The Zionist Owned and Operated U.S. Corporation, in All of Its War-Mongering, Genocidal Ugliness!

Yeah, look at the video, you pack of useless, hypnotized, brain dead, fucked up Americanos and keep pretending that this shit ain’t on your goddamn plate, because it’s smeared like bull’s shit all over your goddamn plate and spoon feed this up your ass and see how well you like to be rectally hydrated; you know like those INNOCENT people that are cooling their heels in Guantanamo and in other government facilities of the like all across this planet that we have fucked up.

Your piece of shit commander-in-chief of barbarity, hypocrisy and blatant, outrageous lies is at it again, attempting to turn tripe into rose petals and you eat that shit up and belch it out and don’t even fucking blink over it.

Your turn is coming! Never fear! Uh…on the other hand, yeah, motherfuckers, start fearing what’s heading your motherfucking way!!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

Here, Mr. and Ms. Merica, is your piece of shit government’s way of “bringing democracy to the world.” Watch this video and try to be a proud Merican:


And don’t give me the “9/11” bullshit! “9/11,” one last time, was a Zionist/U.S. Corporation false-flag/black-op, which left Islamic people holding the genocidal bag for Israeli-Zionist terrorists (Mossad)!

We the people of this dying empire, every last one of us, are responsible for these Nazi-like atrocities being perpetrated on the disenfranchised peoples of this world. This is our government committing these “ACTS OF TERROR,” these horrific crimes against humanity. Even though this government is owned and operated by foreign criminals, and so does not represent we the people in any way, the responsibility for the actions of this government still fall on us.

History, in the end, will judge we the people just as harshly as the German people…

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9 thoughts on “The Zionist Owned and Operated U.S. Corporation, in All of Its War-Mongering, Genocidal Ugliness!

      • Unfortunately, I believe there will never be peace again on this earth, until the people wage a war to regain this planet and their lives. And, as you point, we older assholes have been so self-this and self-that that we have allowed this pig minority to rape and pillage us in every way possible, as you listed above.

        I have to have hope in something, so, as I’ve written before, I am placing my hope in the very young, whom I think have a real dislike for the system/order we older assholes have allowed to take over.

        People my age are worthless, for the most part, as you know. The only hope, and I mean the ONLY HOPE, there is is the young people. Or there is no hope at all.


  1. Oh as to there being no peace on earth, that’s a given as peace isn’t profitable as the warmongers and war profiteers know all too well. We can only hope that the youth can somehow undo the massive and devastating destruction that we have wrought here, but alas, I think the task of re-righting this shit is an insurmountable task of epic proportion, unfortunately!


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