Ebola Went Missing On Election Day?


So, you stood in line and voted,
since Ebola took a holiday.
Ain’t that a funny thing?
Ebola went missing on Election Day?

And now the Dems are quite upset.
It’s Obama’s fault they know.
Their ranks have been reduced.
And once again, they’re eating crow.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Will we all end up on the streets?
Can we expect more of the same,
as the Reps regained their seats?

Oh, this here is a little ditty.
about America’s selected shits.
A vote for one is a vote for all.
They’re going to tear our ass to bits.

You’ve got it bad, you say?
Stop whining, nobody cares.
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
If that doesn’t work, then say some prayers.

“Oh Jesus and God in Heaven,
our goose is cooked for sure.
Help us out of this mess.
Send us a savior so good and pure.”

“We need your help right now.
There is fear throughout the land.
Pluck the wicked from our bosom,
and extend to us a helping hand.”

“Shall we be forever shunned by you?
Or is this just another test?
Must we pay a higher price,
than of those we have oppressed?”

“We can’t help it that we’re dense.
And you know we never learn.
It’s because we’re all insane.
But this is hell and we’re starting to burn!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

If you stood in line and voted and someone behind you was coughing and had red eyes, a hideous rash and was losing weight right before your very eyes, it wasn’t Ebola because Ebola took a vacation on Election Day so that you could vote. Now, back to “wassup with that Ebola thing??!!

P.S. It’s “Party time!” The Reps are all up in DA House AND DA Senate! Break out the Boones Farm discount wine and get this party started, fer sure!!!! LMAO!!!

7 thoughts on “Ebola Went Missing On Election Day?

    1. ROTFLMAO!!! Thank you Tubularsock for that great comment! Yeah, back in the day when it had to be cheap and it had to be sweet, I would take it to the head that good ole Boones, that is. And some people think we’re in a pickle because of the ‘selection’ results. No worries. It’ll be the usual humdrum routine out of Washington. Grit your teeth and lock and load, fuggit about GRIDLOCK!


  1. LMAO! Boones Farm. That’s funny, it was all the rave when I was younger, and then came wine coolers. (Damn glad I don’t drink anymore).

    As I read this I saw the miracle, a sort of Revelations, the wicked, one by one and by the scruff of their necks, their feet dangling and kicking frantically as they were plucked from our bosom and tossed into the sea, then I saw the vision of what remained of DC and its surrounding richest zip-codes in the world. There was no one left. Tell me this is prophecy we shared.


    1. Yes, it was Peter, and I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t heard of Boones Farm. And to think it’s still around today. Good on you for putting down the bottle. Sigh! My one and only vice is I so dearly love the bubbly. All my readers know of my fondness for the fermented grape. I’ve built and secured a pipeline from my home to Champagne, France and just like oil, that pipeline’s flowing. I ain’t braggin’, I’m just sayin’. I am SO bad!!! LOL!

      Indeed it would be a miracle if these prophecies we share were to happen. I’ve been called a “witch” so many times, I have no idea why my cauldron ain’t produced enough powerful shit to pluck the corrupt criminals right on up out of Washington. We would be the better off for it, oh yes we would! But I am going to ‘never say never’ because I will continue to mix my potions and stir shit up and maybe one day, voila! That nasty slime is gone, gone and gone!!!

      Thank you Peter for your comment! This one was fun!! LMAO!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Thanks Prince! They just toned it down a tad for ‘Selection Day’. Ebola’s gonna get revved up again, no doubt about that! And the bastards are tricky, but they really don’t have to be because the American idiots just ain’t up to figuring shit out for themselves. Although, I did read just a little while ago, that not many showed up at the polls. Of course, this not being a presidential ‘Selection year could as usual, have affected voter turnout, but the author of the article was quite sure that that was not the ONLY reason. The other reason being that people, by not voting, were saying, “Fuck it! Ain’t shit worth voting for!” Uh…that would be MY stance and it won’t make any difference come presidential ‘Selection’ year, I’ll be sitting that foul shit out too.

      But hell! Who knows? Ebola might still be around then and what will have become of us? I’m holding my breath, I tellya! LOL! Yeah! Right!

      Thanks for the comment and for posting the link. Much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

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