“Davos Elites Enjoy the Global Depression”

Excuse me! Yeah you! All twelve of you that’s left in fucking middle class Amerikka, do you truly have no idea how worthless you are to the super rich? No idea! Well then by all means, Sojourner can clue your clueless ass in!
“Freeland goes on to quote Thomas Wilson, CEO of Allstate, who also lamented this global reality: “I can get [workers] anywhere in the world. It is a problem for America, but it is not necessarily a problem for American business … American businesses will adapt.”

“By now, it should be exceedingly clear that the economic “best interests” of the American middle class is a non-concern for the Globalists.”
So, do you still think that you’re at Cinderella’s Ball but that at 12 midnight, your little fantasy is going to continue as opposed to reality biting you on the ass? The uber rich have declared that you are of no account! You don’t matter! You are no better than that homeless person that you crossed the street to avoid. So, tip that bottle of Dom up and capture the dregs of it because 12 midnight will be here before you know it! And not an elite pig in sight is gonna give you a job even licking their boots clean for fifty cent.

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

“Middle-class? We don’t need no stinking middle-class?”

If the following article doesn’t enrage you, then I guess you are either an elite-pig or on life-support:

Davos Elites Enjoy the Global Depression


Activist Post

When Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, started the yearly pilgrimage to the inner sanctums of the Swiss Gnomes, he could hardly conceive that the ritual would turn into a celebrity bash of the super rich. The Davos venue is appropriate. Only rarefied air is suitable for the global Mattoids.

Billed as an assembly of business moguls, it really is more of an audition of well-heeled speculators vying for inclusion into the real power elites who make or break governments, economies and political destinies. Using a combination of a Hollywood press agent, Madison Avenue ad firm and a media business channel the CNBC cheerleaders, the Davos clan relishes in their ill-gotten…

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4 thoughts on ““Davos Elites Enjoy the Global Depression”

  1. Thanks, Shelby.

    This article I quoted went hand in hand with the one you reblogged.

    If they don’t wake up soon, it’s going to be too late for all of us. But I’m 65, which is not ancient, so I have a much shorter time to go than a twenty-one year old. And it is them, the young, who I am concerned about reaching. People my age, and ten years younger, are either with you and me or they are already brain-dead and gone.

    It is the young that we should be focused on, since they seem to be less trusting of the system/order, and they have enough numbers and life left to effect change. We need to encourage them to stand up against this tyranny. Something most of us have not done.

    I was almost ready to give up last night, and then Tube, you and a young lady, who is now following my blog, brought me back to the reality that I can’t give up! I can’t turn my back on people. So thanks for the pick-up this morning, Kiddo!


    • Thank you Sojourner! Hang in there man! We are all tired and we are fed up with the bullshit that just keeps on coming. But we owe it to those of much younger years than we are to keep at it. As I’ve stated before, they don’t deserve this shit! But if we don’t get with it, they’ll get part and parcel of a shitload of hell handed down to them! For the love of …!!!


  2. I say good riddance to the middle class, who gladly serve as the gatekeepers and surreptitious policemen for the elite. It’s the middle class doctors, lawyers, teachers and social workers who control whether working class people get a good education, get to keep their kids, get to qualify for disability and get to stay out of jail. As a private practice psychiatrist, I refused to play the game I was asked to play by big corporate employers, the Social Security Administration, health insurance companies and the Federal Office of Workers Compensation. I refused to declare union activists mentally ill and disabled people capable of returning to work.

    Because I refused to become a medical prostitute, I barely scraped together enough income to cover my overhead and nearly went bankrupt. But unlike many of my colleagues, at least I slept at night.


    • To be perfectly honest Dr. Bramhall, I don’t care a hill ‘o beans about much of anything these days. But I must say, even I can muster up enough energy to be floored by the way you were treated. I shouldn’t really be surprised since what happened to you is basically why I just don’t give a shit about anything anymore. I’m having issues very similar to yours with regards to an accident I was recently involved in and I am at the end of my rope in dealing with this madness. Corruption, corruption and corruption is what this shithole is all about. It is not about fairness and honor and integrity and in all actuality, they never existed in this shithole in the first place. I have had to fight to get the bitch that caused the accident to get prosecuted and yet the court, seeing as how she’s all lily white assed, has gotten her off on a petty misdemeanor charge of driving without due care when I am no longer able to lift my right arm up over my head. I am right-handed and my right shoulder is all but useless and if you could view all of the CT scans and MRIs they’ve taken of me, you would wonder why I’m not screaming in mortal agony 24/7 and this bitch gets to pay a fine and go her merry fucking way! Oh and my lawyers, are all pieces of shit!

      So, I understand all too well what you went through and then some seeing as how for those who look like me, it’ll always be worse!!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. And one more piece of advice, never come back to this shithole. Just stay where you are, you’re better off!


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