4 thoughts on “Every American Should Spend a Day In Jail

  1. Amen and Amen! We the people are responsible for the crimes against humanity this piece of shit government perpetrates! And history will hold us accountable, and rightly so.

    There is a time coming that the Merican ostriches will have to get their head out of the ground and do something to end this Merican nightmare, and that time is NOW!!!!


    • Hell YA! You can barely pass by a Black person that’s not seen the inside. It’s now some white folks turn to act like they know, get with the fucking program that the shit is about to hit the fan all up on their ass too! Head on inside a jail! We’re all fucking heading in there anyway. Why do they think the police force all across this fucked up country has been militarized? To keep ISIS out?? Yeah, right! Duh!! Keep thinking that shit!


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