Mr. Robertson, Sell The Car And Keep Walking!

Mr Robertson


James Robertson, a Detroit resident was featured in a story about his supposed ‘plight’ of having to walk more than 20 miles a day to get to his job and has been doing this for 10 years. Since his story went ‘viral’, Mr. Robertson has been bombarded with media attention and well wishers have raised more than $310,000 to help him purchase a car. When trying to obtain insurance for Mr. Robertson, the quote for insurance was $15,000 a year in premiums, which is astronomical, but apparently, is considered to be the norm for insurance premiums in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Robertson earns $10.55 an hour and therefore, could not save for a vehicle and thus began his 20 mile hike to work for the past 10 years.

When all the hype is over and the cameras have been turned elsewhere, Mr. Robertson will be back at square one when the money runs out and his vehicle requires maintenance and the insurance premium comes due.

Mr. Robertson, you are probably far more healthy due to all the walking that enabled you to get to and from your job in Detroit, Michigan for ten years. Also, think of all the money that would have gone to paying vehicle taxes, gas, insurance, maintenance expenses and all of the other expenses related to owning a motor vehicle. In other words, corporate America has missed you, Mr. Robertson. Welcome back!

Since you have walked for ten years, your body is fit and in shape to continue and therefore, you would in all likely hood, live longer and I am pretty sure that you are not diabetic and you are certainly not obese, judging from your picture. But all of that is about to change once you get behind the wheel of what someone thinks is an improvement over your current situation. If we can, we all need to follow your example of walking as much as possible. It would go a long way in placing a lid on the number of pharmaceutical drugs that are inside our medicine cabinet.

What I would like to know is why this gift is perceived as a good thing when we are inundated with the horrors of co2 emissions or greenhouse gasses that aid and abet climate change all while the health benefits of walking, flew right out the window? This man should have been hailed as a shining example of what we should all strive for. He has put a damper on corporate profits for the past 10 years and now, he is being reeled in. He has reduced his carbon footprint and now, it is perceived as a really, really good thing to rev up his carbon footprint. Seriously? Will there ever be a general consensus that walking or taking mass transit is better for our planet as opposed to gassing up the vehicle and fouling up the atmosphere? People! For the love of the planet, figure out just what the hell you want! Corporate profits or less greenhouse gasses and healthier people and a healthier planet?

Oh and congratulations are in order, I guess, Mr. Robertson.


7 thoughts on “Mr. Robertson, Sell The Car And Keep Walking!

    1. This man’s life is about to spiral downwards, faster than the highest speed his new Ford can get up to. I must say, the hypocritical shit just never ends. We either want people healthier and are concerned about ‘global warming’ or we are really just pissing in the wind. We are pissing in the wind.

      We are indeed, fucked up and what the fuck when a bright red shiny Ford is touted as the best thing, it’s on par with drones. What a wonderful thing has been done in aiding and abetting in the destruction of Mr. Robertson’s health, finances and not to mention, the many times that he will get pulled over by the 6 militarized racist ass cops that the City of Detroit can still manage to pay to ‘fuck and disturb’ the hapless citizens of Detroit.

      And Mr. Robertson looks quite speechless as well he should, seeing as there is just a tremendous tally of do-gooders apparently at his beck and call for a photo-op over a brand new red car but were not there to insist that it is an egregious sin that a man has been working a job for over 10 years and yet his earnings sit at a whopping $10.55 an hour. Where is the hue and cry over that? But no! The thing is to get Mr. Robertson behind the wheel of a vehicle and entangle him in the corporate net of debt and servitude with an abundance of monthly premiums, gas receipts and the whole nine yards. What an accomplishment we have here!

      Thank you for your comment Tube! Much appreciated!


    1. …give the man a job that paid a living wage, say 5 miles from home…

      And there you have it folks! Sense and sensibility prettily packaged and with a nice bow atop it. That is exactly what Mr. Robertson needs if it has been determined that he needed anything. The man earns $10.55 an hour and we know that he was on the job for over 10 years, but THAT is not the problem, the problem is that the man has to walk 20 miles to get to a $10.55 an hour job, but the $10.55 per hour salary is NO problem because it was easily corrected by putting him in a car. WOW! For the love of …!!!! Seriously?!!! Did most people get dropped on their head at birth?

      Toritto, obviously, you were not dropped on your head and it shows. Thank you for that spot on comment!


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