You Can’t Reason With The Stupid!


If their smartphones should go dead,
there’ll be many filled with dread.

If the lights go out and stay,
then there’ll be no games to play.

When there are no more distractions, will they open their eyes and see,
that the world is filled with people beyond just you and me.

But will the selfish become caring or simply wail for their toys,
and of those who’ve known the truth, will they be heard above the noise?

If you’re ever in any doubt as to how Americans will act,
just look at all the times their credit card’s been hacked.

These are people who never learn, they will never rally around.
Their heads are in the clouds, their feet don’t touch the ground.

You can’t reason with the stupid and believe me, I did try!
I finally gave it up, do I need to tell you why?

These are the very people who when polled are quite unsure,
if the economy is improving or if they’re sinking in manure.

When a world is in crisis with people fleeing left and right,
Americans’ only concern is what will fill them with delight.

Give them their distractions so that they don’t have to see
a child stumbling across the desert because she is a refugee.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

11 thoughts on “You Can’t Reason With The Stupid!

    • Thanks Dom! It is sad because it’s so true. Would that it weren’t. And I will continue to remind Americans what a wonderful set up we have since we are not getting constantly bombed but then the reason why we are not getting bombed is because we’re the ones doing the bombing. And yes, continuously making refugees out of innocent people is an atrocity! And yet, we continue to make refugees out of people because by bombing people, we bring peace and stability to their lives, don’t we? Of course you know that was a rhetorical question.

      Thank you again for your comment Dom!


  1. I just listened to a BBC World Have Your Say segment in which American women debated with British and one Norwegian woman about Facebook’s and Apple’s new policy of offering women $20,000 to freeze their eggs to further their career. Despite a detailed explanation by a British ob-gyn about the drawbacks and risks of the procedure, it was really amazing to hear how sold some young American women are on the latest technology fix to allow them to work 60 hours weeks and increase their earning power.

    The only way I can imagine this mindset developing is if young women are totally cut off from family, neighbors and community (as a direct result of working 60 hours weeks). The result, I suppose, is that that their only source of information is their Smartphone and their employer. And they totally lose any sense of their own biological identity, much less their relationship with other human beings.


    • Dr. Bramhall, I must say that you continue to amaze me by your being amazed at how stupid Americans are when that has been the status quo for years too numerous to count. I have written about the fact that “Americans don’t work to live, Americans live to work!” We don’t wonder why we are heart attack and stroke prone and obese. We are these things because we are so stressed at having to work until we drop and the only food we eat is what has taken 2 minutes to throw into a bag and we drive back to our desks and then down a Monster or Red Bull drink to keep us woke and wonder why we don’t even remember the two hours we spent at home before the alarm buzzed to start the procedure all over again.

      Americans are programmed to believe that nothing is more important than their jobs and that is why if they lose it, many kill themselves because they are defined by their jobs or ‘careers’ as they are called to make it sound better. We don’t ever get a fucking clue. We are already cut off from who matters and we don’t have a problem with that. Many women have someone else raising their child and then we wonder why so many children are having difficulties? It’s because of where they learn everything and it’s not from their parents who are too damn tired to even see them for more than half an hour before bedtime.

      And now, Americans believe that it is best to freeze eggs instead of realizing the reasoning behind what they perceive as the need to freeze their eggs and how wrong it is. Like I said, “You Can’t Reason With The Stupid!” I just call it like I see and post it. …and apparently, another one bites the dust!

      Thanks for your comment Dr. Bramhall. As always, I appreciate hearing from you!


    • DrB. Tubularsock believes you need to view the “cult-film” IDIOCRACY. If you haven’t seen it. It’s a truly dumb-campy-film but very funny when you are in the correct mind frame. It came out in 2006 but Tubularsock has only recently viewed it in the bunker because it was a slow work week.

      This may explain to you what Shelby is pointing out. Not are there frozen eggs from a “yuppie” couple but frozen people as well …….. just too fun.


      • Frozen people, would about cover it because as you know, it takes an awful lot to get to the center of a big block of ice.

        And I need to make a film about how stupid Americans are. I could call it, “Americans, The Exceptional, The Arrogant, The Stupid!” All other countries would love it, but it’d probably get banned in America ’cause you know I’d slam the hell out of this stupid shit in America and it would be my greatest pleasure to do so!


      • Tubularsock can see you in a director’s chair with a beret cocked to the side and a long cigarette holder as you direct your new film “Americans, The Exceptional, The Arrogant, The Stupid!”.

        Oh sure, you’ll need some cameras and actors and $2 million but none of that matters as long as you look the part. Tubularsock texted Kim this morning once I read your comment and she’s in. So, well you’ll need an additional $3 million but she’ll be worth it. And her wardrobe that comes with her doesn’t take up much room. So that’s a savings right there!

        And if you are lucky it WILL BE banned in the U.S. and you know how THAT will drive up sales.

        Now to settle that block of ice issue. Enough rum and coke over that block of ice and of course slow sipping and that ice will melt in time. And by the time that block melts you’ll have enough rum and coke in you to deal with thawed exceptional, arrogant, stupid Americans! Now see how easy that is, Shelby?

        Have a problem? Ask Tubularsock.


  2. I thought about that ‘block of ice’ part of my comment and I thought, “What a lughead I am!” Seeing as how even the polar ‘ice’ caps are melting, that wasn’t a good analogy. I’ve been a bit ‘slow’ on the uptake recently, a situation I hope to rectify as inspiration hits, if it ever will.

    However, I do so thank you for being the ‘clearinghouse’ of information, that is YOU. So, Kim is ready to help me with this little project of mine, eh? Good! ‘Cause with all things Kimye getting constant press and attention, I need the attention getters with dealing with Americans since we all know Americans have the attention span of toddlers. Give them a new distraction quick because they are ever in search of new entertainment. I guess that’s why a simple sex act doesn’t do it for many and so ‘beastiality’ it is. I had a search engine show up on my tracker with someone in search of:

    “how to have sex with a small cow”

    Seriously? How the hell would I know? I’ve never tried that and never would I but apparently, it’s being thought of. We constantly need new ways of gratification or I guess in getting our jollies off and the more perverted the better. Well, this movie that I propose to make had better be good and knowing the stupid Americans as I do, they won’t let me down. More’s the goddamn pity!

    Thanks Tube! You DA man!!!


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