Happy Veterans Day!


On this day, we thank our veterans,
by making them wait in line,
to get medical attention.
And to each, a number we’ll assign.

We always strive to remember,
the homeless vets of course.
Just look at how we treat them,
and we don’t even show remorse.

They know how much we love them.
We show them every day.
There is nothing they are lacking.
They even have a holiday.

What difference does it make
if some are homeless, sick and scarred?
They’re still our wounded warriors
that we hold in high regard.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

So many veterans are homeless, mentally ill, scarred for life and getting a raw deal from the Veterans Administration but I am sure that it does their heart good to know that we’ve designated a day to honor them. So, let the pretentiousness and the worthless tributes begin. They don’t fucking need a worthless celebratory day. They have real needs that aren’t being met and never will be by focusing on a day instead of focusing on their problems and fixing them. Because if Veterans Day was doing that, we’d not be hearing of how many veterans commit suicide each day. We just never get it, do we? Never mind, the question was rhetorical.

8 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day!

  1. The ‘veterans’ volunteer. American conscription has been inactive for a long time now. ‘Veterans’ volunteer to serve American Empire and obviously, ‘veterans’ are expecting a different result. Isn’t that sort of the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…
    And still there are amply bodies to fill the ranks of the Legions vast, all volunteers.


    • Skulz, I’ve pointed out the fact that we have an all volunteer army, times too numerous to count and still the cannon fodder sign up and if by chance they come back from endless wars all fucked up and needing all up on some assistance, they get the shaft. In this particular post, I am merely displaying sarcasm because we do ‘love’ to make a big deal of ‘humans’ that go out for the ‘fun’ of it and kill other ‘humans’ and then they want and need shit that they don’t get, because what they’ll get instead is a celebratory day, thanking them and all, dontcha know!

      This is another sign of how stupid many Americans are. We celebrate killers and then if they make it back, we make them take a number to get treatment and if they don’t make it back, why we have that one covered also, Memorial Day. So, we’re ‘good’!

      Pay no attention to what comes next Skulz as this does not pertain to you.

      Uh…veterans…I mean… military whores, this is what I really think of you!

      Military Whores!

      Look into your eyes, dear soldier.
      Now tell me what it is you see.
      In the mirror, the image that is you
      is hell looking straight back at thee?

      You picked up a weapon to fight.
      Never thinking what it might cost.
      Your soul is now black as coal
      and that line you once drew was crossed.

      There is no turning back again.
      A clear conscience, you will never know.
      You fought for some smoke and mirrors
      and now your mind is a paralyzing foe.

      So, think twice, dear warriors before you sign.
      All the glory that they claim will be yours
      will leave a taste that won’t ever go away
      as they turn you into military whores.

      …and to all you stupid military whores,
      Shelby I. Courtland approved this message.

      Now fuck you!

      and you stupid fuckers, if you need something else to read that describes what I think of you, keep fucking reading:

      I’m Worse Than A Parasite!

      I stand ready to receive my orders.
      To the war machine, I am sold.
      Life don’t mean a thing to me,
      not yours or mine, I’m told.

      It is crystal clear to me,
      that I am already dead.
      Why else would I sell my soul,
      to keep the war machine, well fed?

      I have no conscience, not at all.
      A trained thing is what I am.
      You think I care who it is I kill?
      Hell no! I don’t give a damn!

      I signed up to commit murder,
      and I am good at what I do.
      I am sick and vile and twisted,
      and then I come home to you.

      Don’t you love and care for me,
      when you hug me close at night?
      I am your husband and I am your lover,
      and yet, I’m worse than a parasite.

      These arms that now hold you,
      would tear you limb from limb,
      if my orders were to do so,
      I’d watch the light in your eyes grow dim.

      Oh yes, I go to church and I pray,
      though I know my soul is lost.
      And when I kill another’s child,
      I expect my own to pay the cost.


      Motherfuckers, you are indeed, worse than a goddamn parasite! Happy Veterans Day, you goddamn useless fucks!


  2. Excellent Shelby. Yes, it’s cheaper to give them a day of honor, but the capitalist still have vets working on it. A bit ungrateful since it was capitalist imperialism they were fighting for in the first place. Oh, and the day is another in their arsenal to help excite any would-be volunteers.


    • You are right also Peter. Another day to glorify killing, so step right up and sign on the dotted line to become one of the few, the proud, the murderers! And wouldn’t ya know it, the stupid fucks step right on up and sign even though they know that they are aiding and abetting war criminals and have sold their soul to those vile and evil monsters that invent reasons to keep killing for profit.

      We can’t continue to plead stupid when we know that what we are doing ain’t right. We can’t keep saying that it’s because there are no other jobs to be had, that we have to sign up to be killers. I refuse to accept that shit as an excuse because there is none. Oh people are so poverty stricken that they have to join the military to survive. That shit ain’t true! But we keep telling ourselves that because if we keep saying it, then it’s got to be true. The fact is that we simply don’t want to own up to the horrifying reality that we choose to kill. We are killers and that’s that.

      I thank you for your comment Peter!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Now, Tube, you run out like the good consumer you are and take advantage of all the sales. Who in heck can resist 50% off on socks? I mean, gosh! We all need socks, not just Tubularsock! LOL! And I know what you mean, ain’t a goddamn thing made in America in my home but me, goddamn it! I got shit made in Pakistan all up in here and of course Bangladesh. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I found a box of Puffs that says, “Made in America!” Oh shit, never mind, I should have kept reading. It reads: Made In The USA From Domestic AND IMPORTED MATERIALS. Damn! Damn! Damn! Oh and in case some people didn’t understand that, underneath those words are these:

      Enjoy those new socks Tube! And a Happy Veterans Day to YOU!


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