Shoot Your Own Dog!

one we adore the other we eat

Tender and succulent,
blood red and juicy.
Seasoned to perfection,
that steak on your plate.

How did it get there?
A shot between the eyes,
throat slit with a knife.
Bled out in seconds,
merciful, they say.
What a way to go!

Do you love your dog?
Of course you do!
It’s man’s best friend.
Would you shoot it?
I didn’t think so.

You pick and choose,
what animal you love.
Some you keep as pets,
and others you eat.

Shoot your own dog.
Slit its throat.
Bleed it out.
Eat a tasty morsel,
of Fido, your pet.

“That would be wrong,”
or so you say.
It’s wrong either way.
Which part don’t you get?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Would any of you ever think of killing and eating your pet dog? Cat? Iguana? Bird? Fish? Well then why is it that you have no problem knowing that that T-bone steak or that Porterhouse steak or that tongue, beef ribs, pork ribs, bacon, ham came from an animal that we decided was not the kind of animal that deserved love and pet hotels and clothing and special treats? We decide which animals deserve our love and affection and which animals deserve to die a horrible death so that their body parts end up on our breakfast, lunch and dinner plates.

Have you ever given a thought to the horrifying conditions that animals for slaughter endure? The ones that we eat? When you look at Fluffy or Fifi and you realize that that animal is like family, why is it that other animals are not on par with your Fluffy or Fifi? Is it because you’re far removed from the actual slaughterhouse that the animals that are to satisfy our taste for meat end their days? You know this could be applied to why we have no problem with war, here in America. It’s because we’re so far removed from the actual killing, it just does not concern us that other ‘humans’ are getting killed that have the same feelings, likes, desires and hurts that we ‘exceptional’ Americans have just as animals have feelings and hurts and I’m pretty sure that they would like and desire to live and not get slaughtered for their succulent, tender and tasty body parts.

When will we stop kidding ourselves that we actually give a damn about anything other than our own selfish gratification? When will ALL life matter and not just life that we have deemed worthy of our love? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cow? They have large, soulful eyes. There is intelligence behind those eyes. They have a brain and nerves and blood and a beating heart. They feel hurt just as we do. All animals do and yet so long as we don’t have to go out behind the barn and kill our food to eat it, we are fine with someone else doing the dirty work and all we have to do is drive to the convenient grocery store and pick over a nice selection of choice cuts of meat. Never mind how it got there, we’re having friends over for steak and burgers on the grill. And don’t hand me no bullshit about “what about eating a ‘head’ of lettuce? What about eating tomatoes? Lettuce and tomatoes don’t have beating hearts.

This is something to think about the next time you’re sitting down to dinner, cutting into a juicy steak and blood is congealing on your plate. Look down at Fluffy and Fifi and imagine yourself cutting into a slice of your favorite dog or cat that’s like family. Would you even go there? Hell no you wouldn’t but that cow just looks too damn tasty, eh?

10 thoughts on “Shoot Your Own Dog!

  1. Damn straight! Shows how evolved we humans are… you don’t see ETs harvesting us for food? Just as well, humans are too contaminated to be edible.
    The only time i would condone hunting is out of necessity, and by my own hands so I would consciously know WTF I’m doing. Eating diseased meat (factory farmed animals) is devolving, denaturing us in every way, physically, spiritually, emotionally fucking us up as a race.
    It’s time to grow up and evolve. Great post Shelby!


    • I’m glad you’re with me on this one 1EarthUnited! We are walking toxin factories and yet we wonder why people are constantly getting cancers and other horrible diseases that they have to pill pop like a maniac to try and combat. The USDA ain’t about shit! They ain’t got enough inspectors to inspect all the animals that are slaughtered for human consumption. Every time, we turn on the news, tainted hamburger over here, tainted chicken over there, tainted shit everywhere. And we just continue to go about the business of killing ourselves and why? Because it’s convenient. Convenient IS good, dontcha know?

      Companies that produce goods for the U.S. have had to make it bigger, or stretchy or make extenders because American waistlines are ever increasing. And we can even know that growth hormones and antibiotics are in the meat at the grocery store but we go and buy it and consume it because it’s convenient and when we end up at the doctor’s office, we don’t understand why. Yes, we do, but we don’t want to accept responsibility for the choices that we make. “So, give me a pill, doc. And I’m back to the grocery store to add more poison to my system and thank you for your poison pills. Keep ’em coming!” Don’t worry folks, the pills will keep coming right up until they stick a tag on your toe.

      And yeah, I know we’ve all got to die from something but the thing is see? Some diseases can be kept off our ass if we weren’t so into convenience.

      Thank you so much for your comment 1EarthUnited! Much appreciated!


  2. Of all I’ve ever said about animal rights, I have never said it better than this. And Shelby, you’re right on target, “It’s because we’re so far removed from the actual killing,” that keeps us killing everything that bleeds. It doesn’t matter as long we don’t have to see it. The very reason war is so very easy to accept, that and the manufactured vilification of a person as an enemy, as so the manufactured argument that meat is necessary for good health, when the opposite is true.

    There’s always somebody lying and profiting and profiting big-time with every drop of blood shed, regardless the source of blood.

    The solution to peace is simple, stop killing. Stop killing everything that desires life. We stop that, we live in peace, sustainably, and in harmony. Soldiers lay down your weapons; butchers lay down your knives.

    Shelby, your excellent poem and afterword, renders every reasonable pro-bloodshed argument null and void.

    Peace today, just stop the killing, all of it. And then there’s the added benefits, the elite end up on the streets with nowhere to hide. But more importantly, there would then be amble food grown from earth to feed the over 7 billion humans, hunger a thing of the past.

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    • Peter, you are too modest. That last poem of yours is why this post is up. You moved me and how! Even with what I’ve written here, there is still no comparison to the latest poem of yours. I just have my own “in your face” unique way of getting my point across. I don’t aim to make friends(I guess you say, “That’s obvious!”)LMAO!! But hey! Ain’t nobody paying my bills but me and ain’t nobody got to come all up in here and pick up what I’m putting down. But if they choose to come all up in here, they’re going to get an eyeful. In this day and age, with what’s going down, this shit ain’t on needing all up on some ‘tender loving care or hearts will break’ time. They’re on some, “It’s all about me time!” And I just tell ’em, “It SO fucking ain’t all about you!” As you can see, I’m not playing.

      This may be my first poem and essay about cruelty to animals but it will not be the last.

      I do realize that I am whooping and hollering about peace all the damn time and everything but peace is going on all up in here, but you see, people are walking around like they’re in a stupor or a daze and they need the shit smacked out of ’em. That’s what I’m good at, smacking the stupid up one side and down the other. It’s a shame, it’s come to that.

      Peter, we don’t want peace! Peace is the last thing we want. Peace has never been what we wanted because if it was, we’d all be at peace with each other instead of claiming that once we’re dead, we lie in peace. That shouldn’t be the only way to peace, by death. So, that should tell you something. Compared to the vast majority of ‘humans’, I’d say only a few of us actually really want peace. We’re the ones who are awake and are aware and we care. Many are just too self-absorbed, selfish, self-centered, foolish, stupid and clueless and want to remain that way because like I’ve already stated, it’s convenient to be stupid. And that ain’t gonna change. More’s the goddamn pity!

      I thank you so much for that wonderful comment on my poetry and the after-words, but your poem was the inspiration. And I thank you again for inspiring me!



  3. I am embarrassed to say that I do eat beef, though not nearly as much of it as I use to. I know that really doesn’t make it any better, but at least I am honest. You make a great point with this post. I use to work for a company that designed software for slaughterhouses, I wasn’t there long and never went to one on any installations, but the guys that did said if you even knew how jello was made you would never eat it again. I am trying to wean myself off of animal proteins since I know that there are other ways to get it, but it is not an easy road to go down.


    • Don’t be embarrassed Dom. None of us are perfect and we all had to start somewhere. My farm upbringing initiated my disgust of slaughtered animals. My uncle raised hogs for slaughter and my dad bought one and it was cut up in our basement and when my mother served the pork chops from that animal, I refused to eat them. She tried everything to get me to eat the ribs and the bacon and I went to bed without dinner and she had to throw most of that meat away because even my sisters decided that they too, had had enough. That was the first and only time my dad purchased an animal from my uncle.

      You see, we grew the ‘veges’ and I was always a ‘vege’ eater. I would go out and pull spring onions and eat them for dinner. And the fruit, oh gosh! One year, our crop of strawberries was so huge, the kitchen and the dining room were overflowing with containers of strawberries. And I cannot forget to mention the silver queen corn, oh how sweet that is. Squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans, lima beans, radish…oh dear! I could go on and on.

      I attempted a garden this year, it didn’t do to good but I did get some ‘veges’ from it and then of course, I went to the farmer’s market. But enough of that.

      Believe me, I know that giving up meat is not an easy road to go down. I have eaten my share of meat and when I smell bacon cooking, I want to tear somebody’s hair out, it smells so good. One thing that’s kept me from eating meat all these years is because frankly, I can’t fucking cook it. I have attempted to cook it for others who visit me and like meat and the usual that I get is, “We are no longer on the Oregon Trail and therefore, we do not need jerky!” LMAO!!! I seriously think that my cooking has helped tremendously to wean people off of meat. ROTFLMAO!! And THIS time, I AM bragging! LOL!

      You take it easy on yourself Dom. Remember, we all have our ‘guilty pleasures’ and no one has to guess at mine. The fermented grape is my Achilles heel, my one and only vice or ‘guilty pleasure’. Keep my secret Dom! LMAO!!!

      Thanks for your comment! …and remember, we just take it one day at a time.


      • Thanks Shelby, I don’t think I would be able to eat the hog your dad brought home either. For lack of a better phrase, that would hit too close to home for me. Since I didn’t grow up farming, I really never had anything like that happen to me. The closest I can come to is that eating wild game like deer and turkey that we got while hunting (another thing that I no longer have any interest in doing as I prefer to watch them than eat them). I have been growing veggies for the last few years. This year we did pretty well with tomatoes, bell peppers, radishes and spaghetti squash. Some of these we has so many of I had to give them to friends and family so that they wouldn’t get wasted. As you already know, nothing tastes better than veggies that you grow yourself. Anyway, I don’t know if I will be completely successful in getting off of animal protein altogether, but I am trying so I guess we will just have to see what happens. Oh and as far as the grape juice goes, it’s all yours. I haven’t had a drop of it in almost 10 years. There’s something about it that just messes with my system. The last time I drank it I had 2 1/2 glasses (normal wine glasses) and proceeded to black out. Anyway, enjoy, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence. I’m jealous, I really do like a bit of the grape, but it doesn’t like me. Later my friend. 🙂


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