The New Year Will Bring A New War!

never ending war

The New Year will bring a new war,
because there is no other way,
for man to settle his differences,
and so it continues to this day.

When have we ever been at peace?
Can someone give me a date and time?
I’m not looking for a miracle,
just an ever hopeful sign.

If I don’t give you what you want,
then you exert your will,
over me and what is mine.
And for this, you choose to kill.

Those armed goons you send,
I counter with my own.
As we fight to the very end,
the results are already known.

There are solders standing waiting,
they stand waiting to answer the call.
And we make sure they know their duty
is to fight wars that will never stall.

I hear the echo of the flintlocks,
and I see the flash of bayonets.
Now it’s missiles, grenades and drones,
fired by young West Point cadets.

The scenery never changes.
It’s the same old battlefield.
There is smoke and there is carnage,
and soldiers dying from wounds not healed.

So look forward to this New Year,
as we continue the trends of the old.
We don’t want to live in peace.
Peace lies dead in a grave so cold.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Not to end 2014 on such a sour note, but I am a realist and I do not believe that somehow, an epiphany will hit our ‘world leaders’ and that they will come to an understanding that we all share this planet. They seem recklessly and seemingly hell bent on sending us headlong into another world war and if that happens, I really don’t see how any of us will make it through, completely unscathed, if at all.

Peace? We don’t even have a ‘piece’ of it.

11 thoughts on “The New Year Will Bring A New War!

  1. It’s not a question of if the U.S. will go to war with more countries in the new year but simply a question of when. There are too much profits to be had by the privatized, homeland security industry both here and abroad to stop now. The tech security industry is yet another new frontier in the globalization wars. Whether we realize it or not, we all have paid a price for these unending wars. Some just realize it sooner than others.

    Thank you for all that you do wake us up and stir our consciences. Best to you in the new year, Shelby.


    1. You know Jeff, I wonder what will happen when there is nothing left for the warmongers to take. When everything has been used up, depleted, emptied, dried up, burned down, trampled and over and out, what then? I just don’t get why those bastards that keep wars going are never satisfied with having trillions and owning everything that’s not nailed down and everything that is nailed down. I guess I’m just blowing off steam here, but it just makes no damn sense to me that the warmongers continue to lie, get away with it and lock up those who expose their lies and it continues. And even though we far outnumber them, we placidly accept and go along with knowing that people are still being tortured, will continue to be tortured and that’s that. Sigh!!

      Thank you for your comment Jeff and I certainly hope that 2015 will be kind to you and your family and friends. Take care!


      1. Warmongers are power trippers. Their hunger is a black hole, the desire for power consumes them, so they know no peace. Like a cancer, they’ll die along with the host, because they have no conscience to stop. Just a few rogue cancerous cells spoil it for everyone…


  2. It seems that this is the consensus among many of us who write. An old friend and I were just talking about this issue last night.

    I no longer can pay any attention to the holidays, including tonight and tomorrow. There is too much wrong in this world to pretend like there can be anything like a HAPPY NEW YEAR coming anytime soon.

    As with you, how I wish things were drastically different. But for now, they are not. And if all of this is ever going to change for the good of all, then we must all become realists first!

    Spot on again, Shelby!


    1. Sojourner, I don’t pay any attention to the holidays. The only thing New Year’s eve does for me is give me an excuse to pop the cork early and continue popping it until I’m just too giddy and giggly to care about what the hell is going down, even if it just for one night. And then it’s “hair of the dog” on New Year’s Day.

      There will never be a Happy New Year. Hell! The last year was fucked up and the previous year was fucked up and the years only bring more and worse fucked up shit. There is not a goddamn thing to celebrate unless people are just so damn glad to be above ground as opposed to below ground. I guess that’s worth celebrating depending on who you ask, in some cases, no doubt.

      But I do sincerely thank you for the ‘thumbs up’ on this one! Much appreciated!


      1. Seems like we have a similar view of life. Only I have it easy in comparison!

        And I can’t even enjoy drinking anymore, because of this shit body of mine! Now ain’t that a bitch!!

        I told my buddy last night, if they start the nuclear shit, I’m going to find a ground zero and yell, “Calgon take me away.” And if there’s an SS type or a politician near by, I’m gonna make sure my foot is in smashin’ his gonads as I’m vaporized.

        Since I can’t, have one for me, Shelby!


  3. Never fear Sojourner! I shall drink a toast to your health, my health, Tube’s health, Linda’s health, Skulz’s health, Dr. Bramhall’s health, HLJ’s health, Dom’s health, The Lamp’s health, 1EarthUnited’s health, Jeff’s health, Tales from the Lou’s health, Prince’s health and if I left anyone out. I’ll drink to your health too! We should ALL be healthy in 2015 with that much drinking to our health!!

    Cheers and down the hatch(in just about 4 hours from now. Count down has begun!!

    …and here’s to smashing the warmongers gonads!!!! Hear! Hear! LMAO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excuse Tubularsock but he is sending over five more cases of Champaign so you can complete your toasts for so many. And now you are drinking for sojourner as well. Shelby you are so dedicated to the cause.

      Now don’t even think that the psychopaths will fuck with WWIII ……… they make way too much money in their ability to scare the populations of the world to screw up a never ending cash cow like that!

      So, we’re saved ……. amen.

      And have a happy new year and fear not, it will get worse but it will be in a new year so it will make 2014 look better. The entire year can be written off by WalMart and their saving can be deposited off shore and that gives Tubularsock the chance to buy cheap Champaign for friends as well as that little label maker (made in China) that prints new labels so Tubularsock can paste his new expensive labels over the cheap Champaign labels. That way Tubularsock looks cool to his friends.

      Oh, Shelby, ahhhh don’t read that last paragraph.

      And Tubularsock almost forgot ….. great poem!

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      1. Tube, you always know how to cheer me up! You are SO right! They wouldn’t dare bomb the world until ALL is a vaporized cloud because what then? Unless they’ve managed to build a spaceship and loaded it with all the shit that didn’t get vaporized and found some distant planet to make off to, then their ass will get just as toasted as mine.

        What we’ve got to try and figure out is how to get the cannon fodder to realize that they are aiding and abetting in the killing of innocent people for some rich shit that wouldn’t spit on ’em if they was on fire to help put it out. Not only that, but we’ve got to get the sheeple to wake the hell up and stop buying, buying and buying. What the fuck is left to be bought any goddamn way?

        Oops! I’m telling on myself here. What would I do if I couldn’t buy the bubbly?! Uh, never mind folks, carry on, but only ‘buy’ when absolutely necessary and the bubbly is to calm my nervous habit of going the fuck off over senseless wars. It’s medicinal, that’s why I am going to go the extra distance and drink to everyone’s health!

        *There! I slithered my way outta that trap, I laid!* LMAO!!!

        Thanks Tube! You’re the best!

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