Oh Bloom Of Youth….!


Oh bloom of youth, where are you,
when in a mirror, I do see,
stooped shoulders and a wrinkled face?
Is that image really me?

It was not so long ago,
when my body was young and strong,
and now, I walk so slowly,
one leg, I drag along.

The pains, they lay me low.
And this old heart of mine is weak.
It was only yesterday,
when we danced, cheek to cheek.

Though my body creaks and groans,
and tells me to slow down,
Mabel, come with me,
let’s take a drive around the town.

Sit close to me, my darling,
just as you’ve done through all these years.
And when I turn and look at you,
you’re lost in a haze of tears.

You’ve changed so much my love.
I know every line and wrinkle.
They adorn your beautiful face,
but you’re still my little Twinkle.

We’ve been together for fifty years,
and not many will be that lucky.
The young stare at us with pity,
not knowing that youth ends so abruptly.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

This one is for all of the ageless wonders out there, who stuck in there with each other, through thick and through thin. You didn’t head over to divorce court which basically means, “trade her/him in for something else.” Of course, I do realize that there are other reasons why the divorce statistics are so staggering, but this society that we emulate hasn’t helped. “Throw out the old and in comes the new!,” is today’s mantra.

Well here’s to the ones that bucked the trend. I ain’t among you, more’s the pity. But nevertheless, keep the flames of passion and love burning bright and hold on tight to one another!

9 thoughts on “Oh Bloom Of Youth….!

  1. 43 years, and counting–from 17 to 60. Ain’t all been peachy though; mostly, but not all. Thought to strangle her a couple times, 🙂 though I ain’t never laid an angry hand on her. You might say, she’s the wind beneath my wings. If I had wings that is.


    1. Wow Peter, I am in awe! 43 years, that is something and of course there’s going to be bumps in the road of marriage, but your love for her and hers for you gave you the will and the want to get through those trying times and so it is, “43 years and counting”…and may you count many, many more with she who gives you wings.

      Thank you for your comment Peter. …and you don’t look a day over 17!


      1. 17 might be a stretch, but I thank you and let me say, it must be the heart of a child, the diet of a vegan, and the love of a good woman that keeps me young and strong. Yes that, and the wisdom and courage of the good company I choose to associate. 😉


  2. Just wonderful! Beautiful!

    You are so right! Many of us have become so self-oriented and contained that we have lost sight of the importance of staying connected with each other, no matter what. We have been so conditioned to always take the path of least resistance, to take the easy way out, that the minute anything gets difficult we immediately run away. And, sadly to say, I am as guilty of this as anyone!

    You are very gifted and wise, Shelby! We all need to experience what is on your mind and heart!


    1. Why thank you for that mind blowing comment Sojourner! It made my day and tomorrow, the champagne will make my night. A win/win! I am SO bad!

      But seriously, we have lost sight of a lot while chasing something that is fleeting. We need to come to terms with aging and all that is associated with it. We are so quick to give up and move on, even when it comes to people. Of course, those who have read the things I’ve written about moving on probably figure that I’m one to talk, so to speak. But, some things are just not to be, even I’m aware of that and that is why I excluded myself from this lovefest.

      However, I think it grand that many people are able to continue to love each other enough to grow old together and not just continuously toss out someone for a newer, younger, less worn looking model. We all wear out, eventually and no amount of plastic surgery can erase the actual fact of our age.

      It’s like if I saw someone and when we eventually got around to a little hanky-panky, why if he removed his teeth, his toupee, his corset and the padded bulge in his pants, I wouldn’t even recognize him. We need to get up off that and accept each other for what’s inside. The outside is shallow and fleeting, but inside is deep and lasting. If they’re lovely to look at, but rotten inside, that’s a tosser.

      …and again, I thank you for that lovely comment Sojourner! I sincerely appreciate it!


      1. “We need to get up off that and accept each other for what’s inside. The outside is shallow and fleeting, but inside is deep and lasting. If they’re lovely to look at, but rotten inside, that’s a tosser.”



  3. I love this piece Shelby and I agree with you completely. My wife and I have been together for a very long time now and surprisingly we still love each other. Isn’t that how it is supposed to be? 🙂


    1. Thank you Dom!! And you two would be among those who bucked the trend, I am glad to say. May you continue on as you’ve been and may the New Year treat you both, extremely well!! …and you are right, that is “exactly how it is supposed to be!”

      Take care,


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