Why I Created This Blog

“…This attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image, and body didn’t began a few years ago, a few months ago, a few years ago, or a few decades ago. It began when Africans came into contact with the Europeans hundreds of years ago.”

And everyone that has read just about ANYTHING on my blog know exactly what is meant by an ‘attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image and body’ so don’t even act like you don’t know!

Whites have been hell bent on dehumanizing and demonizing us since the beginning of what I shall refer to as ‘the end’ for those who are in Africa and for those of us who were dragged from Africa, especially African(Black) Women.

Beauty is not only skin deep, it goes down deep into the soul and Black Women are the ultimate in beauty because we are beautiful and when we love, we love. But get us angry and you know where hath no fury! And if you don’t believe that, archive to your heart’s content!


I am Original Woman 13. I created this blog as a counter to the relentless and ongoing psychological warfare via the media against the psyche of the African (Black) Woman. This attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image, and body didn’t began a few years ago, a few months ago, a few years ago, or a few decades ago. It began when Africans came into contact with the Europeans hundreds of years ago.

Because of the demonization of the African Woman some Black Women deal  with it by becoming angry (which is a defense mechanism and is understandable within an anti-black people, anti-black woman society), some slip into depression and despair coupled with feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, and many Black Women internalize this inferiority complex by becoming self-hating or anti-self. Black Women have made TREMENDOUS contributions and achievements to world history and civilizations for thousands of years before Europeans…

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7 thoughts on “Why I Created This Blog

  1. “This is Irene Major, former model from Cameroon, West Africa and wife of Canadian oil tycoon, Sam Malin. Major admitted last year that she spends thousands of dollars in skin lightning cremes because she feels “prettier” in light skin. Her sister also commented about this disturbing trend among many African women in which they feel pressured to conform to Euro standards of beauty and that rich African Men tend to marry light or white women…”

    This is happening in Asian countries also. A friend married a woman from Thailand, and many of her friends are lightening their skin in order to look more like European/Merican women.

    It’s sad, We were all made to be different and beautiful, and in many ways beyond the outward view, especially the inside, the mind and heart. I won’t say more, because I am not really qualified: white and male, you know;-)

    I read her article, it was on reader. I hope young black girls and women read it and listen!


    • Sojourner, many of us are trying to launch a counter attack against the powerful media that portrays Black women as nothings and which then creates an atmosphere among people with dark skin that is clouded with evil thoughts about their own skin color, tone or complexion. This media barrage of hatred towards the dark skinned Black woman is ferocious and unrelenting and many are getting caught up in its path and are swept away into the land of skin lightening crèmes and lotions so that then and only then may they be portrayed as somewhat acceptably ‘pretty’ since the idea that ‘white’ skin and white skin only is beautiful has been drummed into their minds and that that is the only way they will ever know true beauty.

      Even women in Ethiopia are buying into the bullshit and are literally buying the bullshit of skin lighteners and are fucking up their lovely dark skin with that shit, Not to mention, they are also filling up the coffers of some rich white shit that’s selling the hell out of skin lightening crèmes and lotions, with their money into this bargain with the devil.

      There are just so many battles to be fought and the warriors are weary but must ever trudge onward. Sigh!!!!! Sadly, I am so fucking full of despair so damn often, it’s even getting on my damn nerves, damn it!

      And as usual, we can put it out there, but will they listen? THAT is the question!

      Thank you for your comment Sojourner! Much appreciated.


  2. White people seem extremely conflicted about this whole skin color thing. Many of them are happy to spend a fortune for a darker tan – the darker the better. Yet they insist on maintaining a racial privilege system that operates against people born with natural tans.


    • Don’t it just take the piss, Dr. Bramhall? On the one hand, we have Africans buying skin lightening crèmes and lotions to ‘whiten’ up and on the other, we have whites buying tanning lotions and crèmes and heading to the tanning salon to get darker. But for the whites, it can be a matter of choice because many don’t really like the paleness of their skin, but for the sake of racism, bigotry, prejudice and so forth and so on, they’d never trade places with the Africans that are into buying skin lighteners. What a mucked up society we have created when whites are trying for dark and the dark ones are trying for white.

      As I always say, “I fucking despair of us!”

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Your contribution is always appreciated.


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