Tubularsock has pointed out, as only he can, how fearsome ‘large Black men’ are seen by the pigs that patrol the mean streets of every shitty city in A’murderer’. And as if that isn’t bad enough, ‘small Black children’ are seen as a threat, apparently. Not to mention, homeless Black women that walk along a highway in California. So being a large Black man, a small Black child, a Black woman, a Black girl, a Black…..’ is just SO damn scary that we have caused the militarization of police departments all over the damn place to ‘handle’ us with the finality of death. Read it and weep!


fuck you heading

Hey. Now don’t get all pushed out of shape over this Eric Garner Chokehold Death verdict.

Let’s get the facts straight before jumping off the deep end!

New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted by the Grand Jury because ahhh ………

Well lets see:

A video shows Pantaleo putting Garner “in an apparent chokehold”.

Chokeholds are BANNED by NYPD guidelines but apparently “apparent chokeholds” are not banned ……. or so it appears, now doesn’t it.

And of course the community just has to be protected from the CRIME of an unarmed black man selling loose, untaxed cigarettes!

Just imagine how far our community standards would fall if the hero cop Daniel Pantaleo hadn’t stopped this heinous crime. Just where would we be today?

So what are the NYPD guidelines really good for if breaking them means nothing?

Now an argument could be made that Eric Garner was…

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