Fuck The Fake Media!

Fuck the fake media and fuck their lies.
They’ve an agenda that’s against our very lives.

Their fake ass shit is smoke and mirrors.
They hide the true faces of our killers.

We’re to forget about the war we fight in Syria,
and not think about the shit we stirred in Libya.

Have you forgotten the invasion of Iraq?
Why isn’t the media focusing on that?

They distract us with their instigating shit,
and have us listen to a lie that Holder spit!

We all know that Obama is a puppet.
And Henson’s got himself another Muppet.

Obama never stood for hope and change,
and Muppet Holder loves the New York Stock Exchange.

Now let’s all turn our backs on CNN.
They’re owned by the shadow bogeymen.

When we fight amongst ourselves, it’s what they want,
and that is why they make up shit to taunt,
the people of all races into hate.
Don’t listen and do not take the bait.

If we all march together and as one,
and maintain the momentum, they will run.

Their aim is to divide us into groups.
If we fall for that shit, then we are dupes.

Never trust the media; they are whores,
for the elites that will destroy us with their wars.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

The fake ass mainstream media is designed to distract, divide and conquer us. If we are fighting each other, the oligarchy win and they are who the media whores whore themselves out for. If we can learn to come together to fight against those who are behind the scenes of this shit stirring, they lose and that is why they have upped the ante, so to speak. It’s no holds barred. Wake up! Fight, but let’s not fight each other. We need each other and that IS the truth.

16 thoughts on “Fuck The Fake Media!

    1. Bless your heart 1EarthUnited! And thank you SO very much for the re-blog! People need to see this to know that we are ALL in this together! It’s not about Black or White or Asian or Hispanic, it’s about ALL of us against our oppressors.

      …and we certainly won’t get the truth from those corporate owned media whores!

      Thanks again!

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  1. If you are cut, do I not bleed? If you are shot, do I not grieve? If Eric Garner is choked to death by Gestapo pigs, don’t we all cease to breath? I can’t breath I can’t breath…
    If Darren Wilson gets acquitted for murder most foul and Daniel Pantaleo is acquitted for strangulation most foul, do we stand on the streets in silence?
    Hell no fucking way NO!


    1. Skulz, you are so right! We ALL bleed the same color; red! Unfortunately, we all saw Michael Brown’s blood flowing red from underneath his lifeless body this past August. He didn’t bleed black. He didn’t bleed purple, he bled red. If those pigs choked you until you couldn’t breathe, you’d die, the same as Eric Garner and so would I. The same things make each of us bleed, breathe, feel, hurt and die.

      …and Skulz, I wish to hell I was not silent except for right here. Just as all of this is going down, I’m still incapacitated from that damn vehicle pileup. That’s why I couldn’t protest except through my poetry. Hopefully, after I see the orthopedic surgeon on the 15th, they can patch me up so that I can get out and raise hell! I swear, I miss that! I can’t drive because my goddamn ‘driving leg’ gets ta twitching and some more shit! But hopefully, I’ll be somewhat limping along soon!

      Thanks for your comment man! I love it!!!!!


  2. Shelby, So maybe we won’t even WANT the revolution televised. Sure as hell we don’t want corporate lackeys’ spin and propaganda overlaying it, telling us what it means and why it’s wrong. If they ever did, the media does not speak truth to power these days — they’re too busy fawning, and licking the boots or private parts of the elites. Oh damn, here I go again, reading your fine posts at bedtime, and I do know better … But keep ’em coming! – Linda


    1. Linda, you should know by now that I don’t make for good bedtime reading. I come with a warning label, “could induce nightmares!” I guess I better post a warning for all the late ‘nighters’ who come in here expecting to find some sunbeam, roses and fruit loops that that ain’t what’s happening in here, oh not at all!

      We’re gonna have to broadcast the revolution ourselves. Who knows? By then, we may have taken over CNN, all peaceful like of course, kicked the imposters out, peaceful like, AGAIN, and got on with the business of reporting the TRUTH., a novel concept, I know. But I think we can do it! We got to believe! Have faith and all dontcha know? Damn! I got ta get back to preachin’!

      …and I will certainly try and keep them coming here at command central. LOL! I’m hanging on Linda! And thanks!

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    1. Why thank you Sojourner! I wouldn’t mind at all! I would be honored and trust me, I am already floored by your enthusiasm over this one!! You guys are giving me a really, really, big head, here! I’m already having trouble getting it through doorways.

      Please, post anything you like Sojourner! The more who see this, the better! And thanks again! I am over the moon, truly!


  3. I’m subbed to this guy’s channel. He has some really informative videos. I wish people would wake the hell up! The mainstream media is full of deception!


    1. Well, this guy’s got a new fan! He can add me to the list now. I’ll be checking him out from now on. And as for waking people up, we can only keep at it and hope they do! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to quit, but something in me just won’t let me stop. As long as we’re alive, we’ve got to keep at it. It hurts like hell to see what’s constantly going down, continue to go down, but we’ve got to keep trying to get through to more and more people and you never know when that spark will catch on and blow up like dynamite. Don’t give up! And I’m also telling myself that.

      “Self, don’t give up!” Yeah, I know, I’m nuts! What’s new? LOL!

      Thanks Prince! Good to see ya!

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