Planned Parenthood Celebrates History of Killing Millions of Unborn Black Babies for Black History Month

A piece of shit had THIS to say about this article.
“Obviously, the Blacks don’t really think, “Black Lives Matter.”

My response here!
“Indeed! We know that no lives matter to whites because you worthless fucks are the ones who lead in exterminating people. How many lives mattered to the Nazis? How many slave lives mattered to the whites that cut runaway slaves down? How many Black slaves mattered when they were being forced from Africa aboard slave ships enduring conditions of which many could not survive? How many Indian lives mattered to the whites that didn’t immigrate here but stole this land from the Indians and damn near killed them off, but you want to comment on Black lives and whether they matter or not to Black people? Look to your own goddamn racist past and then shut the fuck up with your worthless ass pretentions when you don’t give a goddamn, all you want to do is point the goddamn finger!”

Mass killing was learned at the feet of the masters of mass killing and on that score, whites will always reign supreme! Now suck on that!
Fucking suck on it and get back to me on it after you’ve guzzled it down, regurgitated it and then get it rectally hydrated. Who the fuck is killing innocent people in Guantanamo? Who the fuck is responsible for the murder of over a million Iraqi citizens? Did their lives matter to whites? That would, be a resounding “Fuck no!” But you want to wonder about Black lives and whether or not they matter to Blacks. Look to the filthy, vile, detestable and barbaric killings of probably over a billion people that have been killed by whites. Who other than whites were responsible for the mass killing of the Japanese when two atomic bombs were dropped in two of their cities? You fucking wondering about that? Are you fucking wondering why Vietnamese lives didn’t matter to the whites that started a war over in Vietnam? You fucking, nasty ass piece of stinking shit with your fucked up pretentious ass bullshit, this entire world is fucked up because NO LIVES MATTER TO THE WHITES!!

10 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Celebrates History of Killing Millions of Unborn Black Babies for Black History Month

  1. Thanks for sharing this ugly piece of racist, anti-woman propaganda. The US is the only developed country that allows fundamentalist Christian values so much prominence in the public domain. Outside the US, this kind of dogmatic fundamentalism (which is intimately linked to racism) is limited to the developing world.


    • Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. As you can see, I went the fuck off! That piece of shit is why I go the fuck off all too goddamn often. That shit wants to pretend that white people don’t get abortions and overlook the fact that they do. I know racist shit when I see it because I’ve seen enough of it!

      Apparently, the piece of shit that posted that comment had an agenda, of course because why not comment about the white lives that don’t matter to whites when they enter the doors of abortion clinics because they are not fucking going inside an abortion clinic to order goddamn coffee. They’d fucking go to Starbucks for that shit!

      Goddamn shits with their pretensions make me want to fucking puke as if they give a fuck about Black people’s children. I am fed up beyond enough with this nasty, vile ass shit. I am going to start limiting what blogs I follow because I’m not trying to have a stroke when I see some piece of shit posting something in an effort to get someone’s goat up. That’s the problem with the internet is that any piece of nastiness can sit behind a monitor and type out filth, but they’d not face someone with their bullshit and we fucking know it because they’re fucking simple ass cowards!

      Again, thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated.


    • What lets me off THAT particular fucking hook is the fact that I ain’t fucking christian! I taught goddamn sunday school at one point in time, but fuck if they want my ass back up in there with some teachings. I’d fucking give ’em hell alright and they wouldn’t have to die to get there!


  2. “We are partnering with young black women and men — the next generation…”

    What an absolute crock of shit! “The next generation?” They don’t want there to be a next generation of anything but Western and Central Europeans (whites), which includes the Zionist pigs, from Khazaria, not Palestine, who are responsible for the monster that created planned parenthood: eugenics (“The Well Born”), as well as Darwin’s bullshit. All of it a dehumanizing, steaming pile of racist, bigoted shit!

    This is why, for four months, I stopped accepting comments. This asshole is not worthy of a response from you, but I don’t blame you for going off. It’s like I said the other day, why not just push the button and get it all over with.


    • Sojourner, I realize that that shit that posted that was a troll, but I could not let that go unchallenged. I am sick and tired and fed up with all the bullshit that gets put on Black people’s plate and you know that I had recently blogged about this abortion controversy and I was having none of it. I am no longer following that blog because the blog author knew that that comment was incendiary and it was intentionally done not out of any righteous indignation but because it wanted to shit stir. Obviously, the blog owner is white and did not have a problem with what was posted. I happened to have had a problem with what was posted and made that fact known in no uncertain terms. I take nothing that I stated, back. I meant each and every word I typed and I still do. And that is why I am no longer following some blogs because I am fed up with getting heated up over nasty, vile and fucked up shit that gets posted.

      As you are probably aware, I am fiery by nature and I hate injustice and when I see it, I’ve got to speak up. So, the less I allow myself to get hot over, maybe the less likely I am to get a spike in blood pressure. I’m really not sure that I am going to continue paying for internet service once my two-year agreement is finished. Because frankly, I am tired of the shitheads that run amok all over the net.

      This is exactly what Dr. Bramhall was speaking of when she said that many bloggers just pick up the headlines and run with it because of all the trolls and other shit like that. So, I stand corrected once again in thinking that bloggers should spread other bloggers shit around.

      Thank you for your comment.


      • I hear you, believe me. For the last two weeks, and for financial reasons and many others, I have been contemplating making major changes in my life. And doing away with cable and internet has been heavy on my mind. I live alone and so sometimes television, late at night, breaks the unbearable silence. But I may need to do without.

        The way things are proceeding, with this piece of shit government, the internet, very soon, may be either gone or so regulated that we would be taken down and/or thrown into a FEMA camp.

        If the latter should happen, they better come for me armed, and I am not bullshitting. I am fed up, and, in all honesty, I am tired of being, period! So if they want me, it’ll cost them! But I take too much credit. I’m just a speck of fly crap on the wall. And that is fine with me.

        You had every right to blast the asshole, and I am glad you did. But I know, at least for me, this kind of shit takes a toll.

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      • I’ve said this before and I say it again, I have to practically climb a goddamn pole to get online as it is because when the wind blows, the goddamn internet is out. The fucking phone cuts off in the middle of a call and this is the goddamn landline. I have cussed the goddamn company representatives out over this bullshit and they had the nerve to increase my bill? I fucking dealt with that shit too! I am having none of it and as soon as my two-year contract is up, I’m fucking done.

        Reading is my favorite pastime and I have no problem if reading is the ONLY pastime that I have. The only reason that I am home more is because of my injuries, but as soon as I am able, I’m outta here, that is if the goddamn world ain’t got blown to bits by that time.

        And I am so fed up on so many fronts, you have no idea! We’re all just a ‘speck of fly crap’, dontcha know?, but the problem is that there are too many of us ‘specks of fly crap’ and so we’re all a threat because we woke the fuck up and took a look around and we ain’t hardly liking what we see and we ain’t being all silent like about it and you know I have beseeched Russia over and over again to put paid to this shit over here. They can drop THE bomb any day now and it wouldn’t hardly fuck up my motherfucking day!

        Thanks Sojourner!


  3. Just let me know where ground zero will be, and then it will be, CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!;-) And yes, this is evidently the reason for all the FEMA camps.

    I was on a dial-up for a few years. It drove me insane, so I feel for you.

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    • LMAO!!! Sojourner, you are too goddamn funny! I hate to even say this because it is SO damn embarrassing. That’s the problem! I am NOT on dial-up! I could understand if I was on dial-up, but that ain’t even the case.

      You see Sojourner, since I live out in the middle of no goddamn where, there is not much to choose from in internet/phone/cable providers. The big names don’t bother with small towns that have less than 600 people in them and so out here, we’ve got some jackleg, bootleg shit going on and there are only two companies that are out here and neither one are any better than the other. We can pick loser company number one or loser company number two.

      But that was just so damn funny that since my service is SO damn awful, you would think I was on dial-up!! LMAO!! Although, I shouldn’t really be laughing since I’m paying for this shit!

      Sojourner, you’re a riot! Thanks man!


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