Your Subliminal Message, I Repel!


A blank page is like a challenge,
it screams at me to speak,
And to look inside myself,
to find what makes me so unique.

I am a wonder and an enigma,
and not just muscle, tissue and bone.
There are depths that beg exploring,
to take a journey into the unknown.

The time for introspection,
is when I just can’t figure out,
what makes me who I am,
and what I think I know, I doubt.

Is there some fundamental flaw,
or a lack of fortitude,
that keeps me vacillating,
about what I do and what I should?

To all the questions in my mind,
am I looking for success,
as defined by a society,
with a perfectionist complex?

Your lies should not define me,
nor should you control my thoughts.
You keep me guessing and obsessing,
over my weight, my looks and my warts.

The outside has no substance.
It’s just an ever changing shell.
And when next I see my image,
your subliminal message, I repel.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

This one is about the need to stop identifying with a society obsessed with perfection as defined by said society via Hollywood movies, magazines and models. Real beauty is what is in your heart. The beauty of your heart should be more desirable than some image that has been displayed and upheld as, perfection. This is why we have lost sight of what is truly important. If we look inside ourselves and find that there are things that we can change about why we hate certain people or why we are cold and callous, then that is a good start. Beauty begins from within and if your heart is beautiful because you are caring, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, loving, kind and concerned about others, step in front of a mirror and that inner beauty is what you shall behold.

15 thoughts on “Your Subliminal Message, I Repel!

  1. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates was not speaking of the exterior, or the shallow egocentric nature, he was speaking of what you have written here!

    Physical health and beauty is fleeting, as is fame and fortune. What is eternal, or what is of substance in us, is what lies in our psyche and heart: the cognitive and affective/spiritual domains of who we truly are.

    One can cover up flaws of the outer shell, to some extent, but the darkened and lifeless eye, mind and heart can never be truly covered up.

    What you have written here, and other places as well, is wisdom, and we live in an age where true wisdom has become almost extinct.

    Thanks, Shelby!

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    1. Sojourner, again I say, “No wonder I have a big head!” I must say that what I write comes from the heart and it just pains me to see so many people get caught up in what is supposedly the ‘current rage’ in looks, or what we wear, or how we style our hair and instead of focusing on the ‘inside’, people are just so focused on like I stated, “an ever changing shell.” What we look like shouldn’t really matter. What we DO is what counts because what we DO is a reflection of what’s in our hearts.

      Thank you for getting it! And thank you so much for the lovely and thoughtful comment. I truly appreciate it!


    1. First Rekha, I want to thank you for stopping in and for commenting! You are so right, not enough of us realize that old saying, “It is not the outside that counts, it is what’s inside!”

      I am always reminded too of another saying about an apple being beautiful and without blemish on the outside and when cut into or bitten, the inside can be rotten through to the core.

      Thank you again, most sincerely!

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  2. Shelby, Thank you for a wonderful antidote to the barrage of post-holiday weight-loss propaganda they crank out every year — making us feel insecure and worthless … unless we buy this or that magic diet formula. Or wrinkle cream. Or hair color. Or dating service. Or whatever shit they think of next.

    If we are only how we look and what we have, that ain’t much, for most of us. You wouldn’t think that would be so damn hard to understand. Cultural conditioning is strong though, and we’ve been pushed to want and expect quick, easy solutions to our ‘problems’, so the hard work of trying to be a decent, caring person is something we are often too lazy and impatient for. But here I am preaching again — sorry! — when I obviously need to get back to more of that ‘hard work’ myself. In fact, I may have to put in for overtime. – Linda


    1. Tubularsock got his wrinkle cream mix up with his diet formula and then slipped and fell into his hair color! And it’s only the 3rd day of the year ……… but don’t be concerned. Tubularsock looks like a blonde-wrinkled-prune but he may be trending for BEST looking prune at the grape festival this year.

      Tubularsock loves commercialism because he gets to buy shit he doesn’t want and blame “them” for making him do it!

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      1. As usual Tube, you’re a mess! And Tube, I am blaming YOU because you should know better! You know you never eat bullshit cereal for breakfast and you damn sure as hell don’t snack on bullshit throughout the day. There has never been one with a better head above his shoulders than you, topped off in blonde or fuchsia, I told you not to buy all those huge, gigantic HDTVs for Thanksgimme and remember, you already had several “new 900″ HDTVs with WONDER-VISION” AND that “new Apple iPhone with tunnel-vision.”

        On second thought with all of that going on, you’re hypnotized! I’m sending in ‘help’ to the bunker. They should get there in about a week since they’re traveling via gypsy caravan. Let me know when a brightly colored covered wagon pulls up outside your door, that’ll be them! LOL!!

        Thanks Tube! What a mix up!! LMAO!!


    2. Linda, you are priceless! You are truly unique and in a most wonderful way!

      As you know, I don’t own a TV, but even the internet is plastered with weight loss ads and eHarmony this and “wanna look great for your next date, try out our slim shake!” And hardly anybody sticks to it as evidenced below:

      “It probably starts about the last week of December. Everyone’s motivated and excited about the idea of getting into better shape.”

      So much so that last January, Snap Fitness added 100,000 members to its nationwide membership roster—nearly double how many they would add in August.

      By August, at fitness centers throughout the country, the new gym members are nowhere to be seen.

      They use the same formula every year, “rinse repeat.” In my opinion, it is all so damn sickeningly tiresome and it gets old quick with its predictability, but I guess if they get 100,000 members to pay that joiners fee, well, if they don’t show up at least they’ve got that much out of them. And you are right, ‘cultural conditioning’ is strong, in fact, it’s ingrained so deep in many of us, we don’t even know we’re being ‘conditioned’. We’re told when to lose weight, how to date, what to eat, how to dress, but no one is saying, “it’s all so pointless” because when all is said and done, if a person is flat out rotten, it doesn’t matter what they look like, they’re still rotten. Of course there’ll be no ‘conditioning’ on how to be a decent human being, I guess we’re supposed to know that already. Unfortunately, when I look around, many just can’t seem to grasp that. I see quite the opposite, more’s the pity.

      But Linda, thank you for taking the time to comment. I hope that the holidays treated you well. At least I know you survived them and that in of itself is a plus!

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  3. Jean Kilbourne has done a series of excellent documentaries regarding the advertising industry’s constant bombardment of the public with messages about how a woman is judged by how she looks, how only flawlessness is acceptable, how it requires constant hard work and how any woman who falls short of the ideal should be guilty and ashamed. This is responsible for an epidemic of eating disorders (20% of women) and an increase in violence towards women – studies show it influences the way men think about them.

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    1. …and Dr. Bramhall, this is why from time to time, I post poems of this nature. I realize that I’ve covered this topic before. But it always bears repeating because it is most important. When I think of the self-image problems that many young girls are dealing with, it breaks my heart. It wasn’t as bad when I was growing up. It existed but not to this level and it is so “in our face!” We can’t pick up a magazine without viewing some airbrushed, paper thin model. We can’t turn on the TV without viewing what is perceived as being the perfect weight, hairstyle, lips, figure, and it is ALL aimed at women, for the most part.

      When I’m over my cousin’s house(and he has TV that he never turns off)I believe I’ve seen two advertisements aimed at men with regards to looks and both were about hair. One was about hair coloring over the grey and the other one was how to get ‘fuller, more lustrous hair’ by joining a ‘Hair Club For Men’. Other than that, it was mass advertising aimed at women and these young girls are starving themselves to death, literally. They are glued to the scales and after they’re truly sick, mentally from fretting over weight and everything else, what they see in the mirror and on the scale is no longer reality to them. It is just so sad what this mess is doing to people and how many lives that are being torn apart.

      I wish I could do more to bring awareness of this massive problem. I can but try!

      And thank you so much Dr. Bramhall for stopping in and adding your comment! I I mean that!


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