Russia! Hang In There! We’re Going Down! Don’t Worry!

going down



Russia, these fools are taking us down right along with you. If the Russian people are suffering thanks in part to the sanctions that have been placed against Russia by the U.S and its allies, make no mistake people of Russia, the U.S. and allies are suffering as well.

As always, the leaders of the countries that are targeted for sanctions such as Iraq and Iran and now Russia are not impacted by said sanctions. The people are. But are not American politicians always spouting off at the mouth about how humanitarian America is? How is it humanitarian to cripple the economy of another country based on a coup that was initiated by the country that is hell bent on crippling the economy of the country that the coup was blamed on?

Once again, for the motherfuckers that are dizzy as hell or otherwise, slow, the U.S. initiated a coup in Ukraine. The U.S. and NATO want to establish military bases in that region to surround Russia and China. Russia is having none of it because the Russians know that the U.S. has never been up to anything that was good, decent, nice, humanitarian or helpful. America is a diseased whore that needs to die already. The sad fact is that America bullies other countries due to the size of its military which is funded to the detriment of all else; namely bridges, roads, power grids, the whole nine yards. We have no high speed rail. We have no state-of-the art transportation system and we are not going to because there are no funds available. All available funds which are actually not really available due to the fact that the U.S. is bankrupt, is airily available only for the military. The term ‘airily’ in this instance means, ‘out of thin air’, ‘not really there’, ‘puffs of green smoke’, ‘fake ass greenbacks’, ‘monopoly money’. If you think that funding for the military is all that it should be then ask a new recruit why his family qualifies for food stamps. Our shit over here in America is just as junked, if not more so, than the junk status they just gave to you guys. It’s all a matter of point of missile. The world is kept in line, lock-step with America by force because warmongers pull the strings here and they always will. Obama ain’t in control of this shit. He’s a willing ass puppet for his masters; the warmongers, war profiteers. He knows what’s buttering his bread and he’d better keep to the script if he knows what’s best for his ‘yes we can, hope and change’ lying ass!

Know this Russia! You are not suffering alone! We are as well and you have no idea how much. Also know that we are not here swilling champagne and toasting to your misfortune. We are shivering, hungry, sick, tired, jobless and broke. Make no mistake, we are drowning in debt and with no lifeboats or lifejackets in sight. We are headed for uncharted territory because what’s coming will make the Great Depression look like a gentle case of the hiccups.

So, to President Vladimir Putin, I sincerely hope that the U.S. does not make it so hard for the people of Russia that they turn on you like many of us would like to turn on the shits that are at the helm of this lopsided, stinking, shithole barge. My sincere hope is that you guys in Russia can hold out until we finish sinking over here in America. I promise you. It will not be long now. Google how many retail stores are shuttering doors. The numbers are unprecedented. Google the number of retail stores that are going through bankruptcy proceedings. Google the new figures on childhood poverty, hunger and homelessness. Google the cities that have filed for bankruptcy and the cities that are on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Check the stats of the oil drilling sites that have been negatively impacted by the oil price war. There is also an article out today about the fact that Americans are no longer keeping what little money they have in banks. They are keeping it in the freezer, underneath the mattress, in a funky sock and those with just a couple of dollars have folded them up in a thong.

As you can see, people of Russia, we ain’t looking so good here in America. The shit is hitting the fan for us too and in a big, dirty ass way! The shits in Washington are destroying America while trying to destroy Russia. And those of you that have visited this blog before know that I have beseeched, begged, got on bended knee and pleaded with Vladimir Putin to vaporize the hell out of this shit over here, but unfortunately, Vladimir Putin is a much nicer person than I am because if I were he, I would have hopped to it by now. You guys in Russia have a great statesman, a man of honor and integrity who stands heads above the crowd and somebody did tell me that Mr. Putin is 5’7”. Makes no difference, he could be 3’5” and with the crowd he’s in, he’d still topple the nasty shits by several hundred thousand feet.

And finally, to the people of Russia, I ask you this. Would you mind if I beg Vladimir Putin to run for the Office of President of the United States of America for 2016? Do you mind? We sure could use a leader of Putin’s stature over here. Apparently, unFIT Robthem, Killy Stentchon, Joke Bust and Yikes Huckleberry Finn are contemplating a run for the presidency. We can’t have that shit! We’ve had enough shit in the Oval office from George Washington to present day. We need real leadership from someone who can so obviously love and that someone would be Vladimir Putin!

Vladimir Putin for President of the United States of America 2016!!!!!!!!
“The Bear Roars West!”

16 thoughts on “Russia! Hang In There! We’re Going Down! Don’t Worry!

  1. “Know this Russia! You are not suffering alone! We are as well and you have no idea how much. Also know that we are not here swilling champagne and toasting to your misfortune. We are shivering, hungry, sick, tired, jobless and broke. Make no mistake, we are drowning in debt and with no lifeboats or lifejackets in sight. We are headed for uncharted territory because what’s coming will make the Great Depression look like a gentle case of the hiccups.”


    The elite-pigs are failing at getting their way, all of a sudden. So they are becoming even more insane than usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to go ahead and pull the nuclear trigger.

    And Russia has not kept up their nuclear arsenal, while this piece of shit is revamping its arsenal right now, see here:

    Why? Do I have to answer my own question here? You know why!

    The future is bleak, Kiddo! I think the predictions about 2015 might be more prophetic than mere prediction.

    The elite pigs are all putting together bail-out plans, and their hideaways are not in America or Russia. The writing is on the wall, as I keep preaching, and we all better wake up to this fact.

    I had decided, last year, that if I didn’t start recovering from all of this illness, I was going to seriously consider suicide. Well I have put that decision off for now, since I may not have to worry about ending my own life. These elite assholes are, most likely, going to do it for me! For us!


    • Oh yes indeed, I’ve heard about their bail-out plans. It’s not going to do them any good. They can hang on for just so long and then it’s going to be a case of “their ass is toast and not even with Polaner All fruit on it!”

      The writing is all over the goddamn walls. I see it every day. Corporations are trying to get money out of people any way they can. They are even attempting to steal it, add bogus charges onto bills, etc., because people are not spending money. I have no idea why they thought that the party was going to continue forever when the jobs are gone, food stamp need is at an all-time high. Homeless tent cities are popping up in even more places. People have walked away from mortgages and decided to become vagabonds. Many have taken themselves off the grid completely. People are fed the fuck up with the never ending cycle of constantly working to pay off debt that never gets paid off thanks to interest rates and low-wage jobs and they’re getting off the ‘hamster wheel’. About time, I say!

      And really Sojourner, we’re all doomed. That’s a given! We’ve tore the hell out of this planet and we still expect it to sustain us. Wow! Are we in for a rude awakening!

      Thank you for your comment and try and hang in there Sojourner. That’s what most of us are doing anyway!


    • RE:[And Russia has not kept up their nuclear arsenal, while this piece of shit is revamping its arsenal right now, see here]

      Infact the reason why they are doing that is b\c Russia is far ahead of them nuaclear tech(both peacefull\energy and millitaty) and especially in missiles technology. The other question is that for Russia nNuclear shild is a defensive measure. This country almost never acted in offensive way (in Afganistan as well as in Syria they were invited).

      And btw, Russia is upgrading their nuclear forces mainly by new missile tech and delivery tools(rockets itself -not warheads). Also b\c of American hostile activity they are resurecting now such uniq soviet-style thing of responce as nuclear trains (usual-looking trains which launch loaded in them ICBMs). It is called “BZhRK Barguzin”.


    • I have it on good authority(thanks to the new liquor store 2 miles down the highway from me)that vodka will be on sale along with the rest of the U.S.

      Buy low and stock up!
      Courtesy of Two Russian Brothers Vodka Unlimited

      Thanks Tube! Appreciate the compliment and the comment, as always!


    • I would have thought Tubularsock had his underground bunker, overlooking Washington, D.C., from Oakland, Ca, stocked with every assortment of alcohol, and maybe a selection of choice “herbs” as well;-)


      • Sojourner, I know I can’t speak for Tube and I wouldn’t normally attempt to but Tube has a lot of guests that he entertains at the bunker and when I knock on the bunker door, I expect to be entertained in style. Tube knows my penchant for ALL things of a ‘specific liquid substance’ and if by chance, rationing should occur in the near future, why, even I would have to settle for ‘vodka’ and so it behooves Tube to question whether or not he can get a good sale on a ‘specific liquid substance’ when another ‘specific liquid substance’ is unattainable. It’s called, “The Fallback Plan!”
        LMAO!!! Also, at times like these, Tube can’t have enough vodka or anything else. I hear that he’s also in the market for some ‘on-sale specific type vaporizers’. If you happen to know where he can purchase discounted ‘specific type vaporizers’, please feel free to post this information. All for a good cause, ya know! ROTFLMAO!

        Thanks Sojourner! That was a good one!


  2. Shelby, you seem to have summarized the current economic and political mess in the US quite eloquently. It’s almost like a scorched earth policy. Obama is determine to destroy Russia but to make this happen he has to destroy the US economy first.


    • Thank you Dr. Bramhall. It is really getting quite crystal clear and we don’t even have to look hard to see the signs. They are everywhere. When the clock struck January 1st, 2015, so many changes took place, I can hardly keep up and none were good. All signs point to a major shakeup to end all shakeups of which we haven’t seen the like. Corporations have ramped up ways in which to eke even half a penny out of the poverty stricken Americans by hook or by crook, while there is still a miniscule bit to get. And many are realizing that there is no American dream, the American dream has become a nightmare. A dream should be pleasurable and not come equipped with a huge ass ball and short ass chain. It should not require that we forfeit living life while engaging in constant, unceasing drudgery to scrape up enough to realize what someone else has declared to be our ‘dream’.

      I don’t think that many people ever realized that their homes would be worth next to nothing. We’d always been told that a house appreciates in value, not the opposite. Like I said, we are entering uncharted territory and saying that, “It don’t look good,” is like saying that the Titanic had a slight mishap.

      Again, thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!

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