I am fucking sick of America’s shit! Do any of you have any idea of how many innocent people have been blown to pieces while we sit in Starbucks? While we drive to the mall? While we sit down at our GMO dinner? While we text and sext and like all up and down on Facebook? While we guzzle beer at the bar and scratch ourselves? While we pretend that we are ‘exceptional’?

We are useless shits! All of us! Don’t even pretend that you ain’t useless because you are! How do YOU give a damn? What is any of us doing to show that we give a damn? Not one damn thing because we are useless and because we are useless, people are dying all over the world while we party and rock it and get our hair and nails done! I fucking swear, this shithole of a diseased whore called Amerikkka needs to die already!!!

To the rest of the world! We are NOT going to do anything to stop the senseless murders that are taking place in your country and in your country and in your country. Get together and wipe this nasty, diseased whore all up out of here!! PLEASE!!!! For the sake of all of the innocents that have a target on their chest and a drone aimed at it, I beg of you! Nuke this shithole!! NOW!!!

Go to this man’s blog and see the picture of the 13 year old boy that got blown up! Thirteen!!!!! Preacher man????! Bishop????!!! Pope Hope??!!! Reverend??!!! Pastor???!!!! Where the fuck are you???!! “Thou shall NOT KILL!” Do you fucking remember that??? Well, what the hell would you call this????!!! You fucking got religion????!!!! Are you fucking kidding me????? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!!!!!


Tube firy heading

Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA and pondering.

How is it that the United States can keep all the wars going on for years and years and just not run out of enemies. How can we be so good at this and can’t seem to fix our own streets, roads and bridges?

Is THIS what American Exceptionalism is all about? Being able to PREACH caring and peace by running undisciplined about the world kicking and screaming in reality about getting OUR own way? Disregarding ALL peoples in our way so we can get OURS even when what we want doesn’t belong to us.

So let Tubularsock define some terms to get things a bit more clear.

Now Tubularsock knows many of you know this already but as time passes we all forget some things because it just…

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4 thoughts on “HOW MANY ENEMIES?

  1. I wanted to tear something to pieces, too, when I read this. I wanted to yell until something happened to change this.

    I hate this government, beyond anything I can describe!


    • I am in the process of having screaming fits! It is a good thing that I am out in the middle of nowhere because I would have been hauled off by now with a wrap-around jacket on! And I sincerely mean that!

      For the love of ….!!!!!!!!


      • The neighbors, so far, haven’t tried to put me in a straitjacket, I guess they just chock it up to senility;-)

        Hang in there.

        Our time may be short to get the word out there. If Obomber’s current bills pass, and they will, they may either take us off the internet, or send the storm-troopers for us. If it’s the latter, they better be prepared for a bad time with me!

        It’s only a matter of time. The writing, I believe, is on the wall, in bold letters!


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