Report: The Gravy Train Is Over For Welfare Recipients: ‘Earn Your Keep or Go Hungry’

Yep! Here we go again! Corporate welfare is right as rain but people welfare? Get it the fuck outta here! Taxpayers are funding food stamp programs and health care programs(Medicaid) because corporations are refusing to pay their employees a living wage, nor are they providing many of them with health insurance and yet we don’t have a problem with corporate welfare, but by God, get those free loading, Cadillac driving welfare queens all up off my tax dollars and be goddamned quick about it!
Talk about selective outrage! Nip that goddamn shit in the fucking bud and suck on it! Bullshit selective outraged motherfuckers, kiss my ass!

6 thoughts on “Report: The Gravy Train Is Over For Welfare Recipients: ‘Earn Your Keep or Go Hungry’

    1. Yes indeed, why isn’t anyone screeching and complaining that, “it’s about damned time that the government screeched to a fucking halt, taxpayer subsidized corporate welfare headed straight for the coffers of Bank of America and their like!” But hell no! Shits want to complain about help for the abject poor when no one complains about mega-billion dollar corporations that don’t fucking need welfare, but are getting it just the same in the form of our tax dollars. Why that shit is just fine and fucking dandy, but the children of the poor should just fucking get a job or starve, already! People make me want to puke every single minute of every goddamn day!

      Thank you for your comment Tube!


  1. I could bite through iron at the moment, I am so god damn mad. I read this late last night, and I wanted to put my fist through the screen.

    Yeah, let’s blame the “freeloaders” who have no jobs to get and go to, who have no elite pigs creating jobs for them to get and go to, who have lost their homes and live in shelters or on the streets, and with their families, no less, who watch as their children become ill and depressed because mommy and daddy can’t find work in order to house, clothe and feed them.

    And meanwhile, this piece of shit government and society keeps bailing out the PIGS who could never spend the money they have, and who have made sure these “freeloaders” remain in a perpetual state of poverty, where asshole Mericans can mock them and drive them insane!

    I hate this FUCKING SHIT!!!!!

    Somebody, push the god damn button, and let’s get this shit over with. Or let’s all overthrow this piece of shit and end this tyranny!


    1. I hear you Sojourner and I wish that I could push the goddamn button too because that is the only way that any damn thing is going to change, THE ONLY WAY! We’ve been pissing in the wind for how many decades now? We sat back and watched our jobs head overseas. We sat back and watched unions get dismantled or turn crooked and didn’t do a goddamn thing about it. We sat back and watched the taking over of our country by corporate criminals and the criminals that run this country and look at where we are. We sat back and watched our rights, one by one, go “Bye-Bye!” And what the fuck did we do? Not a goddamn thing but suck on our thumbs and pretend like shit is kosher, fine and dandy. Well, it ain’t fine and dandy, but we’re GOOD!

      Goddamn this fucking shit!!!


  2. “Over the past three decades, income inequality has grown dramatically. After remaining relatively constant for much of the post-war era, the share of total income accrued by the wealthiest 10 percent of households jumped from 34.6 percent in 1980 to 48.2 percent in 2008. Much of the spike was driven by the share of total income accrued by the richest 1 percent of households. Between 1980 and 2008, their share rose from 10.0 percent to 21.0 percent, making the United States as one of the most unequal countries in the world…”

    This is from my post:

    Read the entire article I quote from, and then get ready to cuss and vomit!


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