The Obamas Pay Their Respects To The ‘GOOD Beheaders’!

obamas in saudi arabia


President Obama, along with his consort paid a visit to the ‘Original Beheaders Club out of respect for the supreme beheader having dropped dead at the age of 90 or 91, with head intact. Obama is in Saudi Arabia for the benefit of King Abdullah’s death and of course the war hawks and war criminals paid their respects; former Republican secretaries of state James Baker and Condoleeza Rice, as well as John McCain. “All Hail King Abdullah,” now deceased supreme leader of Beheaders Anonymous. It seems that the punishment for say, political dissent is to have your head chop, chopped in a public square by a man lopping said head off with a gifted sword worth $4,000.00, gifted by the Saudi royalty and not by GASP!! ISIS! Now, do you see where ISIS got the idea of beheading from?


Remember that Joe Biden weighed in on the ISIS beheading of American journalists saying, The United States will pursue the killers of two American journalists “to the gates of hell,”  and Obama had this to say, “Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget … that our reach is long and that justice will be served,” “Justice will be served,” meaning that unless those that are doing the beheading are our friends, our allies, like in the now deceased King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and crew. Because after all, a strong US-Saudi relationship is desirable as well as strategic being in the Middle East and all.


Apparently, there are bad beheaders and good beheaders and once again, the U.S. government gets to pick and choose which is which. It’s called, hypocrisy. The Obama Administration was just so outraged when the ISIS video reared its ugly ‘head’. That shit was beyond horrible, It was an abomination! How atrocious and inhumane and vile and disgusting and damning and outrageous and what the fuck? What kind of sick monsters would do this? Uh…your fucking allies would and DO! Goddamn hypocrites one and all; masquerading around as some comic book heroes to the rescue to avenge beheaded journalists while pretending to give a damn about said lopped off head journalists when they’re in bed with the crown princes of beheading central in Saudi Arabia. And the American people as usual, climb on board with the fake pretense of outrage when we simply look the other way when we’re told to over Saudi Arabia’s daily beheading occurrences. Since you manufacture outrage over some beheadings but approve other beheadings by your silent complicit consent, then cut the bullshit pretense of your ‘selective’ outrage because it’s all manufactured. You didn’t give a damn about the beheaded journalists because the people that are getting beheaded in Saudi Arabia over some stupid excuse are just as innocent, but of course, since your government did not get on board with shouting about “pursuing the Saudi’s to the gates of hell,” why, you saw no reason to get all bent out of shape over mere beheadings of political dissenters. Talk about two-faced, hypocritical and fake assed, Americans reek of it!


So if ISIS beheads another motherfucker, cut the crap! You’re fine with it because you’re fine with it when the Saudis do it and they are certainly no better than ISIS! But America is busy dropping bombs in Syria and Iraq in an attempt to kill the beheaders but are we dropping any bombs in Saudi Arabia? Of course not, our piece of shit war criminals(Obama) and crew are in Saudi Arabia bowing and scraping and licking the sandals of the beheaders to end all beheaders. Where is your fucking overkill of outrage over that fact, stupid Americans?

18 thoughts on “The Obamas Pay Their Respects To The ‘GOOD Beheaders’!

  1. Saudi’s and Bush family very connected, and Bush family line goes back to English royalty, and, of course, English royalty and Zionist-European banking cartel (Rothschild) are and have been in bed together for three centuries.

    Isis, Isil, Alqaeda, etc, as you know, Shelby, are all Cia “blackops”.

    This shit goes so deep, who the hell knows how it all works!

    Everything is a god damn nightmare!


    1. Well, if the Bushes are considered royalty, I’ll gladly take being a commoner any day ’cause it would seem that the ‘Royalty’ club ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. But then again, that’s part of the problem, they’re all cracked. And we know that Bush wasn’t smarter than a 5th grader. Hell! Comparing Bush to a 5th grader would be insulting to a 5th grader. Sorry 5th graders.

      You are so right Sojourner! The shit is deep and bottomless and we’ll never get to the bottom of it all, that’s for sure. And really, I don’t even think I want to dig that deep for fear of what I’ll find because what we can see is more than I care to see.

      And the nightmares just keep on coming.

      Thank you so much for your comment Sojourner!

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    1. I am glad that you brought that up Toritto. It was mentioned in the article and I neglected to include it here. So, thank you! It would appear that we are extremely selective in expressing our outrage over those who commit acts of barbarism. There are some countries that can get away with it with our blessing and yet when other countries engage in it, we are so outraged. It’s selective, ya know!

      Thank you for your comment!

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  2. You are absolutely correct on our hypocrisy, but it really is, as always about the oil. We can overlook many, many things when money and oil are involved…even beheadings. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for oil, Saudi Arabia would have absolutely nothing to offer. Great post my friend.


    1. Is it really ONLY about the oil though? I agree it is certainly the primary reason, but I think another reason is that the Saudi monarchy has been a willing collaborater with Western imperialism from the beginning. After all, it was Saudi Arabia which allowed the States to set up its own military bases in the country and use them to oversee the murderous sanctions regime against Iraq for 10 years before the invasion.


    2. Thank you Dom! But the Saudis are in all actuality complicit in the shit stirring that the U.S. engages in in the Middle East. Much of what we do over there is done thanks to the complicity of the Saudis who are no better than ISIS or IS or the Backyard Barbecue Beheaders Bunch or whatever the hell the U.S. government is calling them at any given time. The Saudis need the U.S. to help them keep their elitist status in the Middle East. They need our oh so willingness to use those weapons we pay so much for. It’s the ole, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” shit!

      Again, thank you for the comment and for your compliment on this one!


    1. Caleb, that comment right there, has made my day! Hell! You’ve made my year and that’s one hell of an accomplishment! I figure, what do I have to lose? Not a goddamn thing especially since I’ve made it known and in no uncertain terms that this shithole don’t mean a damn thing to me. Just because I happened to have been born here, it didn’t fucking strike a goddamn ounce of ‘patriotism’ and ‘exceptionalism’ in me! Fuck THAT shit! If they come all up in here, they’ll find no flag waving, patriotic moron licking all up and down on that nasty ass, good for nothing American flag that ain’t worth shit!

      Oh, damn! Have I gone off on another tangent or what? Indeed I have! But again, thank you Caleb, most sincerely! I love a good dose of ‘tangent’! What Americans don’t like is a good dose of reality and in the face with their hypocrisy and the fact that they’re a bunch of strutting ass, clueless fools!

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      1. Your comments and replies always make my day every time as well! I just love the way you say exactly what you want with no filters whatsoever. If this were the 1950s we’d probably be forced to testify before the “House Committee on Un-American Activities” or whatever.

        And I remember when I was in kindergarten how they would play the Pledge of Allegiance over the microphone every morning and force us all to recite it and salute the flag and all this shit, saying words that are in flat contradiction with reality! No wonder people in this country are so brainwashed. It’s literally drilled into our heads from the first day we go into the public (or even private) miseducation center.

        Well here are some images to make that certainly must warm hearts full of American patriotism everywhere! LOL


      2. I fucking love it!

        And I gladly testify!

        I swear before this flute of Boones Farm Strawberry wine that I am as Un-American as anybody born in America can be! Now drag my ass to Guantanamo, why don’t cha? Because I intend to continue to denounce this hypocritical, diseased whore called America and call it exactly like I see it and if the patriots come all up in here, disturbed over it and some more shit, I say, “fuck you!” And take a good goddamn look at the flag burning ceremony! Take a really good long look. Ain’t that a lovely sight? It is indeed! Even Afrika is in on the fact that Obama is a goddamn useless, ass, lying, hypocritical, “yes massah sir let me lick your boots clean’ Uncle Tom ass motherfucker!

        Enjoy the pictures patriotic motherfuckers!!!

        Oh and Caleb! Thank you so much! If you find any more, feel free to post them as this is a flag burning love fest zone! Can ya feel the luuuuuv patriots? LMAO!!!

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    1. Well! You’ve thrown it in there Tube! So, the hypocrisy IS complete! But we still LOVE the Saudis, regardless! We simply pick and choose. Hell! Didn’t we LIKE Saddam Hussein at one point in time and look how we turned on him? We wanted Gaddafi out of the way and look what happened to him. This shit over here with their fake ass ‘brotherly love’ ain’t fooling me. But apparently, they’re fooling many, even other nation’s leaders into believing that this shit ain’t vile, deceitful, hypocritical and will turn against them in a New York nanosecond. Look at what they are trying to do to Vladimir Putin and Russia. But the thing is see? The shit they’re attempting to unleash in Russia is also impacting our drying up ass! They don’t make enough KY jelly to lube this shit! It’s drying up faster than a dead buzzard in Death Valley in the summer!

      Thank you for your comment Tube!


  3. It’s a form of prostitution really – toadying to criminal thugs for financial gain. I see it as a major symptom of the decline of the American empire. If the US were truly strong economically and politically, it wouldn’t have to deal with barbarians like this.


    1. Well Dr. Bramhall, those of us who haven’t had our head stuck up our ass for decades or haven’t been too busy texting and sexting to look up, know that this shit has hit the biggest goddamn iceberg that’s left. I’ve already gone over the fact of all the store closings and bankruptcies despite the low gas prices. Stores are now posting dismal holiday sales and with nothing for them to look forward to now except for Valentine’s Day, they’ve got nothing to celebrate. Who the hell is in the mood for some chocolates, a heart shaped thong and some dried up flowers when people are broke? The rich can’t keep this economy going. The working poor can’t and the middle class is gone, devastated by a lack of living wage jobs and a non-existent manufacturing base. If it weren’t for the fact of people needing food, there’d be no grocery stores and restaurants and I do believe that the only booming business that’s left is the liquor business because we all know that when Americans lose hope, they hit the bottle, those that ain’t doped up on other euphoria inducing shit.

      Yeah, we’re reaching rock bottom here Dr. Bramhall and I hear tell that the elitist pigs are headed your way because they are afraid of what the great unwashed hungry, homeless and otherwise fucked up masses are going to do when we actually do hit rock bottom. You and the other Kiwis throw that shit on up out of NZ when they arrive!

      And you know something else, it takes a barbarian to deal with another barbarian. Americans are themselves, barbarians. The government of the U.S. is just as barbaric as the Saudis, that’s why they don’t have a problem with ’em.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. You are always right on target!


    1. No, I hadn’t seen that but thanks for posting it. I’m going to enter my essay in the contest. It’s sure to be a slam-dunk win!

      But seriously, that really is some foul ass shit right there. Didn’t I state in my previous comment that it takes a barbarian to deal with another barbarian? They’re all barbarians and we are at the mercy of those evil, vile, putrid and diseased creatures, escaped from hell!

      Again, thanks Dr. Bramhall!


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