6 thoughts on “ISIS Mercenary Admits Getting Funds from US

  1. I guess what shocks me even more is the way our emotions have been engineered and manipulated by the US government and the corporate media by the way ISIS is being portrayed. This mental engineering first started during WWI when Americans were programmed to believe Germans were inhumane monsters that raped women and bayoneted babies. The list of historical figures who have been systematically demonized in this way goes on and on: Hitler, Stalin, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad.

    And because Americans are getting numb to it all, the puppeteers who program us have been forced to escalate to absolute monsters. It wasn’t working well enough for them to clumsily behead people so now they have to burn them alive to make us hate them.

    I am well and truly fed up with being jerked around like this. I can see absolutely no justification for the US to continue to spend billions of dollars a year murdering and destroying the countries of dark skinned people. Money wasted on all these wars needs to be brought back home and invested in a domestic economy that is falling apart. In case no one has notice, the US has become a 3rd world country.

    I just learned today that it takes 3-5 days for an electronic transfer to be recorded in a bank account in the US. Unbelievable. In New Zealand it takes seconds – and they had this technology when I first came here 13 years ago. Even in Mexico it only takes a few minutes.


    • And yet, when the veterans come back from foreign wars, we don’t really want to hear what they have to say about all of the atrocities that they committed. We want them to take some pills and sit down and slobber on themselves or commit suicide so that we don’t have to notice missing limbs and those with half their face blown off because then we would have to think about what happened to the ‘other guy’. What happened to him? Or her? Are they dead, mutilated and otherwise fucked up? But do we really want to know? Do we really care? Actually, NO! Everybody is a bad guy except for us Amerikkkans. We are the world’s savior and how unappreciative can the world be when we’re just trying to help bring democracy and freedom to a lawless world. And we are SO full of shit!

      We stay numb Dr. Bramhall. It doesn’t matter what we see. We are numb to it all because we’ve got the whores of Hollywood to entertain us with wardrobe malfunctions and we’ve got wine cellars and we can get meth and crack and heroin by selling ourselves on any street corner in Amerikkka. And when we get hungry, we can just run into a convenience store and do a ‘snatch-n-go’. So, as long as the lights are on, the cellphones are working and the apps on my screen tell me where I can drunk drive to get a Dominos pizza late at night after the bars have closed, it’s ALL good! We need our government to keep the really, really BAD guys away from us. If we’re not radiated in order to board a plane, then the government is not doing it’s job and of course we are so ‘afeared’ of ISIS coming here and kicking our ass because the government says that we must continuously be monitored for our very own benefit against terrorists. Those nasty terrorists are just so damn nasty, we’ve given up every freedom some of us ever had. Of course, those who look like me, never had any to begin with, freedom that is.

      And don’t forget Dr. Bramhall, it takes 3-5 BUSINESS days for the electronic transfer to go through. So, don’t be sending anything on Friday and expecting it to show up on Monday. Ain’t gonna happen. Now I guess you believe me when I say that since I am out in the middle of no damn where, I damn near have to climb a pole to get online, the same with banking. Those in European countries don’t have to put up with this shit. But we don’t mind. That’s why we’re always getting hacked because most other industrialized nations have souped up the protections on their country’s credit/debit cards, we’re still so 19th century and we just love it! And even though we pay more than other countries pay for internet service, ours crawl at a snail’s pace compared to theirs, but we just love it and we love handing over the big bucks for this slow ass backwards bullshit!

      Yeah! We’re good!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall! If I were you, I’d never come back here!


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