If Ebola Is What I Have!


I have this everlasting thirst,
no amount of water seems to quench.
My weakness is overwhelming,
and when I vomit, what a stench.

I have diarrhea and muscle aches too,
and my temperature is a hundred and one.
Oh, this pain inside my head,
and these cramps are no damn fun.

Is this the flu or some other virus?
It’s doing me in for sure.
Now, I’m bleeding from my nose.
I only hope there is a cure.

What is happening to me?
And why do I feel this way?
I have questions I need to ask,
as this gets worse from day to day.

Someone take me to a doctor!
Please give me what I need!
If Ebola is what I have,
don’t let the spread of this succeed!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Symptoms of Ebola include
•Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
•Severe headache
•Muscle pain
•Abdominal (stomach) pain
•Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising)

Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola, but the average is 8 to 10 days.

Recovery from Ebola depends on good supportive clinical care and the patient’s immune response. People who recover from Ebola infection develop antibodies that last for at least 10 years.


Educate yourselves and please, please sift through the information that is available. Many of us want to panic because there is no known cure for Ebola. We don’t know whether this is being hyped up or what because we know that our respective governments lie and inundate us with false information. It is easy to buy into so-called ‘quick cures’ that are being sold but, apparently, there is no known cure as of yet and who knows if there will be one.

Most of us have heard of Ebola long before now and we simply shrugged it off because it was not something that we ever thought that we would have to worry about because we were told how it spread and of the regions this virus usually plagued. But the stories always died with what we thought was just a few people who succumbed to it but now, it’s not just being relegated to the place of its origin and since people are flying back and forth across this planet, that has us even more terrified.

If we can respect and believe the CDC, we know the signs and symptoms and when we should see a doctor. All we can do is hope for the best, express our sympathy for those who have the virus and hope that this does not turn into another ‘Black Death’. But know that if this becomes a pandemic, the human race will not become extinct as there have been plagues and pandemics all throughout history and yet, here we are today, billions of us. Live each day to the fullest because each day that you live in fear is another day lost.

Take the time to appreciate your loved ones, tell them how much you love them and above all, look up from your smartphones and your TVs and your tablets and realize that you are missing out on the very life that you so fear that Ebola will take!

11 thoughts on “If Ebola Is What I Have!

    • Peter, thank you for posting the link. I for one, think this entire full blown uproar over Ebola is being engineered. TPTB know how to get people to panic. Remember when the Department of Homeland Security had Americans terrified of the ‘terrorists’ and everyone went out and purchased mountains of duct tape and started hoarding bottled water and canned goods? Some even went so far as to build underground structures in which to ride out an attack. Others turned caves into survival structures.

      We have been conditioned with just a whisper of a blood curdling virus to go nuts. If people just went about their daily lives and stopped listening to the bullshit, they’d more than likely be fine. When the swine flu was supposed to kill so many people and we were all told that we most definitely should get the H1N1 flu shot or we’d be doomed, many people fell for that and quite willingly lined up and received the shot. Follow the money! I did not receive the shot and I’m still here to tell about it and if they claim to come out with an Ebola vaccine, I’ll not line up for that either. I’ll take my chances. I have not had a flu shot and when I was asked by my doctor last month if I wanted a flu shot, I looked at her and said, “have you taken leave of your senses or are you blind? You know I don’t get flu a shot.” She shut the fuck up.

      If Ebola is so bad in Africa, it’s not stopping those who are looking to bid to start up oil rigs there. Again, follow the money.


      And indeed, I did find Jon Rappaport’s reporting extremely interesting and thought provoking. I am of the same mind.

      Thanks Peter!


      • Very good Shelby, shun their “immunizations” which are nothing but poisons that cannot guarantee immunity. I was in the Air Farce in the early 70’s when it was mandatory for enlistees to receive the swine flu vaccination. I refused. After three days, they threatened court martial. I capitulated. Even though I didn’t know then what I know now, I knew something was up. We were expendable test subjects. Many fell sick, some very ill. Myself, and a few others experienced nothing. Of course, now I take no medicines, nothing, not so much as an aspirin or vitamin, only plant-based foods, and at sixty, I’m in the best shape of my life, and with the exception of mild cold symptoms that disappear within 36 hours, I don’t get sick. But that doesn’t mean I won’t get sick. They struggle to kill us off in a multitude of manner, GMO foods, pesticides, pollution, fluoride—a poison—in our water, so many things beyond our control, so many things that cause cancer to fuel their bogus cancer research.

        I recently read somewhere, where I can no longer find, that the U.S. Army held the patent to the particular strain of Ebola in Africa. Perhaps it is, I don’t know, but I did read it. With that in mind and you mentioning the Black Death, I’d like to say, there were reports at the time of the Black Death, of a foul smelling mist accompanied by lights in the sky. This goes beyond conventional thought and cultural imperatives, but most conspiracy theories do. Sometime when you have nothing to do, you might read my treatise on Oppression Slavery Religion. http://www.crowsheadsoup.com/oppression-slavery-religion/

        Stay the good fight, Shelby.


  1. Great poem and the commentary is really important. You are right we as a species have suffered through plagues and pandemics throughout our history and survived, we will no doubt survive through this one as well. My question would be will we learn anything from it as a species…my guess is no.


    • No Dom, we will never learn. And we keep falling for the same mess each and every time. Human behavior is so damn predictable and that is why the game never changes, just insert different virus, disease, terror group or whatever it is TPTB are trying to get a dollar out of and we fall for it. If we simply ignored the continued attempts to get us to buy a cure for a non-existent pandemic, we’d realize that we have nothing much to worry about. I don’t think the people in Gaza or Iraq or Syria have time to worry about Ebola. They’ve got the threat of American bombs to worry about.

      It is all to keep us focused on one thing while something else that’s just as nasty or worse is going down. The nasty shits that control this mess are never asleep and are always finding ways to make money off of fear, hate and anything else they can dream up.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!


  2. If the lightning don’t get ya then the rheumatism must. If ebola doesn’t get ya the Obama drones will for certain. Crappy rhyme and I concede that. However, we are all going to die. No one gets off this rock alive.
    Weaponized plague courtesy of DARPA and the CIA. Gots to thin those human crops.


    • What you write is true Skulz. While people are busily fearing Ebola, it’d be more likely that they’d stick their spoon in the wall from a car accident or a work related accident or smoking, drinking, falling down the stairs, and so forth and so on. But like you say, something’s going to cart us on up outta here and there is no escaping that fact.

      And I’ve heard that this particular ‘strain’ of Ebola is unlike what’s been previously found which could indeed be another lab experiment to kill off masses of people. I wouldn’t disbelieve it. We know there are experiments going on in labs all over the world and they are not all trying to cure cancer or diabetes. The U.S. government has never had a problem experimenting on people by giving them diseases. They’ve certainly done it enough times and that is why I would take anything coming from the CDC with a grain of salt. If people respect that agency fine, however, I don’t and never will.

      Thanks for your comment man!


  3. It seems remotely possible that ebola may be the force that heals our communities and cures people of their ignorance. Clearly governments and medical experts are incompetent to deal with this crisis. Their only solution is to use force and deprive us of more liberties. This approach is clearly doomed to failure because there are too many of us.

    The nurse with a fever to took that plane to Cleveland should never have called the CDC about whether to board the plane. If she had talked to her family and those close to her, they would have helped her find her conscience and do what I think she knew was the right thing – and stay home.

    The best way to protect yourself against ebola is to ensure you are a strong as possible physically, emotionally, socially and spirituality. Try to eat right and exercise. Social well being is especially important – which means people need to back away from their obsession with work, money and consumption and renew their ties with their family, neighbors and community.


    • “Social well being is especially important – which means people need to back away from their obsession with work, money and consumption and renew their ties with their family, neighbors and community.”

      Hear! Hear! We most likely wouldn’t be facing down this made-up ‘pandemic if we had stayed close to those who are in our communities and who make up our families and close friends. But no! We’ve got fake ass ‘friends’ who ‘like’ us on Facebook and who favorite and re-tweet our tweets on Twitter. That is what we value the most, how many Facebook followers we can brag about and how many Twitter followers we have and that shit don’t mean a damn thing when all is said and done. Not one of them would be around to wipe a sweating brow or fix hot chicken soup to aid in recovery of a cold. How then could we expect any help from a Facebook ‘like’ and a ‘tweet’ when facing down Ebola?

      And if Ebola finally ‘forces us to come up out our ignorance and recognize that we are all part of a community’, then that is a shame that this had to happen to wake us the fuck up. And you are right, I don’t care how many FEMA camps we hear about, there is no way in hell that even with a militarized police force that they can force us all into camps. Ebola would not discriminate and those who would attempt to herd people into camps can be overpowered, stripped of their protective gear and exposed to Ebola. Even if they had weapons, they could not kill every single crazed person that is beyond reason and stop them. There is no way that can be done.

      That nurse should have stayed home and not listened to the CDC. The CDC has issues just like all government agencies and some of what they have suggested has been ludicrous. I think what you have proposed is a better plan; eating right, exercising and attempting to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

      So, I do indeed thank you Dr. Bramhall, for those most excellent advice! Take care!


    • Thank you Prince! I can always count on you to bring relevant links and information to my readers! Much appreciated brother!!!

      We gotta keep on keeping on and refute the lies and propaganda and shove back at those sick, twisted, vile and depraved motherfuckers that are trying to kill us all!!! Fuck this shit up!!!

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