…About A Needle’s Eye…

eye of a needle

Who cares about a needle’s eye?
Eternal wealth is what I crave.
I do not care about the poor.
Let them lie in a pauper’s grave.

As you attend your service to god,
You believe in him, you say.
But if you had my wealth,
to whom would you still pray?

Cease with the pretense,
that religion is all about love.
You know there is no heaven,
and no deity from above.

Whenever sheep awaken,
a shepherd is produced,
To keep the sheep in line.
another coma is thus induced.

An awakened world is dangerous,
so we invented a fairytale,
to keep from you the fact,
that there really is no hell.

Could you be kept in line,
if you were wide awake,
and not afraid of any god,
that religion could ever make?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Matthew 19:24- Matthew 19:29
And Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24″Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

25When the disciples heard this, they were very astonished and said, “Then who can be saved?”…

26And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

27Then Peter said to Him, “Behold, we have left everything and followed You; what then will there be for us?

28And Jesus said to them, “Truly I say to you, that you who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious throne, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.…
“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for My name’s sake, will receive many times as much, and will inherit eternal life.…

Now, ask yourself why the Wal-Mart Waltons are holding tight to their wealth. Ask yourself why politicians who avidly profess to being conservative Christians, continue to sell their ‘soul’ for money and tightly clinch to their chest, the bribes and kickbacks they get from lobbyists. Why are Bill and Linda Gates deemed such philanthropists but they are NOT so filled with love that they are concerned about ‘getting through the eye of the needle’ that Jesus Christ supposedly talked about?

Why do the rich seem to not concern themselves with a so-called ‘afterlife’? It is because they don’t BELIEVE in some unseen deity beyond the stars. They know better! But you’ve got to be kept in line, praying to god to fill your empty pantry so that you can feed your children while corporate executives swill the finest wines and eat the choicest of meats and delicacies. Why are they not concerned about getting to ‘heaven’, entering the Pearly Gates, meeting up with St. Peter, ‘getting through the eye of a needle’?

It is because this is all a lie! A big, gigantic lie to keep the sheep, docile with the hope that some deity is going to reward them for the hardships that they endure on this planet and not look at those who have hoarded all the wealth and rise up! Religion is a tool to control people and I’ve got to say, it IS working!

Wake up people! No one is going to rescue you or save you, but you! Stop allowing yourself to be controlled. The shit that the ‘poor man’s Pope adorns himself with could feed a small country in Africa, but you don’t see him refusing to wear it. If Jesus supposedly walked around, attired in a robe with a rope for a belt, is the Pope any better than ‘Jesus’? What is your bishop, reverend, pastor, rabbi driving? A horse and buggy or a Cadillac Escalade? Are they walking? Exactly!

15 thoughts on “…About A Needle’s Eye…

  1. And you notice even the disciples wanted to know what was in it for them. Natural enough, I guess. But I don’t know. If people will only be “good” out of fear, or for bribes … how good are they? Is caring about and helping each other because we want a fair and decent world to live in such a wild and crazy idea? I don’t seem to need (or want) jesus or the NSA or santa claus watching my every move, and I’ll be extremely surprised if there’s ANYTHING after I’m dead, far less some damn dull place with slippery streets and droning harp music, full of people I don’t want to spend a nanosecond with here and now. Thanks for … the last few ‘bonus track’ posts, they’re helping me through another week of family time! – Linda


    1. Linda, your comment has said it all! As you stated, even the ‘disciples’ questioned what was in it for them. They wondered why should they give up all worldly possessions and follow a man wearing a robe. What’s in it for them, they asked? That’s the way of the world. What’s in it for me? I’m not going to do a damn thing unless the end result means that there is something in it FOR ME! Will we ALL sit upon thrones? Uh..NO!

      “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. 2″In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. 3″If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.…”My children, I will be with you only a little longer. You will look for me, and just as I told the Jews, so I tell you now: Where I am going, you cannot come.”

      …and uh….why can’t we come? Why is that? Because it doesn’t exist, that’s why. If there really was a god and Jesus was his son, he could have easily taken his disciples into heaven for a trial run, but since it did not exist, he could not. It’s obvious from this verse that there was plenty of room at god’s inn. And people actually believe this mess. I can only shake my head but then people always have had a problem in believing that this is it. No wonder some ‘religions’ claim that you just keep getting reincarnated. Nevertheless, it is ALL about money, obedience and control.

      Of course, “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

      I believe in some of what I see and none of what I hear. I can’t have any ‘conviction of things not seen.” In my world, it doesn’t work that way.

      …and Linda, I am glad that I could help in some small way! Thank you for your comment. Hang in there, the hellidays are almost over.

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  2. Exactly and precisely, I couldn’t have said it better myself. ALL religion is a warring authoritarian hoax meant to divide the people, animals, and nature. And one just has to wonder, here is this 21st century, how the hell people still buy into it.

    BTW, my investigations lead me to believe another primary concern of religion, other than the obvious that you mention, is to supplant true spirituality, which it has done with remarkable precision, and of which is beyond the scope of this comment to get into.

    Thank you, Shelby.


    1. Thank you Peter! It is quite mindboggling that here we are, still believing in fairytales. We’ve taken Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and leprechauns and Cupids much, much too far. We make children believe in a man in a red suit roaming the earth behind reindeer and somehow getting his girth down a chimney to distribute toys. We’ve got children believing in a gigantic Easter Bunny that is roaming the earth distributing Easter candy. An invisible Tooth Fairy is collecting our children’s teeth and inserting money underneath their pillow for doing so. Cupid shot an arrow through my heart and now I’m in love with a little green man. I mean, seriously? We are ‘conditioned’ from childhood to believe in the ridiculous, the fantastic and the outrageous. Talk about gullible. We have a ‘guardian angel’. We have demons that are after our soul. We’ve got the sacrificial lamb and none of this is questioned, it is simply blindly followed.

      I sometimes wonder if we would so easily take up the bad habit of believing in fairytale gods and reincarnation and fancy dwellings beyond the stars if we were not subjected to this foolishness at such a young age. I believe that that is why it is so easy for us to follow ‘religions’ once we’ve believed in Santa Clause, et. al., for so many years. We are, as I’ve stated, ‘conditioned’ to believe in what cannot be proven because we have not seen it, but we are told that it is there and that if we are ‘good’, we will get a treat, but if we are not, Santa will bring us coal and ashes. The Easter Bunny will not deliver chocolate eggs, Cupid’s arrow will never find our heart and we will never know love. We must obediently listen to the sermons of our pastors and reverends and other clergy for if we do not, we will go to hell, but if we are good, why heaven awaits. Now, pay your tithes, get on your knees and believe for if you do not, you will be cast out. There will be no more group hugs for you! No more will you be’ a welcome part of our community’.

      Fuck that shit! I’d rather be a lone wolf than be accepted into those cults of madness and depravity. I wrote a poem called, ‘We Are The Terrorists’ and a stanza of that poem fits here:

      ‘The innocent are the guilty, you’re so easy to deceive.
      The truth is hard to take and so you won’t believe.”

      In this instance, those who know better are guilty as judged by the so-called ‘religious’ for if you don’t believe, you have been deceived by the ‘devil’ because you are evil. And the flock don’t want the truth; that they’re being lied to and so they refuse to believe that ‘god’ is just another lie, a hoax!

      Again, I thank you for your comment Peter! Good to see you!

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  3. Ahhh, Shelby…I have SO missed your blog and your stellar, slam-o-gram posts! This one…yes. I wish you had been here a few weeks ago on the day an entire congregation of Uber-Evangelical Believers invited themselves to my house for an afternoon – without my consent or knowledge. I could’ve used some seriously heavy weight back-up from a sensible, rational – but spunky! – person like yourself! I tried to be open and accepting and I even went out of my way to show them that I could relate to their beliefs by donning my bestest black T-shirt with skeletons having sex that says, “Love never dies”…I mean, that’s what they believe, right? I don’t know what went wrong but I don’t think they approved of my interpretation of their message. :-/

    It’s all a fucking control game – religion. It boggles my mind that so many people just open up and swallow it all so easily. I would prefer to live and let live…leave them be if they’ll leave me be but there’s too much at stake with the condition/future of the planet to just let them keep steaming rolling the world and forcing us ALL into their sicko destructive games. People like Mama Theresa…the Saint that relished the suffering of other people (it strengthens the soul if the body starves to death, eh?) while she sat on millions of dollars. The list of self-righteous, control/power hungry religious leaders is probably as long as human history itself…How is it possible that humankind has learned so little about their nature and motives..? Ugh.

    And at what point do we stop being politically-correctly-polite about the fact that they are willing to try to achieve their ultimate goal of gaining Power Over ALL – even if it means the (long, slow, torturous) destruction of the entire planet & every living thing on it..?

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    1. Damn! Damn! Damn! I am always a ‘day late and a dollar short’ as the saying goes. You know, it is a pretty good thing for me that I never lived in a village called, Salem, if you know what I mean. I would have been set on fire so many times and what was left, drowned, it ain’t even funny; godless, soulless devil’s child that I am! LMAO!

      I would have sent those cult members that stopped at your door, away with a flea in their ear, all good and proper like. You’d a never had to worry about them ‘darkening’ your doorstep again. LOL! I am SO bad, hell bound vixen that I am!

      But seriously, I honestly do think that many people NEED to believe in a fairytale regardless of how fantastically outrageous it sounds. For them, it beats the alternative of living what is seemingly, a wasted life. Because so many people just get up and mindlessly follow a rigid schedule that has been put in place for them. They don’t have to think about anything. They just do whatever they’re told to do. They don’t question or wonder. They just blindly follow and these are the people that despite all evidence to the contrary, will shout you down that there is indeed an omnipotent deity that is just so upset with mankind that he just hasn’t stepped in and stopped all the killings, tortures, diseases, hunger, poverty, strife, suffering, homelessness and the like. It is the fault of the downtrodden because they are just not praying enough, they are not ‘christian’ enough. They are wicked and the wicked shall perish from the earth and not get saved. That is how it is all explained away when people wonder why a child is dying of cancer. The child’s parents are either heathens, wicked, immoral or just plain not good enough and too broke to get divine intervention from the supreme omnipotent deity that loves ALL ‘HIS’ children. Seriously???!!!

      If I created all of this, the earth, the solar system, all of it. I believe I would have stepped in by now and at least stopped that Fukushima mess. Regardless of what can be said of mankind, the mammals in the oceans are not inherently evil, nor do they deserve the hell of radiation. But, we wait. We wait for divine intervention from ‘god’ who is all seeing, all knowing and all capable. Yep! We’re good ’til we’re NOT! So, let’s pray on it, shall we?

      Thanks Misbehaved. I appreciate your comment.


      1. After reading the thread that has continued and seeing your comment about being drug to church and Sunday school and all that jazz, I relate even more to where you are coming from. Did you know that you are speaking to a scholarly “Shoulda Been Rabbi” here? I was schooled, chapter and verse for years. My dad was a convert and there is no believer like a newbie – he was a Jewish zealot and hell bent that I fall into line with him. So far as I know, I am the only fucking person on the planet to have actually been grounded for breaking the laws of kashrut and eating bread during passover when I was 12 and again for drinking beer during the same holiday when I was 17. Dad and the Rabbi decided I would enter rabbinical school the day I graduated high school so I did the only rational thing an irrational teenager could think of – dropped out of school and got tattooed lol. Rabbi me NOW, fuckers! Bwahahahahaha! Or, not.

        I heard a whole lot of the ‘not praying enough’ bullshit as my mom was dying. That and all the sobbing about why god would let such a good person as her die so young and in such agony made me want to puke. Apparently the bad medical treatment and substandard doctors she had were simply part of god’s great plan for her life. Mmmkay. ~Or~…Maybe we live in a borderline 3rd world area where the Catholic church runs the show and education isn’t as a big of a priority as spending our tax $$$ sending our guv’ner to meet the Pope so our half-assed schooled doctors SUCK???

        And I’m with you, sister – It’s one thing if some asshole SkyDaddy wants to beat up on those of us with a rational consciousness..but to fuck with so many animals of the land or sea either one? Hrm…Now we’re back around to me wondering why the hell I’d ever consider bowing a knee to an entity that would leave innocence to rot in a simmering stew of toxicity and muck? No. Just…No.


  4. “Religion is a tool to control people and I’ve got to say, it IS working!”

    “When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition is not the way.”
    S. Wonder: “Superstition”

    The verse you quoted and what you have shared here, is exactly why I, and many others I know, walked away from Christianity and all other religions of man fifteen years ago. I would venture to say that 90% of Christians asleep in the pews, as well as their Jewish cousins, have never cracked “the holy book” outside of “temple.”

    It’s all elite pig (Zionist/Vatican) inspired bullshit, and always has been!

    Great post, Shelby! Keep writing the TRUTH!


    1. Sojourner, I was dragged to church at an early age. I was forced to sit through sermon after sermon. I had to watch a film about fire and maggots and was told that that is what would happen to me if I did not receive the lord Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. And all of this was going down while I was observing people who could not pay their tithes getting escorted out of the church. My mother literally forced that shit down our throats. I had to become a Sunday school teacher and the treasurer of the Sunday school department. My middle sister was the secretary and my baby sister was an assistant Sunday school teacher and they both sang in the choir. The only thing that saved me from singing is because I sounded like wolves howling.

      As soon as I reached driving age, I drove as usual on the route to church and we turned off and went over a friend’s house and drove back promptly when we knew we were expected home. It was a great day when I was finally able to tell my mother that I never intended to step foot back inside a palace of false, fake ass bullshit. My mother shouted the roof down after I told my sisters that there was indeed, no Santa Claus. Of course I was told that I was not going to get any ‘Santa’ that year. I told her, “well, I guess, you’ll just have to take all the gifts back and that ain’t gonna look so good, now is it?” I got my ‘Santa’! As you can see, I was having none of it. I’ve always been a rebel and so I shall continue! Tell me something that I find believable, otherwise, get that shit out of my face. Because I question shit, I don’t just simply blindly follow the ‘leader’ right over a goddamn cliff. It’s ALL bullshit, just like you said.

      Thanks for your comment Sojourner!

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  5. Well after reading all of this, it just show you that becoming GOD, as Tubularsock has done is the best of all possible worlds. When you’re GOD you don’t have to take shit from nobody!

    There are openings in TROT (The Religion Of Tubularsock) and your only test is running ON water.

    Or like any decent religion does if you can’t run on water you can join for a daily tithing of 75% of your cash (small unmarked bills, please).

    Now sure, you can believe is lessor gods but Tubularsock provides a brand new toaster and a 50″
    HDTV for every conversion ………. the road to hell is paved with good intentions but the road to Tubularsock is paved is your cash ……… amen.


    1. LMAO!!! Tube, stop trying to find some flock to fleece all up in here! This here is a ‘bullshit free’ zone. We’s edumacated in here, can’t ya tell? Although, I am quite sure that you will get some converts since we all know that some people will believe IN anything and believe anything, just for the sake of having something to believe in.

      Now, we’ve got to discuss my cut of your ‘earnings’ after you’ve fleeced the sheeple. And stop throwing in the HDTV, just give ’em the toaster. Or did you buy too many HDTVs over the Thanksgimme and Christless holiday season and you’re trying to get rid of some? I may have to call Cousin Vinnie, you remember him, he’s on the Southside of Chicago, if my cut of your take ain’t looking right! Don’t forget, I used to be the ‘good’ Reverend ‘Give Me ALL You Got’ Courtland and I ain’t lost none of my greedy ass ways. ‘Heaven’ forbid!!

      Amen! Hallelujah and pass the collection plate. We accept ALL major credit cards and of course, it goes without saying, cash donations! ROTFLMAO!!

      Thanks for the laughs Tube! That was great!


  6. Very nice poem! Alas as you well know, the sheeple need their assurances, reserve their spot in “heaven” they become the sacrificial lamb. Religion = another system of control, and has little to do with “spiritual” awakening. On the contrary, everyone i know falls asleep in church… good resting place!


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