Mass. woman arrested for smearing bacon on police station

This is so damn funny, I had to reblog it. I am still laughing.

A lady in Massachusetts was arrested because she walked into a police station carrying a Dunkin’ Donuts box filled with raw bacon and sausage and then proceeded to smear the meat on the police station’s window. When asked why she did it, Ms. McNamara replied, “GOD TOLD ME TO FEED THE PIGS!”
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I am literally rolling on the damn floor, red in the face with tears streaming. It is my opinion that she was arrested on the basis that the police were thinking, “Thar’s donuts in that dar box!” Nothing doing! ROTFLMAO!!!!

I swear! Because of this, I now believe in GOD!!!!

Happy New Year!
Now, y’all feed the ‘pigs’ ya hear!!! LMAO!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Mass. woman arrested for smearing bacon on police station

    1. She’s got guts and THEN some! I don’t think she should have been arrested. I would have just asked her politely to clean the window and be on her way. But you know those ‘cops’ were pissed off that she wasn’t bringing them ‘FREE’ donuts. I mean, they were seriously pissed off and all after laying eyes on that box from Dunkin’ Donuts of all places AND the bacon and sausages was uncooked too. That was just too much for them to take! ROTFLMAO!!!! Hilarious! Just hilarious!

      Thanks The Lamp!

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      1. I think we are all reaching that end point and she just acted out how the rest of us are feeling.

        No, she should not have been arrested. She probably should have been sent to the hospital to be evaluated. But, then again, in this country mentally ill = criminal unless you have lots of money.

        Have a wonderful New Year ❤


    1. Indeed, Skulz, that’s to be considered. But thankfully, she lives to see another day and who knows, God probably still wants those pigs that she was trying to feed, fed! LMAO!! I literally cannot stop laughing!! I wish I could shake her hand, I really do!!!

      Thanks for your comment man!


    1. Tube, I’ve been laughing since this morning and I’ve gone out and been stared at because I just kept bursting out with laughter.

      Some people think that this woman was mentally ill, I say no because she knew exactly where she’d find the pigs and she took a donut box with her knowing that that would get her carte blanche access to the police station. So, yes indeed, she WAS attempting to feed the pigs, just like God told her to!! I gotta love this woman!


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