You Won’t Sit Out This Show!


When news is no longer news,
and its relevance has quickly waned,
it is because you do not care.
your outrage was clearly feigned.

When they point you in a direction
and say, “Here is your enemy!”
You gladly climb onboard,
and believe their lies, most readily.

Will you ever see the big picture,
and not focus on the absurd?
Is that why you wish to sleep,
and never have your dreams disturbed?

The awakening is here!
What’s before you must be faced!
If you are not prepared,
then I advise you to make haste.

This not at all a conspiracy.
You can lay that point to rest.
It is not about inducing fear.
And it’s not a broadcast test.

Wake up and take a look.
Behold reality!
It could all have been avoided,
the part you’ll play in this tragedy!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

So, do you want the good news first or the bad news? Okay! Okay! I’ll give you the ‘good’ news first. “Hear ye! Hear ye!” The retail earthquake has struck! And even though the average price of gas is $2.00 per gallon, that’s not been enough to ‘fuel’ a spending frenzy. Why ever not? With gas prices so low, why aren’t people shopping like mad instead of store after store announcing closings and bankruptcies? What? They can’t spin the shit out of shit and turn it into cotton candy any longer? JC Penney is closing more stores as is Macy’s, Sears and Kmart. RadioShack is closing more stores and is filing for bankruptcy protection. Good news, right?

And isn’t this nice? Homelessness in LA is much worse than previously thought. Really? Get outta here! Who would have thought? More good news?

And what’s more, we haven’t even begun to hit rock bottom yet. Not by a long shot! Another housing crisis is upon us! It seems that rents just about everywhere are skyrocketing and since many Americans are still reeling from the not too distant foreclosure crisis, renting is the only option and with an aging population and factor in low earnings, things ain’t looking so good. But that’s good news because we still get to tweet and ‘like’ each other all over Facebook, for now.

But check this out! According to Obama, “The shadow of crisis has passed,” he said, “and the State of the Union is strong.” Uh…what fairytale book was he reading out of? Delusional much Barack? Obama trumpeted job growth and other signs of recovery from the ashes of the 2008 economic crisis. Sheeeut! Job growth? JOB GROWTH? When did unprecedented numbers of retail closings and bankruptcies equate to ‘job growth and other signs of recovery’? Put that bullshit samich down! Retail is reeling from a lack of customers with discretionary income and that is reality. So that fluff that Obama is attempting to sell? It ain’t cotton candy, it’s fluffed shit! Oh, we’re doing fine. No worries folks. Folks, if I were you, I’d worry and I’m going to give you some advice. So pay attention.

Whatever bills you get, look them over carefully. Check your bank balance daily. Cut back on non-essential doodads. Buy on-sale items and only what you need. Something is going down and it’s going to get ugly. Case in point. My internet/phone bill is usually $65.00 a month. Saturday, when my bill came, it was $101.38. When I perused the hell out of the bill, the company had charged me double for Federal taxes and charged me for internet security that they weren’t providing. Here is what I did. I hung up and I called them back and I said, “speak loudly and clearly as this call is being taped for a complaint that will be filed with the Attorney General’s office. Now, tell me AGAIN, why you are charging me double for Federal taxes and for services that you are not providing!” After I hung up, my bill is now $35.00.

This morning, I called my bank to check my balance. There was a $2.00 ‘statement fee’ listed under posted transactions. When the customer service rep came on the line, I said, “speak loudly and clearly as this call is being taped for a complaint that will be filed with the Attorney General’s Office. I said, “When did you notify me that I was going to be charged a $2.00 ‘statement fee’? I must first be advised of new fees BEFORE they apply!” The $2.00 fee is being removed. However, I was told that this new fee is a monthly fee that is being charged to my account to pay for the bank to mail to me my bank statement. They are now charging me $24.00 a year for me to receive my bank statement, a statement that I hadn’t been charged for in the past. If I do all my banking online, no fee. I am not doing my banking, online. If the hackers can hack into government computers, then they damn sure as hell can hack into my shit, even with protection.

The shit is about to hit the fan and companies are attempting to rip you off more than ever in any way they can. I’ve never seen it this bad. And I have seen some bad shit! Protect yourself because this party is seriously over folks.

Oh that’s right, I promised you some bad news! A liquor store is opening up two miles down the highway from me! Oh happy day! Oh happy day! The booze will chase my blues away! Hallelujah! If you need a job, try and get hired at a liquor store. They’ll be the last to go out-of-business, believe me! That’s bad news that I can take!

4 thoughts on “You Won’t Sit Out This Show!

  1. “The shit is about to hit the fan and companies are attempting to rip you off more than ever in any way they can. I’ve never seen it this bad. And I have seen some bad shit! Protect yourself because this party is seriously over folks.”


    I once loved getting plastered, but now, not only can’t I get plastered, but the booze actually makes me feel worse, physically. I truly believe I have already died and gone to hell;-)

    Great stuff, your sticking it BACK to these pigs!

    Joke ’em, if they can’t take a fuck!


    1. Sojourner, the writing is all over the goddamn walls, man! Shit is looking grimmer than a motherfucker out there! If you ain’t up on your game, they’ll try and stick it to you good. 2015 issued in some shit I ain’t seen the like of in previous years. Everything I get, there is a change for the worse. They’re adding on bogus charges here, there and everywhere. They are trying to recoup the losses that they are sustaining, any way they can. And these corporation don’t fucking care if it’s illegal what they’re doing. They figure that many people will just toss shit aside without even glancing at it and hence, they get away with it. Not on my watch they don’t. I’m not giving them a damn cent more than I have to especially for the shitty service that I get. I damn near have to climb a goddamn pole to get online because I’m out in the middle of no goddamn where and so the big companies are not in my neck of the woods, and I have to make do with some bootleg type shit.

      And believe me, I stick it back to ’em every single chance I get and how!

      Well I do not recommend that anyone drink. I am against indulging in spirits. They fuck up the mind and the body and cause uninhibited behavior. Drinking spirits is a bad, bad vice and with that having been said, “Cheers!”

      Thanks for the comment Sojourner, much appreciated!


  2. Good thing I’m retired because dealing with corrupt corporations and government agencies is getting to be a full time job. It’s no wonder the off-the-grid movement is growing by 10-15% per year. It’s the only way people can escape all these hassles.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I am waiting for something in particular to finish that I am in the middle of and then I’m getting off the goddamn grid. I still can’t drive due to having not yet completely recovered from recent injuries and my driver has just informed me that he, himself is getting off the grid. He told me that he is fucking fed up with the shit and he’d rather just buy him a small RV or van and travel around being a vagabond and work odd jobs just to pay for gas and food and move on. He is selling his house and everything else and is going the fuck out on his own. No more mortgages and rent and light bill and gas bill and this bill and that bill which means getting price gouged. And I completely understand his sentiment as that is my feeling too. So you are right as usual, the off-the-grid movement is growing and the elitist pigs don’t want that because that means less and less to cushion their bottom line. To hell with their bottom line. People are tired of working until they drop and I can’t say as I blame them. That is one reason why they attempt to shame people who aren’t working as if it’s the worst thing that you could ever do. By making people feel ashamed of not working, they create pressure to continue to work and not even take a vacation. And as you know, Americans are known for taking less vacations than any other industrialized nation.

      And people have the nerve to wonder why we’re such a sad bunch of shits. It’s because of all the brainwashing and propaganda that’s pushed and shoved at us. We are to conform and if we don’t, we’re crazy.” Well, I’ll take crazy for $200 Alex Trebek!”

      I am actually hoping to move to another country. I am hoping as I have been thinking about this for a long time now. We’ll see!

      Again, thanks Dr. Bramhall!


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