00 food voucher to McDonalds. That is all that I got and this was back in the ’90s. I wrote a blog post about this and the head of the Red Cross at that time was Elizabeth Dole. And what’s more, through the years , I had had money taken out of my check through payroll deduction that headed straight to charity. I’d not do that shit again!

    So, please Dom, be very careful what charity you trust to do the right thing because many of them are just out to line their pockets with our hard-earned money.


  4. I just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear you were treated this way by the Red Cross. It must have been terrible losing everything in the fire. I would like to think it’s because the agency is overworked and underpaid but I would bet the executives are well fed. Goodwill’s execs are known for their exorbitant salaries. You are definitely a survivor, Shelby.


    1. Thank you Jeff for your heartfelt sentiment. It was not because of the Red Cross that myself and the others who lost everything, was helped. It was through the kindness of strangers. And it is really sad that the kindness shown by people who donate to charities that they suppose are doing the right thing with their donations, is used to pay exorbitant salaries of the executives in those ‘corporations’. I’ll not call them ‘charities’ because they are anything but. They are corporations masking themselves as ‘charities’.

      Just to clear my mind of thinking that ALL charities were just as corrupt as the Red Cross and Goodwill, I volunteered at the Salvation Army and I was appalled when I saw people pulling up in trucks with donations and once those people had left the premises, the workers would drop what they were doing and rush out to the trucks and other vehicles and go through the items, take what they wanted and what they did not want was what was put out in the store for sale. Those that worked at the Salvation Army did not pay a penny for the items that they took and that was supposedly destined for the sales floor so that the money received for the items would help those in need.

      Catholic Charities was no better. I volunteered to check off the names of the homeless who came to them seeking shelter for the night. If you could afford to pay, you got a bed that was almost ready to fold in on itself and crush the occupant underneath them. I had toured the facilities and gasped at the condition of the aluminum like bunk beds that were put up for the homeless to sleep in. If you had no money, a mattress with the thickness of a desktop was thrown on the floor and the homeless was allowed on that. If a person appeared drunk, a mat was placed near the entrance and the person had to lie down on that. Then I was approached by one of the staff at Catholic Charities and asked to do data entry. I declined because that was not what I had volunteered to do. The charities make use of the volunteers to do what should be a paid position and they do this by making you think that what you’ve originally signed up for is what you will be doing and then the ‘old bait and switch’ comes in.

      Hardly any ‘charity’ is on the up and up and the Red Cross treated me that way not because it didn’t have the funds, I was treated the way I was treated by them because of where the money goes. If the CEO is receiving a salary of a million dollars and the other executives are receiving 6 figures also, then what does that leave for those in need?

      People must also realize that the Red Cross has some control over the blood supply as they hold blood drives all over the place. The organization has access to all areas, needles, bodily fluids and it has an established reputation as a charitable organization. But what goes on behind the scenes is what is important and people need to dig into the salaries of the executives and the rank and file and find out how many people are volunteers that receive no salary whatsoever.

      I now have insurance because I know that if I am in another disaster, I know what organization NOT to call! And the reason why I lost everything and was not insured at the time is because I had just moved to a new city to get away from an abusive spouse and that is why I was reluctant to contact even the local news station for fear he would find me. But what choice did I have when the Red Cross refused to help? So, there you have it Jeff! And thank you again for your comment. It was much appreciated.


  5. Besides public education, I’ve worked most of my adult life in the nonprofit world for a number of agencies with similar missions to the ones you’ve listed. I’ve worked mostly with adults with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns. My perspective has been that the bigger the agency or it’s “name” gets, the more it succumbs to the realities of the for-profit world. Local, community-based organizations have often been more effective than national agencies in providing direct, immediate assistance to the people they serve. In my opinion, direct, face-to-face aid from neighbor to neighbor is the only foolproof approach. Writing a check should not be a substitute for community involvement at some level.

    Unfortunately, social work is constrained by the system it operates within and often acts as an extension of the state rather than a counterbalancing force. You might like this series on the relationship between capitalism and social workers:


    1. Thank you Prince! I do what I can and thankfully as you can see by how many Facebook stats are showing up that this is getting viewed. I say to that, “Good!” It needs to be known what is going down. Whatever is going on in Africa, you can best believe it’s some underhanded, devious shit that was prepped in a goddamn lab by whites and let loose on those people. And why was it that the only Black person who came back to the U.S. that was infected with Ebola, died? Those white folks that had it are up, walking around and doing fine, but the first death in America was a Black person, It’s goddamn business as usual in this shithole.

      And almost every country and nation on this planet is stealing, pillaging, raping, plundering and fucking over Africa and Africans. They’re sitting atop that oil(and diamond mines) over there and there just had to be someway for America’s warped and twisted shits to get at it and they don’t have a goddamn conscience, we all fucking know that. They’d give their own goddamn granny Ebola if she was sitting atop some oil and refused to hand it over and don’t we all fucking know it! As you know, I don’t believe in mincing words and I’m not about to start now.

      Thanks for checking this one out! Glad to know that you’re still around!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THE ABSOLUTLY CORRUPT AMERICAN RED CROSS, but of course do give blood, they need it for foeigners.


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