The Flag Has Been Replaced!

flag has been replaced

The flag has been replaced,

and freedom has been displaced,

to a cold and lonely grave,

along with another slave.

The flag’s new color scheme,

does not share in Dr. King’s dream,

that he dreamt in days long gone,

when he marched for a brighter dawn,

and for our basic human rights,

rights enjoyed by all the whites.

The flag is black and blue,

and red is its color too.

It stands for all Black men,

confined in the new slave pen.

Red is the color they bleed,

because of supremacy’s creed.

Blue is the color of woe,

it’s long been the Black man’s foe.

Wherever there’s a cop in blue,

you WILL bid a Black man, “Adieu!”

Yes Black is under attack,

so please watch each other’s back.

They know we have no place to go,

because they stole us so long ago!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

The Amerikkkan flag don’t mean shit to me because it was never meant FOR me. So, I’ll never salute it or claim to fight for it! To hell with it and fuck it!

4 thoughts on “The Flag Has Been Replaced!

  1. Powerfully said M’Lady. The AmeriKKKan flag means absolutely nothing to me. I have one and it remains rolled up inside the closet. I can’t fly the fabric of hypocrisy, bigotry, war crimes, and an arrogant hubris that is consummately galling.
    Solidarity with every last human that bleeds red.


    1. Skulz, I have never owned an Amerikkkan flag. In fact, when I get anywhere near one, I suffer an immediate allergic reaction. My eyes start streaming, I get to coughing, twitching and my legs just seem to move of their own accord in attempting to get me as far away from one as possible. And wouldn’t you know it! The minute that I am no longer in the immediate vicinity of an Amerikkkan flag, all allergic reactions, cease!

      Thanks for your comment Skulz and for the compliment on this one. You know how much I appreciate comments and compliments on my pitiful attempts at poetry.

      P.S. Skulz, you should go in and spit on it every now and then, you know, just to show the flag some ‘luv’. LOL! I am SO bad!


      1. Ah Shelby, your poetry is hardly “pitiful.” Your work is powerful and filled with emotion. The times we are living in require such passion.
        By the by, I do tend to pick my nose and the woogs need a place to park. Flag wipes work every time.


  2. @ Skulz, EWWWW! That’s nasty! LMAO!!! But even better than my suggestion!!! So that makes me nasty too! ROTFLMAO!!!! I say, Skulz, the tears are streaming down my face and not from an allergic reaction to the flag, but because of your comment. You and Tubularsock are both a hilarious mess and I love ya both!! You guys are just SO goddamn funny!!! LOL!!!!


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