Don’t Call Obama A Monkey!

obama and kim jong un

To North Korea, he’s a monkey.
It’s the worst they could have said.
He can order endless drones,
and strike freedom and justice, dead.

Can I call him a torturer,
since you know that shit ain’t right?
And can I say that he’s a liar,
or is that another slight?

He’s a drone ordering bastard,
and he makes Dick Cheney proud.
He never closed Guantanamo.
We’re still underneath that cloud.

Chelsea Manning rots in prison,
on some bullshit charge, you know.
But don’t call Obama a monkey,
Why that shit is just too low!

Never let it be said,
that I uphold a bully
But hands down on this,
I back North Korea, fully!

I’ll call him what he is,
he’s a puppet for the rich.
I’m not politically correct.
I call him, Massa’s punk ass bitch!

Now, go the fuck off over that!
Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

All across the blog world, I see nothing but, “North Korea Called Obama, A Wicked Black Monkey!” “This is horrifying, so damn horrifying! Stop the goddamn presses! Oh how fucking shocked I am! Ain’t that just shocking!”

Seriously? The U.S. is most likely responsible for the shutdown of North Korea’s internet service. The U.S. just released a movie via Sony Pictures about the assassination of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un and because a statement, supposedly from an ‘unidentified’ person (probably Donald ‘show me your birth certificate’ Trump or from Arizona Sheriff Joe ‘stop immigration’ Arpaio) that reads: “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” everybody’s gone insane over this stupid shit!

The Obama Administration continued the Bush era bank bailouts, AND the torturing of innocent people, the world over, is ongoing. The Obama Administration initiated a coup in Ukraine, murdered Muammar Gaddafi, is aiding and abetting Israel’s slaughter of innocent Palestinians, is most likely responsible for the missing MH370 flight and is culpable in the downing of Malaysia flight 17. The Obama Administration is responsible for escalating the production of poppy in Afghanistan that is destined for the mean streets of every shitty city in America, has aided and abetted in gutting the safety net for millions, has aided and abetted in the increase of child poverty and homelessness all across America, increased the incarceration rate of Black men on bullshit drug charges, put into play a militarized police state complete with armored vehicles from Iraq and Afghanistan, drone strikes multiple nations’ people on a whim, killing thousands of innocent people, has not closed Guantanamo and we want to get all hyped up over “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,”?????!!!! Are you fucking kidding me!!

Thanks to the Obama Administration and ITS shit-stirring, we just may be headed for war with Russia, China and North Korea which would mean our total and complete annihilation and a bunch of nutcases are screaming over a ‘monkey’ comment as if that is the absolute worse thing that many ‘AMERIKKKANS’ have EVER said about Obama!! HELLO! Get fucking real! You ain’t outraged!! You’ve fucking said worse, so cut the bullshit!!

I fucking swear, Americans continue to take STUPID to a whole new level!!!

17 thoughts on “Don’t Call Obama A Monkey!

    1. Yeah, that would about cover it Skulz! It is absolutely amazing, although it shouldn’t be, what we lash onto and get to jumping up and down in ‘righteous indignation’ over. First the hype about a piece of shit movie, ‘The Interview’ and now this, when serious shit is hitting the fan all over the goddamn world. AmeriKKKans are just about the dumbest ass asses that ever crawled across this here shithole and what’s more, they proudly display their outrageous stupidity for ALL the world to see.

      Thank you for your comment Skulz!


  1. Well for fuck sake Shelby ……… you are once again right on the mark. How can you be so PERFECT? The only answer Tubularsock can come up with is that it is because you are a friend of Tubularsock.

    That is so well done ………. it is like the NK/AmeriKKKan circle jerk. What a pile of shit.

    Tubularsock just got back to the Bunker (12:04 am) and needs to go to bed but ………. you made my day which is really my night which is really my early morning. Whatever, nice going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tube, I take my cue from you! Your blog inspires me many times over and you are such a great wit, I can’t even keep up with YOU!

      …and the kudos that you give me for what I write, just takes me over the moon because I know that you are the BEST at everything! I am being serious here, you and Linda, both mean so much to me. I realize that I have never met either of you, but your personalities shine through your writing and you guys are THE ABSOLUTE BEST! There are none better! You two have made me laugh SO hard, I have literally fallen on the floor, doubled over with laughter at your blogs and your comments.

      It’s my bedtime now too! So, hopefully, see ya on the flip side of this morning which in my case, will most likely be late afternoon. Gotta get my beauty sleep and to get that, I need a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ sleep!

      Later Tube!


  2. ” your multiple personalities(LOL) shine through your writing…”

    Shelby, I’m guessing you meant that in a good way? I mean, it’s okay for Tubularsock, it’s kind of what he does — in his own spectacular, pantheistic/godlike way, of course! — but … I could just be psychotic or something. Hope not, but there was the whole imaginary twin/Bessie thing when I was a kid, so who knows. Oh well, too late to worry about it now. I’ll be only too happy if my feeble efforts give you the occasional chuckle, especially since I find your work so inspiring. And my alternate personalities like you too — a rarity that. Keep the truth coming, “we” can take it! – Linda


    1. Linda, I am so sorry if I offended you. It was not my intent. It’s just that we’ve played so many roles here that have been so hilarious. That is what I meant by the multiple thing. But I have since deleted that.

      Of course Tube has worn so many hats, I’ve lost count of them. But I want to say that it is not just your incredible propensity for humor that I love, it is also the fact of how intelligent and compassionate you are. And Linda, please know that your contributions are ALWAYS appreciated by me! Always!

      Take care,


      1. Shelby, I deeply appreciate your kind words. But PLEASE — never delete a comma on my account! I CAN be offended, sure, and I often am —

        * By self-serving lies and hypocrisy

        * By cruelty and violence.

        * By gluttonous greed and selfishness.

        * By indifference and mindless hatred.

        But — so far! — you have never offended me, and I was just kidding in the earlier comment. I may not always entirely agree with you, (though I nearly always do), but I always admire your writing, your spirit and your compassion. Don’t let anyone stop you, me least of all. Give us all hell when we need it! – Linda


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