The United States Corporation: “Number 36 in Child Poverty Out of 41 Wealthy Nations”

“The United States Corporation: “Number 36 in Child Poverty Out of 41 Wealthy Nations”
We’re just being ‘good’ christians’ in this here ‘christian nation’ because us ‘good’ christians believe that little children should be out working. If the kid can walk, the kid can work. They toddled around in the slave fields, picking cotton for free and they also were put to work in United States Corporations until some lughead, probably an atheist came up with the idea of child labor laws. I mean, seriously, just what was the fuss all about? Working toddlers builds character. It makes them learn from an early age to pull their weight by finding their bootstraps ’cause they’re so short, their bootstraps are easy to locate and they can just go from there, a work ethic learned. Sojourner, now what’s gotten into you? Our kids that are homeless, hungry, sick and working in sweatshops have got it a lot better than those poor kiddies in say, Paraguay or how about Bolivia or Peru. And you don’t see no bloated bellied kids here like you see in Sub-Saharan Africa. Why there’s poverty and then there’s poverty! There’s a difference dontcha know?!! Our kids poverty is SO much better than their kids poverty. We’ve got poverty standards, ya know. And stop picking on me. You knows Ize a heelbully outer Verginee an all. Wize u gwine go an pic on me fer? Just caws um swillun beur an scratchin muself ain’t no cawse fer u ta get awl on me! And muh 2 yeeuh ole don’t mine hepun wif da wiskey steel. Nawt a’tall.

Sojourner, this post was right on time AGAIN! Sorry, I can’t stay. I’m off to buy a Christmas tree. I want it fresh and after a few days, that tree that gave us the oxygen we need to breathe will be lying up against the curb awaiting bulk trash pickup. It’s a tradition and all, ya know!

I am just reiterating how stupid Americans are! Thanks again Sojourner! I refuse to aid and abet the United States Corporation while so many people with children are suffering, struggling and hopeless!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

Just to be clear about the title of this post, there are only five other wealthy nations that have a worse record of children living in poverty than this shit-hole known as The United States Corporation. And the U.S. Corp. is, by far, the wealthiest of them all.

All of you upstanding, flag-waving Americans should be so proud: not only does your elite-owned government excel at committing genocide all over the planet, it also excels at impoverishing its own slaves/serfs and their children. Okay, all together now, “I’m proud to be a Merican, where at least I know I ain’t free, but I’m a dumb-ass hillbilly, so I ain’t got no sense atall…” Sorry, I’m not a lyricist.

Moving on. A week from today is Christmas. So I would imagine almost everyone out there is busy doing what they have been programmed to do, unnaturally, every year at this time:…

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3 thoughts on “The United States Corporation: “Number 36 in Child Poverty Out of 41 Wealthy Nations”

    • Why thank you Sojourner! But all the accolades for this one go straight to you! You took me back to my hillbilly roots and I’m still shaking in mortal terror of those roots. I had to leave the ‘sawth’ ’cause I got so tired of hearing, “The Sawth will rize AGIN!!” Unfortunately, this was coming out of the mouths of toothless, illiterate, confederate flag waving rednecks, but hey! Who’s name calling here? LOL!

      Those statistics on child poverty should make us all blush in shame. Seriously! We can scurry to and fro with our Macy’s and our Nordstrom’s shopping bags and keep pretense at bay that there are no children standing in the food shelf line with their parents, in wide-eyed innocence wondering what they’ve done wrong because of the looks and the shouts they get. We are truly rotten to the core and quite frankly, just eaten up by rot when we can know that children are leaving homeless shelters to head to school. I cannot tell you how many times I have read a story of a child prodigy that is homeless or how many times, I’ve read that children are living in cars. This is disgraceful and again, shameful, that we can know this and just sit idly by and watch the numbers increase.

      I cannot begin to tell you the last time I hung up a ‘christless’ decoration or celebrated Thanksgimme! Every helliday is nothing more than a consumer event; a ‘shout out’ to people to spend, spend and spend. Hell no! I’ll not participate in that!

      Thanks again!


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