I Vote To Keep Peace At Bay!

vietnam veterans memorial

Lead me on the path to war.
I vote to keep peace at bay.
Take my son and kill him.
Why should he live to see another day?

He died feeding the war machine.
So dedicate another wall to the dead.
Beneath this flag lies what’s left of my child.
“He died, honorably,” is all that they said.

The banners and the streamers look so fine.
The parade grounds do justice to the fallen.
Let us remember our children today,
as we shed a tear for their youth that was stolen.

It need not have come to this.
But for some strange reason, we never learn.
We think it our patriotic duty,
to feed war while peace, we spurn.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Why is it that we stand at a wall dedicated to dead soldiers and shed buckets of tears and then turn right around and continue to feed the war machine with the bodies of our children? And we have the nerve to say that we know of love? Are you serious? How can you know of love when you send your own flesh and blood off to die for some rich shit to enjoy the spoils of war and for some defense contractor to continue to churn out more missiles and tanks and drones? You vote for the same shit that sends our sons and daughters into harms way and yet, they themselves are exempt from participating in that which they start and are as exempt from dying in wars as is their sons and daughters.

You stand in line to vote because you are stupid, brainwashed, delusional and hypnotized by patriotic bullshit. There is nothing more patriotic than peace and peace will be non-existent so long as we continue to vote for that which sends us off to die. And we don’t really have a problem with that because if we did, we know how to stop it. But we won’t. So, go ahead, vote, vote to continue to send our children to fight and just what the hell are they fighting for? Democracy? Peace? Freedom? Democracy, peace and freedom will never be found at the wrong end of a missile. And you can’t grasp that? That’s why you’re standing in line voting, because you’re stupid!

8 thoughts on “I Vote To Keep Peace At Bay!

    • Thank you Peter! When there is much inspiration, the words just tend to flow. And you know, I’ve had much inspiration and much of it came from reading your MIC check post.

      If I had a dollar for every time that I have said the word “stupid” or have written the word, “stupid” when referring to American idiots, I would be on the list of “who’s who of billionaires.”

      I don’t blame you for laughing because you are SO right! That summed it up, indeed!

      Thanks again Peter!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Excellent Shelby. Tubularsock feels we need more war because it kills off those fucks that join up as patriotic cannon fodder. That limits the gene pool for stupid. So in time no one will sign up and peace will prevail.

    Oh sure, it’s a regressive approach but we have to start someplace!


    • HAHAHA! Tube, you never fail to “make my day!” You are so outrageously right, ALWAYS!!! In three sentences, you’ve summed up my entire poem and commentary. I should just take what I’ve written, down and put your comment up in its place. You are SO fucking spot on!!!!

      Ahh, yes, I think highly of your approach especially since that is what is going on anyway!


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