Don’t Listen….


As you place your presents underneath a dead tree,
forget about the homeless and their children who are hungry.

While you laugh and sing over brandy and champagne,
forget about the addicts that are strung out on crack cocaine.

When you visit friends and relatives to exchange your gifts,
forget about the tired workers that have worked two shifts.

Since you can’t be bothered to count one blessing,
forget about the prisoners that were tortured into confessing.

Whereas you are privileged and cocooned in your little world,
don’t listen to the prophecy that a messenger will herald.

Ignorance will no longer be bliss and neither will it shield,
all from what is coming and soon shall be revealed.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

6 thoughts on “Don’t Listen….

    1. I hear you Lou and there is not a doubt in my mind that we are on a precipice and about to plunge because what is going down is unsustainable. Our grasp on ‘reality’ is tenuous at best and even that illusion will fall away. Hang on! It’s gona to be one helluva ride!


  1. I took my que from you and I’ll be out there with the homeless and dependant this Christmas. My heart has been fucking shattered with recent events and christmas is the last got damn thing I want to hear about. I hope they cancel it from now on. So yes, I’ll be feeding and handing out and taking in people who really need somebody this year. And I swear to fucking christ if I get bothered by any greasy cop………….


    1. I hear you too HLJ! And I am right there with you; maybe not in body, but in every other aspect; heart, soul, emotionally, I am there! I know…I know how you feel. I am shattered by what our people are going through and I share your pain. That is partially where this one came from.


  2. Love this blog! Btw, I wanted to show u a clip from one of George Carlin’s HBO specials. Almost a decade after he did this routine, this still rings true!!

    Thanks for speaking your mind, and thanks for taking the time to read this! Best regards


    1. Thank YOU flyingspaghettimonster for taking the time to stop in, comment and post the video. I absolutely love anything of George Carlin as he was always ever so SPOT ON! And yes, what he is saying in that video still applies to this day and how!!! I love how he does not mince words ’cause neither do I. And with Americans, it’s got to be kept REEEAAAALLL simple or they won’t get it. ‘Cause Americans ain’t real bright. They’re out right now, buying up some useless plastic junk to hoard because every single year, Americans head out to buy the same things over and over again and then wonder why they can’t get out from underneath debt. Seriously??!!! We got some real stupid shits here and I ain’t bragging, I’m just saying!

      The only thing that keeps the American economy going and capitalism singing along is “Shop til you drop!” And we never learn. We just keep feeding the beast and the goddamn beast is never satiated, no matter how many trillions it gets fed.

      Again, I thank you for stopping in.


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