In Defense of “Hysterical” Lefties

Toritto has said it all!
Thank you!!!
And as I’ve already stated, I am in GOOD company!


ed snowden speaks

Admit it.  He was right.

Yes.  I busted my ass for Obama the first time around.

Opened my checkbook, campaigned, knocked on doors. Did everything I could to see that he carried Florida in the Presidential election.

Not an easy task when Fred Thompson signs were as common as plastic pink flamingos at the time and right wing nuts carried Soviet flags outside of local Obama campaign headquarters.  Where women thought Palin was the essence of true feminism. I had the lone Obama sign on my lawn in a sea of McCain ‑ Palin cardboard.

But I got the last laugh. At least I thought so at the time.

We had elected a progressive Democratic President and controlled the two Houses of Congress.  And we carried Florida.

Maybe something would get done.

Maybe true universal healthcare. Maybe peace would come. Maybe a society which would leave behind racism. Maybe repeal…

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17 thoughts on “In Defense of “Hysterical” Lefties

  1. I’m glad you reblogged this, Shelby. I

    I left a comment on his blog, telling him that he basically wrote a picture of how I’ve felt for the past eight plus years. I, too, was taken in by Obama. Up to that point, I had been as cynical about this government as I am now. But, after “Yes we can” was ‘elected’ (appointed is more like it), within a very short period of time, I realized I had been fooled once again.



    • Add me to the list, unfortunately, of people that was taken in by that lying, two-faced, phony ass, hypocritical, deceitful, egomaniac of a puppet. I just voted for the bastard, twice and even had the nerve to celebrate when he was ‘anointed’ emperor of the United Snakes! I have since come to regret most severely my role, if any, really in all of this. Because, seriously, do we really ‘elect’ these assholes or do they just pretend that we do? Never mind, I believe I already know the answer. I am NOT voting. I am so sorry that people marched, protested and went through hell for me to obtain the right to vote, but I just cannot take part in what has disastrous consequences for the rest of the world. I do not want to be a willing party to drone strikes, war crimes, hypocrisy, illegal detentions, wire taps, rectal feeding otherwise known as torture and all things vile, atrocious and barbaric! I’ll be a party to none of THAT!

      And yes, this blog of Toritto’s is right on point Sojourner! Thank you for your comment!


      • What those people accomplished was not in vain, since you would have never come to understand your vote is worthless, unless you had he right to vote.

        It’s almost like we have to get screwed in order to understand we are being screwed!


      • “It’s almost like we have to get screwed in order to understand we are being screwed!”

        Talk about a sad fact! That IS a sad fact! For the love of …….!! It would seem that the more we think we have accomplished, the less we really have and the more we find we need to do unless we can figure out that it all needs to be torn down, demolished because the entire system is a sham; a pyramid scheme designed to benefit those at the top and to hell with the rest of us. We are mere serfs, drudging painfully to keep the rich afloat. When will enough of us get a clue? That is the question.

        And Bernie Madoff shouldn’t be the only thief cooling his heels in prison. The entire congress of these here United States should be in there as well as Obama, Biden and all the Wall Street criminals, every last one of them and throw in the city officials of every bankrupt city or close to bankrupt city in America. They all need to go!


  2. And don’t forget about the power behind the throne: the elite-pigs need to be dealt with also!

    Here is the point I have been trying to make, and you say it here:

    “It would seem that the more we think we have accomplished, the less we really have and the more we find we need to do unless we can figure out that it all needs to be torn down, demolished because the entire system is a sham; a pyramid scheme designed to benefit those at the top and to hell with the rest of us.”

    It has to be completely torn down, Shelby! And it can never be rebuilt the same way again, or this cycle from hell will continue on ad infinitum! This is what they are counting on: we the people rebelling, and then setting up a similar government, where the next batch of elite-pigs will move right in and take over, once again. And we the people will be right back in their hell.

    It’s Sisyphus rolling the bolder up the hill, only to have it roll back down again, time and time again!

    We the people, all of us, need to recreate the world. And how the hell do we do that?


    • Well for one, we could get off the grid, stop paying credit card debt. Refuse to work and stop paying all bills. Barter with one another for what we need. Grow our own food. Go to jail if need be for staking claim on some land and growing our own vegies. And for those who want milk and meat, cattle can be bartered for carpentry or cooking or doing odd jobs.

      Some people are going back to the basics and if we had only continued to live as the Indians lived, we would not be at this point. But no, there was no money to be made in living how the Indians lived and so the simple, but good way of life was demolished and capitalism was installed in place of that and so here we are. Is it working? Hell no! But the alternative for many just seems too difficult to bear because we have become used to our creature comforts that we overpay for but we do it anyway. And that continues the cycle. We sit down and watch TV and that TV tells us that we must have this, that and the other and so we must continuously work to pay off the debt we accumulate because of all the things they tell us that we want and that we then go out and buy. We must stop consuming just for the sake of consuming.

      People are indebting themselves to the detriment of their survival and their children’s survival. We should not be a credit score. We should not have to undergo criminal background and credit checks in order to get a job, an apartment, a house, a loan, a vehicle, insurance and then by our FICO score is it determined how much a deposit will be or how much interest we will pay on a loan or if we can even get one. We should not be taking out loans anyway. If you can’t pay for it with what you have, you don’t need it.

      Like I’ve stated, a great start, for those that can do this, is by going back to the basics. The Amish do it. At least many of them still live without electricity and air conditioning and they survive. We’re just soft and we were made soft so that we could all get caught up in this capitalist society that keeps us paying for the privilege of our comfortable living situation. That is why capitalism has tried to expand throughout the globe, even to regions that are considered 3rd world because if capitalism can include those countries, then a win-win for capitalism and a lose-lose for the people of those countries. Destroying rainforests is another way to add more people into capitalism’s sham because those people are no longer able to live in their natural habitat because it has been destroyed, so then they’ve got to find somewhere else to live that is on the grid and therefore, something can be made off those people.

      There is a way to stop capitalism but too many people will not opt for it because it would be uncomfortable.


      • You said it all, Shelby!

        This is everything that I have believed for the last several years; the withdrawing from and no longer taking part in the elite-pigs’ system/order; including stop working, stop paying bills, abandon all we own and find a place to live the way you have described here. No need for credit, we barter, and what we can’t get, we learn to do without. But we live, for once, instead of existing as beasts of burden for this insane minority who have kept we the people of this world enslaved, in one way or the other, for hundreds and thousands of years.

        What I meant was how do we, after this withdrawal, overthrow the powers that be, because they are not going to stand by as a large number of us begin this new kind of life; a life that will ultimately, if enough of us participate, annihilate their way of existence and system/order. There will have to be a final conflict of some kind, because these vermin are not just going to run away with their tales tucked between their hind legs.

        If only the young, in particular, could see and then seek what you have described here, what has been on my heart and mind for so long, the coming generations could overthrow and completely destroy this system/order, and then they could build a world that is truly of and for all of humanity, not just a psychotic, evil few.

        And now for my nerd imitation:

        I equate this to H.G. Wells Time Machine, where the Eloi are set up to be dinner for the Morlocks: the Morlocks have mind-controlled/conditioned/programmed the Eloi into an illusive state that makes them sheep to the slaughter. Like us, the Eloi have been conditioned to play the game the Morlocks, the elite-pigs, have set up to control, use and eventually devour and destroy them. And, in the end, it is one man who stands against this monstrous tyranny and helps to awaken the Eloi to their dire situation. And thus the Morlock were destroyed by the very people they had feasted upon.

        This may not happen in our lifetime, Shelby, but you and I, and the others here, can at least try to be that single man in Wells’ story and attempt to awaken them to the truth.

        We must have hope, even if it’s a tiny bit that comes and goes all the time, we must have it, or we and future generations are doomed. This is what I believe with all of my being!

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      • I’ve got some ideas Sojourner and I will post them once I’ve got them sorted out but it could be done on the same premise as the Amish but on a much larger scale. The elitist pigs are not messing with the Amish simply because they deem them to be no threat to capitalism and their reign over us. I am of course, all for non-violence but at the same time, I should be able to fight for the right to live as I choose and if I choose to get off the hamster wheel, then I am going to protect myself by any means necessary and that is a fact.

        But as soon as I work out some details to some thoughts that are spinning around, I’ll probably email you about something. It won’t be for a few weeks though. I’ll give you a heads up.


    • Shelby, very good suggestions about being self sufficient and getting off grid, live local, grow local etc. Truth of the matter, when it’s time to bug out, you better be far and away from FEMA, cops, national guard, Homeland Security, and the hungry and desperate hoards invading u’r shangri la!
      The Amish, Mormons, Lubavitch or whatever “safe” religious communities are gonna get stormed by the have nots. It’s gonna get brutal in AmeriKKKa without the food stamps, welfare, social security, obummer care and other entitlements. The cleansing is coming… a nice Caribbean or Polynesian island sounds just peachy right now!


      • Well, I’m in the middle of nowhere and the town only has about 600 people and it’s all farm land and such like. All you see is horses and cattle and barns. Hell! The main store is a saddle shop and they just opened a liquor store 2 miles down the highway from me. And I basically damn near have to climb a pole to get online. If the wind blows in the wrong direction, my computer is out and I’m not even on dialup, it just seems like it.

        No, it ain’t gonna be pretty when the shit hits the fan and those in major metropolitan areas are going to have quite the time of it in just trying to not get killed by folks gone feral.

        And you just had to comment on a ‘nice Caribbean or Polynesian island’ when I could use that about now seeing as how it’s -4. Thanks a lot 1EarthUnited. I’m just kidding. I usually like cold weather but since the accident, not so much.

        I thank you kindly for your comment!


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