Massacre in Nigeria: Up to 2,000 Feared Dead in Boko Haram’s Worst Attack to Date

So, where are the 5 million ‘Je Suis Nigeria’ tweets? Eh? Where the fuck is the solidarity for the little Black girl that had bombs strapped to her body that killed her and 19 other people? Yeah! Fucking pick your goddamn outrage and hashtag the hell out of it! And as usual any massacres and atrocities that are committed against Black and Brown people, why just completely ignore that shit! What do those people matter?

Where is the goddamn calls for Obama to head over to Nigeria and march along with the other world leaders that showed up to display their solidarity for the Nigerians against Boko Haram? Oh that’s fucking right, not a goddamn world leader showed up to march in solidarity with the Nigerians. But let some cartoon motherfuckers get whacked and boy oh boy, stop the goddamn world and stand at attention, we’ve got ourselves a worldwide group hug to put on! World leaders, come to France and group hug and march with millions to show solidary for Charlie Hebdo and goddamn that Obama!

To Obama, this is one time, I have NO problem with you! You had no reason to show the fuck up in France! Now cut the bullshit apologies over it! To hell with that shit!

You fucking goddamn hypocrites make me puke! Fuck all you hypocritical motherfuckers from France on back to the US of fucking A!

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