Black Lives Matter At Mall of America!!!!

Thousands protest at Mall of America, spark mall shut-down

Around 3,000 protesters filled the Mall of America rotunda on Dec. 20, chanting “Black Lives Matter,” while other protesters marched through the mall chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Police and mall security eventually filed the protesters back outside, while dozens stayed behind to continue protesting.

The protest lasted more than 30 minutes, shutting down an entire section of the mall, before Bloomington police in riot gear, Hennepin County Sheriffs and mall security ushered protesters out of the building. Protesting remained peaceful and continued outside, before being dispersed by protest organizers. Even some store employees left their stores and stood in solidarity with the protesters with their hands raised in the air.

On December 20th, thousands of protesters converged on America’s largest mall and closed off sections of the mall. Of course mall officials were pissed off because after all, the only thing that matters to ‘Corpmerica’ is shop, shop, shop. How dare they interrupt THE biggest shopping event of the year by bringing attention to the fact that every life should matter, even Black ones!

A group called, “Black Lives Matter” is apparently, refusing to give up as the protests continue over the killing of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and many other unarmed Black people that have died at the hands of murderous cops.

Mall of America officials stated that they are ‘extremely disappointed’ with the Black Lives Matter protesters because many did not disperse when ordered to do so and of course, the cops in riot gear were called in to aid in the dispersing of the protesters. In the parking lot of Mall of America, another “Black Lives Matter” protest was taking place. The protesters staged ‘die-ins’ and chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” “Black lives matter,” and “I can’t breathe,” a reference to Eric Garner’s last words before he died at the hands of a NYPD officer.

I just want to take this opportunity to say that here in Minnesota with an 85% White population and a 5% Black population, it does my heart good to see the many protests that have taken place and the fact that they were ALL well attended by Whites. People stood shoulder to shoulder with each other and shouted together. We must not lose hope because there are many, many people who care about the fact that an entire ethnic group is being denigrated because of the color of their skin and they are refusing to continue to believe in a system that is unjustly targeting Black people for extinction and they are standing up. Those that run this country, just as they run every other country that kowtows to U.S. demands, don’t want to see this coming together happen and things are going to get rough, more rough than they are now. But we’ve got the strength of numbers on our side and the fact that many of us are realizing that it’s not a Black issue, it’s not a White issue, this is a human issue and we all need to face the fact that we are in this together.

Yes, it is a shame that so many people had to die for us to get a sort of ‘awakening’ but it usually takes horrific traumatic events to get us to all come together for a common cause and to realize that “There but for the grace of God, go I!”

Together, we can change the world because we are the world. Never stop shouting. Never stop hoping. Never stop, never because we can’t ‘buy’ our way out of slavery and in a way, we are all slaves, slaves to the beast that demands we feed it with our blood, sweat and tears and that of our children and our children’s children. The only way to kill the beast is to starve it and that is why the officials at Mall of America were so disappointed in the “Black Lives Matter” protesters because they got in the way of ‘feeding’ the beast called ‘Capitalism’. They prevented some shopping.

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  1. Yes!!

    Among the young, I see a solidarity that goes beyond what happened with us in the sixties and seventies. Solidarity among the younger people, today, white and black, seems to be centered around what it should be centered around: human beings standing up for other human beings, brothers and sisters standing up for their other brothers and sisters, it’s a family thing, it’s a humanity thing!

    Maybe there is hope for all of our hands clasping each other’s, as we overthrow, once and for all time, the evil that has always kept us separated from each other!

    I’m going to hold to this hope for dear life!

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    1. Indeed Sojourner, it just may be that the youth will turn the tide. I read recently that many young adults are turning their back on the so-called ‘conventional’ lifestyle, i.e., the need for a big house, filled with expensive toys and in the garage, an assortment of expensive vehicles. Many are opting out of the system and there is a ‘barter’ movement that is gaining traction. People are fed up with the daily grind and want to see their families. They don’t want them raised by corporate American run daycare facilities. Those of us who are older could certainly take a page from their book. I know that many of us are set in our ways, but we must try to shrug off that which has been drummed into us from our parents, siblings, society, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc., and learn that life is not just a series of ‘acquired’ things, it is about living life and not being told how to live it. We must not allow what makes us human to be crushed.

      I too, am holding on, holding on for dear life and while we are holding on, we shall continue to let people know that just as we are holding on, we are also extending our hand, hoping that they will take it and in turn, turn to someone else and extend their hand towards them. Metaphorically speaking, my hand is in yours and to whomever else would like to take my other hand, I extend it to you….

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