“I Am Weighed Down By Anguish…”

I have just got to reblog this because after reading YOUR words, Sojourner, no one could possibly remain clueless because you have taken their rose colored glass off and stomped the hell out of them! Blinders?!! Uh! They’re gone TOO!!!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve written here and how right you are!!

First, you put Shelby to the blush and then the tears freely flowed and now, I just want to thank you so very much! You have created, dare I say, a “masterpiece” here!


3 thoughts on ““I Am Weighed Down By Anguish…”

  1. Shelby, if this is a “masterpiece,” then you are the painter/artist/creator!

    I am more than thankful this touched you, because your heart-felt words touch me.

    Keep writing the truth from your heart and mind!

    Or, to show my ancient age here, “keep on keepin’ on,” Shelby;-)

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    • “The German people, during World War II and before, had an excuse, since they couldn’t have known what was happening, in detail, all around them. But we are without this excuse, since we know when someone takes a shit on the other side of the world. In other words, American white people are without excuse here!”

      I know that you were serious as all hell, but I laughed SO hard over, “since we know when someone takes a shit on the other side of the world.” That was so on point and so damn true! How can we claim ignorance when things are going down before our very eyes? We don’t have to wait to ‘hear’ about it, we can ‘click’ on a YouTube video and voila! Instantly see what people are being subjected to and still many of us just glance and turn away as though, it has nothing whatsoever to do with us. And we are all connected because we are all supposedly ‘human’. Although, with some, I would have to question their ‘humanity’ or lack thereof.

      Those two poems of mine were made more powerful by what you added to them, never doubt that! You have something to say Sojourner, you really do because I never would have found you if you were saying nothing. You reach people, they just haven’t told you so, but I want the people whose voice speaks to me, to know that I heard it and that it went deep inside me as your voice did. Never stop writing Sojourner, never stop and I will read it!!!

      …and again, thank you so much for trying to spread light and awareness and wake people up from a deep, hypnotic slumber as this is no time to sleep.

      Oh and it ain’t just you! I too use, “keep on keeping on!” So, shall we do that? *wink*


      • Reading it again, it is funny!

        You wrote:

        “And we are all connected because we are all supposedly ‘human’. Although, with some, I would have to question their ‘humanity’ or lack thereof.”

        Yes, I have many questions about those who have slithered to the top of this system/order heap. If they are human, then they have sold out their humanity for more wealth and power.

        Thank you so much for what you have said here. And because of what you have said, I will continue to write. It’s funny, I almost quit last week.

        And what you have said to me, here, I give right back to you. It is sanity for me to know that I am not alone. So let us both keep writing and trying to awaken folks!

        Thanks again, also, for reawakening me to truths I had lost sight of, not because of bigotry, hatred or not caring, but because I wasn’t getting the message right!

        Never too old to learn is a great lesson in life!


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