Be The Star Of Your Own Show!

star of the show

The duke’s daughter was a winsome little creature.
She was sought by all the fops that were in debt.
Her mind was not focused on her duty.
Nor did she care for the dandies of her set.

She approached the ‘season’ with trepidation.
Her heart wasn’t in it, not at all.
What she wanted was to be upon the stage,
and not attend yet another boring Ball.

She decided to trade places with her maid.
The two looked so very much alike.
They both were such winsome little creatures.
But her maid had qualities, unladylike.

The deception proved daunting, yes it did.
But her ladyship was headstrong more than most.
They got down to the business of trading places,
to take over the others rightful post.

Now the duke never really saw his daughter.
She was just another countless number in his brood.
His son; his heir was more important.
And the girls were eye candy to be viewed.

The transformation took place without a hitch.
The daughter of a duke began to act.
She found life quite hard in the beginning.
But she was determined to go on and not look back.

The former daughter of a duke did get her break.
She had the cutest little dimples in her cheeks.
To the stage, she took like ducks to water
And at night, she’s wined and dined by princely sheiks.

Now her likeness is married to an Earl.
He welcomes her dowry and her blushes.
Little does he know he’s been deceived,
by what he thinks is the daughter of a duchess.

Ah, the vagaries of life, what can I say
when one yearns for what the other has?
They both assume a different role,
So, let’s all jump the fence and test the grass.

Will we like what we find on the other side?
There is only one way to ever know.
Step out of your comfort zone and try,
to live life and be the star of your own show.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Whatever you want to do in life, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back; not even fear. Just be the ‘star of your own show’!

12 thoughts on “Be The Star Of Your Own Show!

    1. Thank you Susan! This was all about fun. I read a lot out of the period of Regency England and it sort of sticks with me and I thought I would pen a bit of humor as opposed to always being so reality, reality stuck.

      Again thanks and glad you like it!


    1. Rekha, you can’t be the star of YOUR own show? No one is suggesting that your name has to be in lights. I am only saying that if you have a dream to play the piano, take piano lessons and instead of dreaming about playing the piano, play the piano. If you dream about wanting to mountain climb, but you’re afraid of heights, start with wall climbing and then go from there. If you dream of opening your own beauty shop, contact the local beauty school to find out who is up for graduation and find a little shop, advertise, even buy your equipment second-hand or save up or go to your local credit union and see if you can take out a small loan. If your dream is to sing, start with karaoke and see how well received you are.

      The point of this one was actually based on an online back and forth I had with someone over whether or not to do stand-up comedy but in all actuality, I would much rather go to nursing homes and attempt to bring humor to an elderly person or mentor a child and use my gift of making people laugh to help someone learn. And maybe, I could open some eyes at poetry reading night at some venue and finish with humor. I make strangers laugh all the time; over the phone, waiting in the office, in line and everywhere else. So why not do something constructive? I hope to find out if I can. But I will no longer let fear stand in my way. If I fall flat, I fall flat, but at least I will have tried and I’ll be the star of my own show because I went for it and did not let fear hold me back.

      And yes, I think that we are already the star of our own show because every single one of us is already a star because we ‘star’ in life and now what we choose to do with life is up to us. I’m just saying that dreams can come true; maybe with a little luck and maybe by perseverance but why sit out the show when you can star in it because if you sit around and mope about what you can’t do because of this, that or the other, life is passing you by. Make the most of it and be the star as opposed to sitting it out and watching other people realize their dreams and potential. We are all talented at something. We’re not all going to be famous singers or actors and actresses but that doesn’t mean that those people are the ‘only’ stars around. In my opinion, a person who spends his/her life helping the homeless is a star. The person that started out repairing junk cars in his/her backyard, saved up and opened their own mechanic shop and refuses to overcharge customers is a star.

      In school, we were handed out stars for doing our best and when we did, it showed. Hand yourself a star when you know you’ve done the best you could and no one had to tell you that you were a star; you already knew it. Is the concept so hard to grasp? We wait for people to recognize us and give us accolades when we should be doing this ourselves. Too many people think they’re less than nothing because what is recognized and touted as success as defined by society is only star worthy. Not true. The brightest stars are unsung heroes and no one has to tell them that they’re a ‘star’, they already know it.

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      1. Wow! Shelby, thanks for taking time to sink the point. You are a great motivator. Thanks once again. Hug, love and happiness to you. Have a nice day, dear Shelby.

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  1. If we lived in this world, before the inbred and insane few had taken control, I think your poem would have been met with, “What does she mean? We are the star of our own shows, we are completely free to be!”

    But we live in a world of false realities, where people ask, and rightly so, “How can I be the star of my own show?” And this is sad, because, even with the false realities that have been created to enslave us, we can still turn away from that lie, find our true selves, and become the star of our own show!

    From my early teens, I determined not to live a life like my parents’. Even then, I saw them as being enslaved to some thing they couldn’t even describe, they weren’t even aware of!

    My life has not been easy, but I have lived it my way, and not the way of the madding crowd! I sought to be the star of my own show, and it didn’t always work out the way I wanted, but I continued on despite my failures. And on this one thing, I have no regrets whatsoever!! I would seek the same life and show again, with a few alterations, of course;-)

    Thanks for this, Shelby! I hope folks listen!


    1. So true Sojourner! And more’s the pity that we live in a world that has mentally fucked so many people up into thinking that they must have certain THINGS in order to be considered ‘star’ worthy. I get this everywhere I go and that is why I spend so much time trying to get people to understand that the shits that get held up as ‘star quality’ are in actuality, fake assed. People who are in the trenches rarely get a ‘star’ because they’re not seeking one from the Grammy’s or the Oscars. They are the true and real stars because they do what they do not out of expecting any sort of recognition but because they are truly unique in that they care and the ‘star’ quality of their humanity is there for all to see by their actions; their deeds. Let my deeds speak for me. I don’t need someone to point the finger at me and go, “she’s a star, here is your award.” If I can just help someone feel a little better today or if I can give a meal to someone less fortunate than I am, if I can be the person that I want to be and not a careless, unkind and ignorant asshole, I’m the star of my own show because I know that I didn’t look around to see if cameras were rolling so that I could puff out my chest and say, “Look at what I do?”

      And I hear you Sojourner and that is why I too went my way. I did not want to remain in a narrow-minded bigoted little southern town all my life with gossipy shits badmouthing those who weren’t up to par in their books. The entire goddamn town was like that. And so I split! But I kept going back to take care of those worthless shits when they needed me and I got abused for it, but that’s on them.

      Oh there is plenty that I could have done different in my life and there are things that I am truly glad that I’ve done because I can sleep at night knowing that my actions have not hurt someone else and hoping that if I wake up on the morrow, there is something that I can do for someone else.

      Thank you Sojourner for your support and for all that you add to my blog! I am SO very glad that I found my way to you! Stay strong, my friend!


      1. Thanks, Shelby! The feeling is very mutual!

        You said,

        “People who are in the trenches rarely get a ‘star’ because they’re not seeking one from the Grammy’s or the Oscars. They are the true and real stars because they do what they do not out of expecting any sort of recognition but because they are truly unique in that they care and the ‘star’ quality of their humanity is there for all to see by their actions; their deeds.”

        This is absolutely correct. The people who spend their lives serving and loving others are rarely heard of or respected. The powers that be have transformed the majority into uncaring, self-everything assholes who care about nothing but themselves: “I, me and mine”.

        Unfortunately, I have hurt people I love, and I regret that deeply, but I have had to move on and forgive my self, even if others can’t or won’t.

        I, too, desire to serve and love others, because, in the end, this is what truly matters: humanity is what matters, all of us! But, unfortunately, the majority, as of now, doesn’t see it this way.

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      2. Yes, indeed, selfishness is the rule of the day. People are self-absorbed, self-serving and just flat out selfish and that is why we are descending at a rapid pace into such a dysfunctional society of whiny cry babies that crave attention for having wardrobe malfunctions or for stepping on people on our way up. We don’t realize that after up comes down and the fall is all the more painful, the higher up we go. And we’ll see the same people that we stepped on, on the way down. And what should they do? It depends on the individual.

        Will most of us ever get it? Highly doubtful, but I’ll put it out there just the same.

        Again, thanks Sojourner!


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