Mike Brown Was At Fault!

state troopers in riot gear

The verdict is in, is any one of us surprised?
I could say that I was, but then I would have lied.

It was known all along what the outcome would be.
Darren Wilson was innocent, why else has he been free?

Mike Brown was at fault, he should never have been born.
Didn’t his mama know from birth that her child would be scorned?

Those who came before us paved the way to where we are.
But when you look around you, have we really come so far?

Our pastors pray to God to stop those bullets made of lead.
And yet Emmett, Eric, Trayvon, Mike and Amadou are still dead.

Yes, let us pray to God to stop the racists with a gun.
And while we are at it, ask God to tell us what we’ve done.

Were we brought here against our will, or did we climb into a boat,
and row from Africa’s shores when we read the white man’s note?

Did we come to build this land and expect not one thin dime?
We were whipped and chained and raped and now we’re doing time.

They’ve got a plan for us but let’s not go out peacefully.
If they want a goddamn war then arm yourselves for anarchy.

We were pissed on yet again, so fuck shit up tonight.
Or go back home, get on your knees and ask God to do what’s right.

We’ve been doing that shit for how long now, it’s getting kind ‘a old.
I’m tired of waiting on a miracle while Black bodies are getting cold.

God ain’t lying on these streets, our sons and daughters are.
We got no time to wait on God or just wish upon a star.

You say Mike Brown is with his God; his soul is now at peace.
If what you say is true, then to God, send the damn police!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland


No indictment for police officer in death of Michael Brown.

A grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, the unarmed, black 18-year-old whose fatal shooting sparked weeks of sometimes-violent protests.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced the decision Monday evening. A grand jury of nine whites and three blacks had been meeting weekly since Aug. 20 to consider evidence.

At least nine votes would have been required to indict Wilson.

Pastors were planning a rally and prayer service later Monday evening at the West Side Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.

“There’s a lot of hurt, a lot of brokenness. There’s anger and frustration on every side,” said the Rev. Ronald Bobo Sr., the church’s pastor. “We need the hand of God to lead us and guide us.”

30 thoughts on “Mike Brown Was At Fault!

  1. Shelby, I know you are furious. I am too. I don’t really know what to say, except…what? We need cooler heads? Speechless in Canada.


    1. No, we don’t need cooler heads! We need to bust some heads! If I’m going out, I ain’t going out like no weak punk ass bitch, sitting somewhere scared to speak my goddamn mind for fear that some spying NSA motherfucker is gonna have the pigs come and arrest me. They can fucking get on with it! If I don’t goddamn stand for something, I’ll fall for any goddamn thing. What the fuck should I fear? I’m fucking Black! I’ve been living in this racist shithole my entire life. I’m not clueless as to what these racist nasty ass motherfuckers are up to but at the same time, they can kiss my Black ass, but only from a goddamn distance and if they haul me the fuck off, I’ll give ’em one hell of time of it! That’s for goddamn sure!!


  2. Shelby flash ……. just got a call that the cops are everywhere in Oakland and some freeway exits are closed by protesters and the fucking cop helicopters are raising hell over Tubularsock’s bunker!

    Going to have to get on my bike and head down town ………… Tube


    1. Tube, you stay safe man! Ride like the wind and keep your head down! If I wasn’t still incapacitated from that fucking car crash, I’d be fucking shit up!

      Everybody that’s able bodied, fuck some shit up!! I’ll join you as soon as I can! I’m getting some pain management help tomorrow so that hopefully I can get the fuck up and go the fuck off!


    1. Thanks Tube! I hate that I had to write it! Goddamn it, I knew I would but it just makes me want to spit bricks all the same! …and throw some too! Goddamn it all to hell!!

      “To the world!” Are you watching this shit?!!! You still think the U.S. stands for some justice and shining a beacon for freedom and human rights and all that worthless ass shit that don’t mean a goddamn thing in this shithole for people who have Black or Brown skin? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “The world needs to fuck this hellhole shithole up and wipe it the fuck up off this planet, once and for all!” Fucking hop to it already, why doncha??!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hell nah! This ain’t no goddamn surprise! A white motherfucker kills a Black man and he’s gonna get some goddamn time? Really? Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? We done danced this dance before and we shall do it again and again and again ’cause Black lives don’t matter, never have and never will!

      I just wish that people would go the fuck off, fuck some serious shit up and keep at it. The goddamn world won’t do it so it needs to be done from the inside out!!! Burn this motherfucker from one end to the other!!

      Hey Black folks! We built this shithole for these motherfuckers to kill us, so it’s only right that we should burn it the fuck down!!!! Burn baby burn!!! Smoke it!!!!


      1. Amen Sister Shelby. But don’t burn down Little Caesar’s Pizza, hell no. Burn down the police station and the courthouse and Fergustan’s Mayor’s house and their punk ass chief of police burn his house down and then go after where the fuckers live.


  3. Great poem, Shelby. In almost all cases, the state (prosecution) has the advantage. A lack of indictment was a tell of the state’s true intentions. The delayed reporting of the verdict was also deliberate to increase already frayed tensions between law enforcement and the community which has made them look bad. The Brown family have been incredible in their public statements all while having to mourn the loss of their son. They deserve justice.

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    1. Oh hell ya! I knew there was going to be NO goddamn indictment. What for? He ONLY shot and killed an unarmed Black teenager! What’s all the fuss about? Nothing to see here folks! Move along and all THAT shit dontcha know!! Who the fuck didn’t see this coming? Hell! Stevie Wonder saw this shit coming!

      There ain’t no justice for us Jeff. There never has been and there never will be. We know that!


  4. “But don’t burn down Little Caesar’s Pizza,”

    As far as I’m concerned, they can burn Little Caesar’s, Big Caesars, Jolly Bear, every goddamn store they get to before they get to the police station. Shut that fucking CAPITALISM shit down while they’re at it!! The goddamn corporations are a part of this shit. Who the fuck that’s working at Little Caesar’s is getting a decent, living wage? Not a goddamn worker drone in there is.

    Hell! The poor motherfuckers that work at Disney World in Florida live in motels strung all up and down the roads leading to Disney World. They can’t even pay the fucking workers enough to live in apartments and every fucking body knows that it ain’t cheap getting into Disney World and after that, ya gotta pay for every goddamn thing else!

    Who are we fucking kidding? All this shit needs to get burned the fuck down! And fuck what that lying, no-account, hand shoved up his ass presidential filth has to say. He ain’t about shit, so he can just rotate on Netanyahu’s hand up his ass and shut the fuck up!!!!

    Fuck IT up!!!!! We fucking built it and we can damn sure tear it down!


    1. Not a goddamn thing has changed! Oh, the Civil Rights Movement and ALL the peaceful protesting and what the hell for? What the fuck did all that PEACEFUL get, it got folks hosed down with high powered water hoses, dogs let loose on em, they got jailed and lynched and some more shit and SIGH!!! Here we are today, being told to go about it all peaceful like and don’t burn this, just burn that! I say, “Burn IT ALL DOWN!” Why the hell should we care about this shit? We fucking built it! So why the fuck can’t we burn the motherfucker down???!! I say, “Go for it!” Fuck IT up! Burn IT down! Get it done! This shithole don’t mean shit to me! Never has and never will!

      Thanks for your comment Prince and for posting the link!

      And once again, for the motherfuckers that’s slow out there, every Black person in America is guilty! We’re ALL fucking guilty because we can’t change the goddamn color of our skin! So, since we can’t change that and the white motherfuckers are going to kill us over that fact, why should we give a fuck about this foul ass shithole? Newsflash! I SO fucking don’t!!!

      FUCK IT UP!!!!

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    1. Why thank you so much for that comment Caleb. What wasn’t amazing was the verdict. Why the hell did it take them so goddamn long to come back with, “NOT GUILTY!” They knew that shit before the grand jury even convened. They just fucking played around all these months because they figure it’s gonna be too cold outside for folks to fuck shit up! Well, light the goddamn bonfires and fuck the shit up is what I say! Cold or hot, it don’t fucking matter because Black bodies that were once hot are stone cold because they got murdered by some racist ass shit with a badge!

      Again, thank you for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All the work and hope put in to getting Justice and the “grand jury” couldn’t even have enough decency to bring a damn charge or trial, although we know if it HAD somehow miraculously made it that far they would’ve fixed it to get a “not guilty” verdict anyway. Funny how all those commentators, politicians and officials keep calling for property to be protected; but who gives a shit about the people, right?!


  5. @Prince, Thanks for the heads-up about the Blackout! That Black Friday bullshit wasn’t getting a cent out of me any fucking way! I’ve been trying like hell to get others to stop buying into that bullshit! It’s only aiding and abetting capitalism to continue to run amok and have the white motherfuckers take our goddamn money, those of us that ain’t had the misfortune to be shot dead for being Black,YET!

    November 27th-30th, I ain’t buying shit!!!


  6. “Funny how all those commentators, politicians and officials keep calling for property to be protected; but who gives a shit about the people, right?!”

    Yeah, ain’t that just so fucking funny?!!! To hell with poor Michael Brown with his dead self. To hell with his parents, other family members and friends. Let us keep the stores up and running ’cause we NEED fucking capitalism to continue to work despite what went down. Not a goddamn thing went down as far as those commentators, politicians and other officials are concerned. Why? What’s the goddamn problem? Let the ‘justice system’ do its thang! We did and the ‘justice system’ did what? The usual. White cop kills young Black, unarmed teenager. Teen is found guilty of his own murder at the hands of the cop. Case closed. End of story. So, go to Little Caesar’s and buy a pizza! Oh fuck no! Burn it the fuck down! That’ll cook the goddamn pizzas for sure! Anybody up for a pizza now????!!!

    Thanks Caleb! You know how much I appreciate your comment and that was a wonderful post you put up on your blog. Thanks for letting me comment in my usual fiery way!


  7. Just The Way I See It

    Though I wasn’t there
    the truth I’ll never know
    but the prosecutor
    well put on a poor show

    A life had been taken
    his job was to indict
    yet he presented defense
    well I guess that’s his right

    I’m telling you folks
    there’s just something wrong
    when a district attorney
    touts a defense song

    The killer went free
    self defense we were fed
    all six shots found their target
    to make sure Brown was dead

    How is this not murder
    because Wilson’s a cop
    my word, six shots
    I guess he just couldn’t stop

    If he’s really that nervous
    and afraid for his life
    he might be working the wrong job
    if it creates that much strife


    1. Beej you did a great job of summing the situation up! If Wilson was so afraid for his worthless life, he should never have donned a police uniform. The problem is that he wasn’t getting shot at. No one had a weapon except for him and so it was okay for him to gun down Michael Brown in cold blood and now he’s claiming that he “did nothing wrong.” According to those donut gorged pigs, they never do a goddamn thing wrong especially if what they did was to kill a Black unarmed teenager. “I feared for my life,” shit is the police mantra. That’s what they use to get away with outright murder. The shits that make up the police force all across this fucked up country are nothing more than mass murderers and most of them are either skin heads or ex-military, back from who the fuck knows how many deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq and every goddamn where else America sends those killing shits off to torture and kill people. And then, they’re let loose on the streets of our cities to gun us down like dogs.

      But we’re supposed to accept the shit and deal with it all peaceful like. We’re all supposed to join hands and sing, “Kumbaya!” ‘Cause that’s gonna make it all better and stop the killings. Like hell it will. This shit ain’t about to stop and neither should we stop fucking shit up! To hell with businesses. To hell with peaceful this and peaceful that. Ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., how far peaceful got him. Oh, that’s right we can’t He got shot to death, assassinated. How ‘peacefully’ he went out!

      I want to thank you for that poem Beej! It was heartfelt, obviously and spot on! Thanks again!


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