So, You Are Charlie Hebdo?

I am not charlie

So, you are Charlie Hebdo?
No, you are just a tool.
You have no idea what’s going on,
and you obligingly play the fool.

Please, hashtag all day long.
It’s expected that you will.
They’re laughing at the ease,
in which you swallowed this whole drill.

They staged yet another event,
just to see how far it goes.
The devil’s in the details.
Another fake ID exposed.

I’m going to kill some folks today.
And I will carry my ID.
If I accidentally drop it,
will they give it back to me?

Oh no, my IDs gone!
It’s not anywhere I look.
The cops are on my tail.
I am such a stupid crook!

I shot the cop right in his head,
and he gave to me a nod.
I knew I hit the pavement,
it’s part of the façade.

Show your love for Charlie Hebdo,
while you forget about Iraq.
And don’t ever think about Syria,
just love the ones they back.

Pakistan can go to hell!
Their people don’t mean shit!
Those in Gaza are hanging on,
and for our love, they are unfit!

Those who pick and choose for us,
who we love and who we hate,
are the elitists with a plan,
and now the world is one failed state.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Twitter users have posted the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag, a sign of solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, more than 5 million times, Twitter France said Friday.

I am NOT Charlie! I am Syria! I am Iraq! I am Gaza! I am Yemen! I am Pakistan! I am Venezuela! I am Guatemala! I am Yugoslavia! I am Ukraine! I am South Sudan! I am Niger! I am Ethiopia! But I am NOT Charlie!

The cartoons that Charlie Hebdo put out were not only obscene, they were also disgusting, blasphemous, disturbing and for the most part, homosexual in nature. Now, I don’t care where you poke your ‘junk’ but one thing I do know is that any displays of homosexuality in Islam is a sin. You don’t play with people’s religion, especially people who take it as seriously as Muslim people do. They follow rigid beliefs, yes, but it is their religion. Even many Christians dislike homosexuality. And think about how many Christians have bombed abortion clinics and killed doctors that performed abortions. People are serious about religion. I may disagree with their religion, but I would most definitely not post cartoons that depict that which is sacred to them in such a vile, disturbing and disgusting manner, nor would I keep upping the ante and think that there is going to be no backlash when in fact, there had been attempts in the past to make it understood that the depictions of the Prophet Mohammed were unacceptable. They went unheeded. We can call this a tragedy that need not have happened. The world is a scary place and there are many who are just sitting back, waiting to obtain an opportunity such as this to keep hatred boiling, to keep the pot stirred and meanwhile, we are somewhere ‘hashtagging’ our love for filth! I know that Americans are stupid, but what I did not know is that the world had caught the ‘stupid’ bug that has infected America since its inception! More’s the damn pity!

Police got an early jump on the suspected gunmen after one of them dropped his national identity card in the getaway car they abandoned in Paris, according to reports. It contained his name, picture and birth date.

For real? Bullshit!

14 thoughts on “So, You Are Charlie Hebdo?

  1. Dear Shelby, we are perfectly tuned! I wrote pretty much the same in my blog ( The title of the post means “I am NOT Charlie” and the end sentence means “No, I am NOT Charlie”! In that post I too refer to Syria and Ukraine and Palestine. I totally agree with you and once again I thank you for being such a wonderful and sharp “eye-opener”! Big hug, dear Shelby, from your Portuguese friend Isabel!


    1. Isabel, thank you for posting about this on your blog. Unfortunately, as you know, I have no comprehension of the language over there, but I am so glad that there are other people who are not jumping on this insanity bandwagon and who are putting it out there just how ridiculous this all is. The more people of different countries that put paid to this hashtag nonsense, the better!

      And again, thank you so much for your oh so kind comment! It is most definitely reciprocated!


    1. Lou, it is SO blatantly obvious that this is all just so much bullshit and yet people are falling for it left and right, I fucking despair of the entire world! And yes, you are so right! But no need. The fake passport theme will continue to work and that’s all that’s needed. Why change the script if it ain’t broke? The stupid people fall for it every time, hook line and sinker! For the love of …!!!!!!

      Thanks Lou!


      1. Oh thank you Shelby! The puppet masters don’t even care anymore if the cat is out of the bag. The masses are so brainwashed that they cannot see their cages. It feels hopeless at times. Then I remember that history, evolution, moves at an imperceptible speed. Perhaps it is atrocious for those of us who see the matrix of control because we feel powerless among such a mass of of ignorance. No offense meant great unwashed masses.


  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Brilliant synopsis in prose. Spot on as usual, why can’t people simply see the truth, or perhaps they just don’t want that responsibility. Plz Big Brother, tell us what to think, feel, be! How did humanity devolve into a bunch of mindless, weak willed pablum pukers… being led to slaughter by elite psychopaths! 😦


    1. Thank you 1EarthUnited! I believe that they don’t want to see the truth because when you continue to ignore something then that means that you don’t feel the need to DO anything about it. You don’t have to feel anything, you don’t care and it just doesn’t concern you. But if indeed, you find yourself having a problem with what you see, then that too is scary because then you wonder what can I do about it? It’s not really affecting me in my nice little comfortable place in the world. And the shit just may get turned in my direction and then I’d have problems. As long as it’s happening to someone else, we’re okay with it. Well, I’m not. I will never be a part of the over five million that are stupid. I’d rather be the one person who cares about what matters. I care about the real innocents; the Palestinian people, the people of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Guatemala and the list goes on and on, but I will not show solidarity for people who put out what was beneath filth and expected no blowback, especially when they were warned.

      The problem is that it is so easy to conform than it is to accept the fact that some horrible mess is being planned and carried out on certain people. It is easier to do nothing. It is harder to actually care and be concerned enough to not jump on the bandwagon and carry hatred forward. Blind obedience means acceptance and a group hug. Nonconformity means, I stand alone. Well, I’d much rather stand alone, than be part of the problem and wallow in feigned ignorance when I know better.

      Again, I thank you for your comment and most definitely for the reblog!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “We can call this a tragedy that need not have happened. The world is a scary place and there are many who are just sitting back, waiting to obtain an opportunity such as this to keep hatred boiling, to keep the pot stirred and meanwhile, we are somewhere ‘hashtagging’ our love for filth! I know that Americans are stupid, but what I did not know is that the world had caught the ‘stupid’ bug that has infected America since its inception! More’s the damn pity!”

    Exactly what these idiots need to hear!! Brava, Shelby!!


  4. Great post, Shelby. I find it frankly embarrassing how easily Americans (and increasingly citizens of US allies) react exactly the way they’re trained to react at the latest false flag operation executed by the powers that pay. They react exactly like Pavlov’s dog, who was trained to salivate every time he rang a bell. Talk about being mental slaves.


    1. You are SO right, as usual Dr. Bramhall! This is all so damnably embarrassing, it is unreal! Even the ones who should know better got caught up in this stupidity. But I’m not embarrassed about the stupidity of Americans as that is a given, I am embarrassed about the fact that there seems to be just as many other countries all over the world filled with people that are just as stupid as Americans, that’s what’s embarrassing for me because I’ve been shouting up and down that it’s the stupid Americans that are the problem when in fact, it’s the whole damn world that makes up the party of the stupid! And how proudly they all display it! I am aghast, I am! I must say that there really are only a few that are not brainwashed, hypnotized, stupid, clueless and brain dead. And again, more’s the damn pity!

      Thank you so much for your comment Dr. Bramhall. You’re always the voice of sense and reason! I only wish it was catching, but it would appear that only ‘stupid’ is catching!


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