Abortion! Why Make It About Race?

abortions by race1

According to statistics, Black women have more abortions than whites and Hispanics and the reasons given are that many Black women are poor and are often uneducated about the use of contraceptives and therefore, make poor decisions.


We all know how pregnancies happen. Insert dick inside vagina and voila, here comes baby or maybe not. There are two parties that are inserted into the mix to make a baby and to continuously blame women for finding themselves pregnant all by their lonesome is ludicrous and then to further blame Black women for aborting their babies at a higher rate than white women and Hispanics is just icing on the cake. Black women can do nothing right no matter how hard we try and you know what statisticians, I don’t give a fuck what you say about Black women and why we have abortions because it takes two to tango.

But I digress, first things first. Since we all know that sex is too pleasurable to be denied, unplanned pregnancies are going to occur. There are no sure fire birth control methods other than abstinence, which ain’t gonna happen, and sterilization, otherwise known as tubal ligation or vasectomies. And please, feel free to enlighten me if you’ve had a vasectomy and still managed to impregnate someone, the same with tubal ligation. Now, when I was in school, we were not taught sex education and my mother was like Beaver Cleaver’s mother, ‘the stork delivered us’ was her take on how babies came to be. I knew nothing of how babies came to be until I became of age to attend the prom. I was then handed a pamphlet that explained the process in clinical detail and was told by my mother that there was no way in hell that I would be attending the prom, only to return home, pregnant. I was told that intimacy between a male and a female was so excruciatingly painful, that death was to be wished for more.

My sisters and I were the most sexually repressed females ever to walk this planet, add into the mixture, the hellfire and brimstone that would be rained down on us by ‘god’ and we were afraid to wear skirts for fear of sperm finding its way into our secret garden. Geefuckingwhiz here! We all wore chastity belts, believe me!

How shocked I was when one of my friends came to me asking me where the clinic was so that she could get birth control pills. I mean, how would I know? Maybe they got delivered by the stork or were inside the drug store right next to the Anacin that my mother took, religiously. But somehow, my friend found out and asked me to drive her to the clinic. Unfortunately, her information was wrong and when I got back home, my mother was telling me that my friend had asked me to come and pick her up. The clinic that she wanted to go to was on the other side of town. She informed me the next day that she had gotten her birth control pills and that she was ready for ‘S-E-X’. Of course, I was wide-eyed with wonder and since I had been indoctrinated into the “you are a bad, bad girl if you have dirty thoughts” religion, I had to try and save her soul. So I commenced to letting her have it but she was having none of it. She had heard that sex was a beautiful thing and she had a boyfriend that was eager to get on with it.

My mother did not suspect that this friend of mine was not ignorant like I was to the ways of the world and so; she let me go off with her one day. She had lined up a guy for me. He was a friend of her boyfriend and a seemingly nice enough fella until when we were at the park, he pulled out what I soon found to be a joint and they proceeded to smoke it. I was appalled. I just knew that mother could see all of this and I knew ‘god’ was looking. I demanded to be taken home and I was. Unfortunately, the guy had fallen for me, they always do, and my friend invited me over her boyfriend’s house and there he was. This time, the straw that broke the camel’s back was that they insisted on playing a GASP, sex video. As soon as I saw the first naked body, I screeched and stormed out, demanding to be taken home! The guy sent me flowers the next day. And I remember this quite vividly because I was in my room and my baby sister ran into my room shouting that a florist van was parked in front of the house and mother was telling the delivery man that no one had ordered any flowers. He mentioned my name and the flowers were eventually transferred from his hands into my mother’s. When I came downstairs, my mother was all eyes and shrieking about fallen daughters, blah, blah, blah. The card that was addressed to me read, “Shelby, please accept these roses as my apology for hurting your feelings.” Oh, they were beautiful! Twelve long stemmed red roses and of course, my sisters were giggling and having quite the time witnessing the show.

So, what I am trying to say is that back in my day, many of us were so innocent about sex and had no clue. And even though my friend got herself on the pill, not everyone can or will and the only thing that probably saved me from having a ton of babies was the fact that I had been scared shitless at even the thought of S-E-X. Today, even though we are more aware of what goes on between the two sexes at an early age, it still makes no difference because young people are going to experiment and they are going to make mistakes. We all do. Youth is fleeting as we know and to continuously blame people for something that they really cannot control is ridiculous. I realize that having a baby is a big deal. It is another life that has to be taken care of and the care of that life is expensive and when teenagers are having babies, it is especially hard on the entire family because in many Black households, there is no one home to take care of the baby while the teen mother continues with her schooling. And it is so much easier on the male that had a hand in the conception of the child, but will never show the unmistakable signs of carrying a baby, will not be the one who has to nurture the child from infancy to adulthood, unlike the mother. There are many young men, regardless of color that will not step up to the plate and by them not doing so, it is then incumbent upon the female to make a decision as to what to do about an unplanned for pregnancy.

We must stop shaming and blaming particular ethnic groups for what they do or don’t do. We need to be there for our children and support them when they ‘mess up’ and get into situations, whatever they may be and stop making everything about race when it is all about human nature. We are all fallible and not one of us can lay claim to never having made a mistake in our entire life. This nonsense of what one race does to their detriment over another race is counterproductive and useless in the grand scheme of things. No, people are not as naïve as I once was as well as many others, well, maybe not that many, but be that as it may, abortions for whatever reason are I am sure, hard enough as it is to deal with without making it a Black or a white or a Hispanic issue and point the finger and say, “see, those people are always having abortions because of this, this and that. When will they ever learn?” The question is when will we ALL ever learn about humanity and stop the goddamn judging?

19 thoughts on “Abortion! Why Make It About Race?

  1. Great life tale, Shelby. Tubularsock knew next to nothing about sex growing up and was taught that it must be saved for marriage. But the best contraceptive EVER was my mother EVERY time (and I really mean every time) I went out on a date said: “If you get “her” pregnant you’ll HAVE TO marry her and live in this town!” Needless to say, against the odds of many of my friends misfortunes, I finally got out of that home town to San Francisco and never looked back. Oh yes, Tubularsock was a virgin when he married. And THAT is another story!


    1. Oh my gosh! That is so funny, that part about, ““If you get “her” pregnant you’ll HAVE TO marry her and live in this town!” LMAO!! She figured that would hit the right note with you! ROTFLMAO!! Because nine times out of ten, you had already started exhibiting behavior of being ready to get the hell up out of that particular Dodge!! HAHAHAHA! You were serious about getting the hell out at an early age. Hence, how you always say that you left and never looked back. I love it!

      You? A virgin when you married? You are hilarious! Now, I on the other hand, actually was a virgin. Surprise! Surprise! But someday, you’ve just got to tell us that OTHER story. I can’t fucking wait for that one!

      Tube was a virgin until he married, everyone!

      Is that too good to be true? Beyond belief? Or totally believable? You decide until Tube takes that truth serum, that was given to Obama so that he gave the SOTU address that I caught, the REAL ONE, and reveals ALL! LOL! Tube, I’m putting you on the spot man!

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  2. Shelby, My view is that if there is ANY reason why a woman is reluctant or unprepared to have a child, then by all means, she should not have to do so. It’s not like you can take babies back to the store for a refund! In many cases, having an abortion is the most responsible course people can take when they face overwhelming circumstances.

    But clearly women in general are still damned whatever we do, and you’re right, too many people are even more ready to condemn anything black women do. But we’re post-racial now, aren’t we? Like hell. When white people start trying to pass as black in order to have an easier time in life, then we might talk about “reverse discrimination” and even that fantasyland post-racial society. Personally, I expect to see flying pigs decades sooner. But I hope I’m too pessimistic.

    In the adding-insult-to-injury department, on my uncle’s ‘hate radio’ one day, I heard an insufferable anti-abortion spot lamenting the shocking number of black babies “killed” in abortions every year. As if those bastards give a damn about black babies, or any others, except as consumers and cannon fodder! Sigh. People really are the major cause of misanthropy sometimes! Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your rant, and thanks for all your fine, rousing posts. – Linda


    1. Linda, I need to just wipe out every single word I typed for this blog and post your comment because you are totally on point! You are so fucking on point, it’s unreal!

      I realize that it’s been said that Black women are aborting children at a higher rate than other groups because we’ve always got to be grouped or categorized. They make sure that we continuously look at a group instead of at an individual. It’s all part of the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy and since it always works, there is no need to ever change the script. And many just cannot see what is right in front of their eyes, blatant and obvious as it is.

      Not that I am advocating that Black women should abort their babies, but speaking for myself, with what I see going down all over the place, I would not want to bring another Black child into this world to experience what we are experiencing. I would be doing that child a distinct disservice by putting him/her through the most horrid experience they’d ever have and for what? So that they can be looked at as a ‘something’ as some sort of sub-human species to be shot for breathing, choked to death for standing on a sidewalk, shot to death while playing with a toy gun in a park? Being raised in abject poverty? Having no access to health care? I remember reading about little 12 year old Deamonte Driver, who lived in Prince Georges County, MD and that poor Black child died because of an infection from an infected tooth, spread to his brain and killed him. After he had to suffer untold agonies before dying was when they thought to open dental clinics to serve the dental needs of poor children.

      Whatever people may say about adults being shiftless, lazy bums, how the hell can someone blame a child for being too poor to pay for needed dental services? And just like you say, that ‘hate radio’ shit spouts out bullshit hypocrisy when pretending to give a damn about the number of aborted Black babies when they care nothing about them when they are born, never have and never will. The unemployment rate for Black people is still in the double digits and that means poverty for too many. And like I’ve already stated, it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, people are going to engage in sexual behavior and babies are going to be conceived. What happens after that should be up to the individuals involved as to whether or not to give birth or abort.

      I really don’t know what I would do in a situation such as finding myself too poor to piss straight and the man that impregnated me is long gone and on to the next and I find that I am alone with a decision to make. I do value all life and it would weigh heavily on my conscious if I had the baby and we lived in abject poverty or if I had the baby and gave the baby up for adoption because I know that many Black children are never adopted. There’s no demand for Black babies. People will run over to Romania first or Russia and adopt while Black children languish in foster homes here in America. Of course I do believe that they can no longer run over to Russia to adopt because of what happened with a Russian adoption that went horribly wrong. They put that poor child on a plane back to Russia because I guess the child wouldn’t behave to the adoptive parents requirements.

      I don’t have the answers. I just know that it has to be one helluva tough decision to make and I am quite sure that it is not made, lightly. And people need to stop with the judging and making it about race and what ‘race’ is having more of this as opposed to other ‘races’ when we’re all supposedly one race, the HUMAN RACE!!

      Linda, thank you so very much for your comment! I am so glad it’s up and I am highlighting it! Bless your heart!

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  3. “Unfortunately, the guy had fallen for me, they always do…”

    You are so modest;-)

    Another excellent, thought out post, Shelby!

    I have written on this topic many times. And when I was a brainwashed Christian, it was all about sin, just like your parents. But Now I see things somewhat differently, when it comes to this subject.

    First, I had a similar background with my parents. My parents were so asexual that I’m surprised I even exist! I found out about the birds and bees at thirteen, when a kid at school gave me a brief and rather incorrect description of the process, which I won’t go into the details. I was appalled and ran home to the folks. So they were forced to give me something, and what they gave me was the male version of what you had received. Young people, today, have no idea of what it was like when we were their age. It was good in some ways, but reality and truth were very hard to find, as they still are.

    My concern about abortion, in particular, with minority women, is that I believe TPTB instituted Roe v Wade as another eugenics-inspired, depopulation device. It had nothing to with women’s “reproductive rights.”

    But you are absolutely spot on, here, Shelby, why put all of this on Black women, or even women in general? It does take two to tango, and thus the two are responsible!

    I am going to reblog this. This needs to be read and comprehended, especially by young Black women!

    You are something else, Shelby! Keep it up!


    1. LMAO! So, you caught how modest I am! ROTFLMAO!!!

      DING! DING! DING! You too take the prize Sojourner! My sainted Vestal Virgin mother did not just have ONE child, she had THREE children but if you listen to her, sex was worse than death and the greatest sin of all. I guess we was all virgin births!!! I always knew I was special, but goddamn!! Now you know why I’m always somewhere tooting my own damn horn! I IS special!!! I am from a VIRGIN!! LOL!!!

      I understand about Roe v Wade but what I don’t get is that no one is screaming and yelling at the men who had a part to play in all of this. No one is looking at a man’s life through a magnifying glass and saying how horrible he is for impregnating a woman and walking away. I know for a fact that men pay for women to abort babies. A family member of mine has paid for I don’t know how many abortions. He would rather pay out the money it takes to get an abortion over paying for a goddamn condom. it makes no sense. But is anybody blaming or shaming him? Hell no! It’s all on the female for getting herself in the family way and heading inside an abortion clinic.

      Like I’ve stated, I don’t have the answers but I just don’t think it’s right for others to sit back and cast judgment on others for what they feel they have to do. People are going to have sex and babies are going to come from that. Now, whether they get born or not is supposedly up to the parties involved and when one won’t step up to the plate, then the other one must decide what to do. I refuse to judge and I refuse to blame a particular ethnic group when we’re all fallible.

      And thank you for the reblog and for your enthusiastic comment on this one. Much appreciated as I’m sure you know!

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  4. Shelby, Damn, I must be more naïve than I thought. I know there’s been strong, not to say ferocious,, opposition to sex education in schools, (my Bircher uncle once said it was better to learn such on the streets, “so we knew it was dirty” — he was prone to exaggeration as well as right-wing fanaticism), but never realized it was this bad for my/your? generations! I was in small-town public schools, yet still got the basic info at least — with careful scare-tactic emphasis on the dangers of doing a thing beyond holding hands before marriage, certainly, but enough to grasp the physiology involved, in a sketchy way. If it had depended on my parents to explain things, hell — I might still believe in the stork!


    1. I believe Linda that since I am from a highly religious town, and my mother is the mother of Jesus, that is why we were such innocents. The entire goddamn town is ‘heaven central’ and that just might have had something to do with the fact of no sex education. Hell! I may as well consider myself to have been raised in a religious cult. And for us, it was dangerous to even look at a guy, let alone touch one. Like I said, we were the most repressed females to ever walk this planet!

      I honestly think it impacted my baby sister, most severely. She never got married, nor did she have any children. But when I think back, there were plenty of spinsters, Victorian ladies, if you will, in that narrow minded little town. Go figure, eh?

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  5. I hear you and agree, men should be held accountable also. Like I said, it takes two, not one, but two, to tango, and thus those two should share equal responsibility for the decision made! And the whole idea of making this is a race issue is ludicrous!

    And you are also right about judging others. Some of us have had the opportunity to be scrutinized and judged by people who don’t even know us, so I am not pleased with myself when I find I’m judging another person. I posted something today, and I used redneck and hillbilly as descriptors. And I have been thinking about editing names like that out of my post, because it’s unfair to those who don’t take part with the few who are ignorant and violent racists.

    To be honest, as hard as this topic has been for me (abortion), I sometimes think that these aborted babies are actually better off, the way this world is now. Maybe they skipped all the bullshit here and went straight on to life the way it was meant to be, if there is a life after this one? Or at least that is my hope for them, since they had no say in the decision made about their earthly life.

    Your opening paragraph here, by the way, still has me laughing! You don’t want to claim a virgin birth to loud, you know what happened to the last guy that did;-)

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    1. Sojourner, believe me, I hear you. This is a hard topic for me as well. I mean; a baby is a beautiful, innocent human being that knows none of the ugliness of this world and we bring them into a world that is filled with horrors and each and everyone of us is going to die and unfortunately, many, many of us are not going to leave out of here with a nice, gentle smile on our face. I am torn over this issue, I really am.

      Believe me, I am so thankful that I never had to make a decision as to whether to abort or not. I truly am grateful for that because it just has to be one of the most difficult decisions a woman could ever make and once again, I say, it is not a decision that would be made lightly, is my belief. And if men could give birth, boy oh boy, talk about some shit changing. There would be no abortion situation if men were able to give birth because whatever issues men have, they get addressed in a most ‘finite’ way, spare NO expense AND get it done! I mean, think about the penis pump.

      “Mr. Smith, you say you are 85 and can’t get a boner? No problem. We here at Medicare are glad to assist you with that life threatening disease of limp cockasitis! Your new penis pump will arrive in 2 days and if you need it sooner, why just say the word and we will ship it out today(no charge) and by tomorrow, you will have the boner of an 18 year old. And Mr. Smith? Give it to ‘er good!”

      It’s a Man’s Man’s world and we fucking gave birth to those hypocritical shits! However, I do realize that there are exceptions, but only a few.

      Thanks Sojourner!


      1. “Mr. Smith, you say you are 85 and can’t get a boner? No problem. We here at Medicare are glad to assist you with that life threatening disease of limp cockasitis! Your new penis pump will arrive in 2 days and if you need it sooner, why just say the word and we will ship it out today(no charge) and by tomorrow, you will have the boner of an 18 year old. And Mr. Smith? Give it to ‘er good!”

        Where is this? How do I get there?

        Never mind, I’m too tired anyway! 😉

        Yes sir, if we men were the carriers of life, everything would be completely different. You’ll get no argument from me!

        Thanks for understanding what I was saying here!


  6. Another excellent, thoughtful piece, Shelby. I, too, have lots of problems with the article you link to. First, besides being inherently racist, it’s inherently anti-abortion. The reporter writes from the perspective that terminating a pregnancy is basically wrong, and I am really fed up with all the guilt-tripping that goes on with young women in this situation.

    You’re right. Why choose race to focus the article around? Why not age an marital status? According to the latest statistics I’ve seen most women who seek abortion are married with children and concerned about depriving their existing children of love, attention and basic necessities by bring a new baby into the picture.

    Or why not write about all the older men who impregnate underage girls, forcing them to seek abortion.

    Surely these are the important variables, not a person’s skin color.

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    1. I have highlighted your extremely relevant comment as well Dr. Bramhall. Why the focus on race, indeed? Why not focus on age and marital status? I honestly believe that is yet another attempt to demonize Black women; to make it seem as though we are just loose trollops that unthinkingly open our legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry that chances to glance at us, get impregnated and merrily and happily stroll on down to the nearest abortion clinic and have at it. The shits that pull the strings in this shithole want everybody believing that mess and if they say it enough times and produce enough statistics to suggest that this is going on, well, then of course it is. NOT!! Those sanctimonious assholes can kiss my ass and every other Black woman’s ass because we are not answerable to them for a goddamn thing; not for how many babies we have or abort. We are not the torchbearers for abortion but neither are we the torchbearers for the hypocrites that pretend their shit don’t stink when if there are actually little green men on Mars, they could smell the stench of the sanctimonious hypocrites that are hell bent on belittling Black women ALL THE DAMN TIME!

      Your comment, as is Linda’s, is ever so spot on and I proudly display it, highlighted. Those sanctimonious motherfuckers can just waltz right on up in here and take a good long dose of reality from both you and Linda and then they can proceed to kiss the ass that I am turning towards them, ‘cyberly’ speaking.

      And don’t even get me started on those nasty ass piece of shit Medicare paid for pumped up pickled elderly peckers pumping some old ass cum into some nubile female body and producing something that even I would reject, instantaneously without a need for an abortion. Nobody is jumping all down their throat for impregnating young girls when some 75 year old wrinkled, heavily veined, monstrosity is huffing and puffing over someone that he had to, nine times out of ten, pay heavily to pounce on. This just gets my goat up, as you can so obviously see!

      You know, men are never held accountable for ANYTHING! They get off scot-free while we get ‘shamed’ for being the Scarlet Woman, the ‘should be shunned’ for our behavior trollop. But those old randy goats get a free pass to get away with every goddamn vile thing they do; the nasty, filthy ass perverts!

      Dr. Bramhall, your comment makes so much goddamn sense, you should be hosting seminars, you should. You and Linda both! I’ll just cuss ’em out on the way out, since I am too easily agitated and outraged!

      Thank you Dr. Bramhall, thank you indeed!!!

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  7. “Where is this? How do I get there?”

    “Never mind, I’m too tired anyway”

    Here’s where you get there!

    Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES.


    Peckercare paid a pack to pump plenty Peter Pipers’ pickled peckers.
    A peck of pickled peckers Peckercare pumped.
    If Peckercare paid a pack for pumping pickled peckers,
    Who got poked by the pumped pickled peckers that Peckercare pumped?

    LMAO!! And Sojourner! You are NEVER TOO TIRED OR TOO OLD! Get with it man! LOL! Medicare got your back, uh…got your penis pump!!


  8. It’s supremely ironic the people who proclaim they want to “save black babies” from abortion are the very same people who chastise those babies and criminalize them for even being born! They say they should starve because they don’t have “proper work ethic” at 4 years old. Talk about hypocrisy! “Pro-life” seems to mean “pro-being born but after that we’re pro-death.”


    1. Caleb, that’s Americans for you! Hypocrisy central is right here! This is ground zero, America that is, for hypocrisy. The Pro-lifers are ‘PRO life for babies other than babies of color. It goes back to that ‘selective’ thing I was writing about on another post. Everything is ‘selective’. Our outrage over shit is selective. We are a nation of hypocrites because of our ‘selectivity’. We reek with it! Black babies are criminalized BEFORE they are born. We are born guilty and that is why the slave patrols have been on our ass since our ancestors were dragged here to this shithole! That is why the majority of the prison population is Black because every Black person is born guilty ass hell!

      To the white motherfuckers out there! Once again, Black people did NOT throw themselves into boats and immigrate to this shithole! We were dragged here AGAINST our will! Comprehend that shit! Get it down! Let it marinate until you get the goddamn message, motherfuckers! We ain’t here because we want to be! We are here because your nasty ass ancestors didn’t want to work. You know? They had NO WORK ETHIC! They wanted to sit back and sip Planter’s Punch while watching Black bodies WORK and then they RAPED them at night after they had SLAVED away in the fields! You don’t like the truth? Too fucking bad! Get used to it if you drag your fucked up eyes all up in here, you sick motherfuckers!!

      Uh..Caleb, once again, your comment has brought out the ‘good’ in me. So, I had to preach it!

      Thank you and much obliged for your comment!

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      1. Indeed, every single place the European (meaning white) has invaded… whoops I mean “immigrated to” has become a place of poverty, corruption and has been consumed in chaos and never-ending war! You always hear the American policymakers yapping about “containing China”. Shit, it should have been Europe that was contained on that god-forsaken little continent since at least the 13th century.


      2. Well, we certainly know that the Indians would have appreciated it most definitely if the Europeans had stayed their nasty ass over there instead of coming here fucking up their goddamn day and stealing everything that won’t nailed down and pulling up everything that was.

        And I am pretty sure that the slaves felt the same way as do their descendants, at least this one does. And you are so right, what was done WAS an invasion but of course the history brush paints an invasion over and turns it into immigration. And then people have the nerve to say that history is true, correct and believable. Yeah! If you’re on the ‘right’ side of it. The side that did the maiming, the stealing, the killing, the enslaving and then put a spin on the shit until it hit the history books smelling like a goddamn fake ass rose! These godless shits professed to practice religion but wouldn’t recognize peace and goodness and humanity if it smacked the hell out of ’em, bunch of godless, soulless fucks that have damn near destroyed paradise and fucked up everybody’s goddamn day in the process!

        As you can see, I’m never calm, cool and collected! Every now and then, I have to spit some hellfire and brimstone of my own!

        Thanks much Caleb, as always!

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