Don’t Come Here With No Shit! I’m Not ‘The Help’ Or Your ‘Mammy’!

the help and mammy1

The silent protests speak
as lips are sealed with tape.
Hands reach ever skyward,
in search of the great escape.

Where is our savior today?
Is there a hero that stands for good?
Have we lost all faith and hope?
If there is something to be done, we should.

Must we forever protest in silence,
or pluck a hero from a film?
Someone save us from ourselves,
and from those that will become them.

Will the bad ever get what’s coming?
And of the damsels that do get saved,
why are they always white,
while we play the damsel’s maid.

Shall we put a mob cap on,
and pop our eyes and shriek,
and moan and croon over whites,
when our death is what they seek?

I am told that I am too harsh,
and judgmental in my own way.
They tell me I’m mean and nasty,
but I don’t shoot little kids at play.

Polite is what I’m not,
and never shall I be.
I live in a danger zone.
What the fuck do you expect from me?

If what I write you just don’t like,
then move the hell along,
but don’t come here with no shit,
when you are part of what is wrong.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What follows is for the piece of shit that typed a search for “how many nigers killed other nigers in 2014.”

So motherfucker, you want to know “how many nigers killed other nigers in 2014.” First of all you stupid fuck, you couldn’t even learn how to use spellcheck? But you want to know about ‘niger’s killing other ‘nigers’ because if it’s found that ‘nigers’ are killing other ‘nigers’ at a higher rate than at the rate that cops are killing ‘nigers’ then what’s the goddamn problem, eh? That about right, motherfucker?

Let me break this shit down for you, you little white prick! First and foremost, did ya look up that 83% of whites are murdered by other whites or is it not considered ‘murder’ or a crime when whites kill other whites. So, let’s not focus on the fact that whites are killing other whites; it’s all about ‘nigers’ killing other ‘nigers’.

Crime in Black communities all across this shithole called, America is fueled by systemic racism and poverty, a school-to-prison pipeline that makes it even easier for Black children to head straight from a classroom into a prison cell. “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.” We don’t get to ‘buy up’ property, we WAS property and we still are. Don’t even fucking act like you don’t know the sordid ass history of this shithole. I’m not about to give yet another history lesson that got, conveniently, left out of the history books. But know this, you nasty white prick; here, whites don’t get a goddamn pass for being white assed and questioning some shit that should already be fucking known.

You fucking know why every goddamn body is screaming and yelling about crime in Black communities. But you ain’t got to worry about that see? ‘Cause the Blacks ain’t coming into your hood, shooting the fuck outta you. They’re shooting each other, just as whites are busy shooting and murdering other whites. Crime, in the form of murder ain’t limited to Black people and what’s going down in Black communities all across this shithole ain’t a concern of yours. You’re on some shit about police murdering Black people like they’re hunting and killing game and if Black people are murdering each other, what’s the big goddamn deal?

The deal is that Black people have been on lockdown from the word ‘go’ in this shithole. Not a goddamn thing has changed. Black people start out at a disadvantage because how the hell can an entire group of people that came from slaves own a goddamn thing to begin with? We can’t even fucking start from scratch. We’ve got to scratch and claw our way out from underneath the boot of some foul ass shit like you. And you want to search about “how many nigers killed other nigers in 2014???” It would serve your white ass better to search for how many crackers have killed other crackers in YOUR motherfucking hood! Then motherfucker, lock and load ‘cause your white ‘homies’ might be aiming for your skank ass next!

And one last thing, here’s the deal; try educating yourself, you worthless punk ass bitch! Never fucking think that I’m a goddamn ‘mammy’ or the motherfucking ‘Help’! Now, kiss my ass, but only from a goddamn distance!

This here ends the goddamn Sunday sermon! Afuckingmen!

Don’t it just fucking always ‘pay’ to be nice??!!! Yeah! Like that shit’s gonna keep happening all up in here! Fucking deal with this shit like I do or fucking leave it the hell alone. You got a choice, I SO fucking don’t!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Come Here With No Shit! I’m Not ‘The Help’ Or Your ‘Mammy’!

  1. “I am told that I am too harsh,
    and judgmental in my own way.
    They tell me I’m mean and nasty,
    but I don’t shoot little kids at play.”

    We live in a shit-hole world where “tact” and “political correctness” are more valued than THE TRUTH. And by god, more often than not, the truth is not all nice and pleasant. THE TRUTH not only hurts, it can kick ass real hard!

    And you, Shelby, speak and write THE TRUTH! You are not too “harsh” or “judgmental,” “mean” or “nasty,” you are what all of us need: someone to speak and write the truth as it is, and from the heart as well as the mind.

    I know you need a break, and I understand. I do! Take that break! But don’t let an inbred, redneck, flag-waving asshole, a racist/bigot, like this one silence you! This is what his kind wants, so don’t give it to the low-life piece of shit!

    I, and many others, value you and what you have to say and write! Please, don’t lose sight of this.


      1. I learn more with your raw language about history that all the brainwash, stupidity and discriminatory barbaries that was supposed to be teached in the white “American” colleges. That word “American” shows how ignorance is what this country scatter by the world, after discrimination, that’s number one. The refuge of the Europeans troublemakers, 13 tiny colonies taking the name of the whole continent. Bringing, against their will, not only blacks, but all the poor of the earth, like slaves, low pay exploited workers and soldiers. Committing genocide against the natives and to top it, taking the name of the place like their were assigned by God. Is a repeat of Palestine. Is a parallel history and we know who are the more suffered. God bless you. Carlos Zayas

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Carlos Zayas for another most enthusiastic compliment on my writings. As you can tell from my writings, I am no blushing, Victorian, wilting lily. What’s been going down for hundreds of years is still going down and we continue to fall for this shit every day and we don’t call it out. We may not be able to do much of anything about anything, but I at least want the lousy fucks to know that many of us are not asleep, nor are we brain dead or hypnotized by all the bright, shiny gadgets that come down the pike that are meant to do just that; hypnotize us into believing that real serious and nasty ass shit ain’t going down, daily. So many people are on drugs because they are filled with hopelessness. There is no hope left for many and so dull the senses. I don’t go that route. I get mad and I let it out! And this blog is me doing just that!

        Again, I thank you for your comment Carlos!


  2. What an excellent post and spot on. Why is it that whenever there is an attempt at a discussion of police brutality against blacks by white officers that it suddenly (and not unexpectedly) turns to a discussion of black-on-black crime. This is a stupid argument as you much more eloquently put it than I. Whites kill whites in a very similar proportion so this point that conservatives typically huddle behind is a crock of crap. Why don’t we just look at crime as crime, race ultimately has nothing to do with it. I really am sick of this attempt at defending police brutality on blacks by white officers and wish that they would focus on trying to solve the root problems of racism, poverty and inequality that are major contributors to this issue. Unfortunately something such as racism is not easily eradicated, how do you stop someone from thinking like an ignorant asshole, I really don’t think you can. Anyway, I love the “in your face” style of writing, it is nothing if not honest and I really respect that, keep doing what you are doing Shelby and damn your critics.


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