Death Of Love!

love rip


Can you believe that once my heart was filled with love?

Now, it is a hardened shell and all that is left is bitterness.

I am consumed by the flames of hatred and I know no shame.

When I look at you, it is through a sea of swirling red,

 that pours from my eyes and flows down my face,

to pool around my feet and spread in an ever widening circle,

encompassing everything in its path, carrying with it, my hatred.

From the sky above, there are no doves that I can see to give me hope,

only vultures, circling overhead, awaiting the so final death of love.

Love, RIP

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

2 thoughts on “Death Of Love!

  1. Your anger is justifiable
    Your hate, understandable
    I know this bitterness of your heart
    It too, is an intimate of mine
    Batters my love in double time.
    Hold fast to the minute love that remain
    Never give in to their darkened reign.
    Yes, they know their time is in debate
    Their existence depends on everyone’s hate.
    But know this, there is a revolution gathering force
    The revolution of Love, love for all creatures
    The time will be when men will kill no beating heart.
    In generations to come, all life will be honored
    Peace will blanket the earth in Love’s warmth.
    But this budding revolution will not flower in our time
    We are the entrusted, Its vanguard,
    The first words of Love’s rhyme.
    We’ll not taste Its sweet and wondrous nectar
    It is for those not yet known who will see the doves fly.
    We need you to hang on, Shelby
    It’s what heroes do
    And you’re a hero in my book.

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