…and they’re off!!



“What he wants with a 20-year-old’s mix of invincibility and naiveté is to see some combat; experience a real firefight.
“You excited?” he asks his friend.
“Yeah, I’m nervous” says Spec. Caleb McKinnon, 23, who deployed last year to Afghanistan. “You are stupid if you aren’t a little scared. You guys will love it. It’s the only time we get to do our job.”

“Better than cleaning bathrooms on post,” adds a third soldier. “

“A few years ago, a platoon of infantry soldiers in Afghanistan would most likely be sent to a small outpost where they would be guaranteed to see combat. Now all of those places are closed, and U.S. troops are mostly consolidated on sprawling bases surrounded by acres of empty desert, high concrete walls and spools of razor wire.
“At those big bases, it’s is like an orgy every night,” McKinnon says.
“Are we even allowed to make out with chicks over there?” asks Perez.
“They sell condoms in the PX if that says anything to you,” McKinnon says.”

….and they’re off! Guess the fuck why! They don’t fucking want to clean toilets! Ain’t that a bitch? And people have the goddamn nerve to state that Americans will accept ANY jobs if only there were jobs. Well, there are jobs but not the jobs that the goddamn foul ass cannon fodder want to do because they want to murder people in foreign lands and also find a use for condoms. They don’t care who they bang; males or females are needed by the U.S. military to get ‘banged’ after they bang, bang, bang someone dead. Gotta relieve the stress of going ape shit nuts over killing!

This bears repeating!

“At those big bases, it’s is like an orgy every night,” McKinnon says.
“Are we even allowed to make out with chicks over there?” asks Perez.
“They sell condoms in the PX if that says anything to you,” McKinnon says.”

And the stupid wives of this shit are even now, hugging up on these ‘heroes’ whose only thoughts are, “Am I going to get to kill me some Afghans and afterwards, ‘bang’ some ‘chicks’?”

This is what my goddamn tax dollars is funding? This is why I’m celebrating Veterans Day? This is why this shithole called America is going to continue to stink like goddamn road kill in Death Valley and sink into the very pits of corruption, filth and disease and some more foul ass shit!

And still, you sit there yelling, “God bless our troops!” Are you for real? Screaming out that stupid shit as if those mindless morons are actually doing anything that’s worth being blessed by a god, any god! “God bless our troops!” is just about THE most goddamn dumbest thing I’ve
ever heard because it’s so easy to pretend that that garbage ain’t a pack of murdering war criminals because so long as they’re boarding a goddamn plane that means that the foul ass shit they do stays off of our radar. We don’t have to look at the war crimes they commit that gets paid for by each and every one of us. We get to continue to drive to the mall and shop. We get to continue to text and sext and ‘like’ that shit all over Facebook and tweet about how wonderful our goddamn military is and for the love of God, “Bless em!” Goddamn Americans make me ashamed to be among the lot of you. It would be my greatest pleasure to see this country descend into hell with the bones of every American carcass getting picked drier than a one hundred year old whore’s pussy! You bunch of nasty no-account, filthy ass American skanks, I’d tell you all to “Suck my dick!” if I had one, you goddamn useless brain dead fucking shits!!

3 thoughts on “…and they’re off!!

  1. Tubularsock IS fucking GOD, god damn it! And Tubularsock doesn’t have time to condemn anyone!
    TubeGod is getting ready for Black Friday! I’m buying some new shiny nails for my son! Fuck the military and all of those cock sucking murdering little bastards! Amen.

    Oh, and cheers ……….


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