While The World Is On Fire…!


While the world is on fire,
the whores of Hollywood did strut.
They took to the red carpet,
to show off a toned-up butt.

We need to see this mess.
It is important that we know,
that our favorite star is honored.
You couldn’t miss that show.

No one is any danger.
The homeless are not cold.
Drug addicts are in treatment,
and no child is being sold.

Keep a lookout for best-dressed,
and who got naked just for fun.
Go out and buy your favorite attire.
You won’t be the only one.

We know what is important.
It’s not the refugees of war,
but the whores of Hollywood,
that we worship from afar.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Can we get any more ridiculous? Odds are, yes we can! And remember how well, “Yes we can!” worked out for U.S.! I swear! We are so unbelievably stupid, useless, clueless and zombiefried! And I ain’t braggin’! I’m just sayin’!

Excuse me! Uh..world! This IS what America is all about! Depicted here, is a homosexual displaying his ‘junk’ for yet another potential, dare I say, husband? As you can see, we ALWAYS display GOOD taste. And please, PLEASE know that I am being so extremely sarcastic, it ain’t even funny!

17 thoughts on “While The World Is On Fire…!

  1. “I hate it [this country] and it’s Hollywood, Zionist-laced bullshit, as well as every other aspect of it!”

    I copied this from my response on your other post!

    It’s sickening! Not that I am any prize, or the best man that ever lived, I am not! But these assholes nauseate me; they’re about as real as a Bugs Bunny cartoon! And I hate to insult the rabbit!

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    1. I was nauseated when MSN’s home screen popped up and this shit was staring me in the face! I mean, seriously? Talk about being beyond the end of enough! I don’t want to see this shit any more than I would want to see Kim Kardashian’s ass hanging out. What the whores of Hollywood will do to get attention is just absolutely trashy, nasty, slutty, disgusting and offensive to my eyes. But I should not be surprised.

      Thank you for your comment Sojourner! I am beyond outraged!


      1. I thought I was pretty much alone, in this world, on this subject. You don’t know how good it is to hear you say these things.

        Look, I can not judge anyone else, I’m not a god! But I can make judgments about what they do and how that, in particular, effects the naive, vulnerable young. These assholes have no conscience whatsoever, life is about their fucked-p asses, the rest of exist to worship them.

        Fuck That!

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      2. Sojourner, you must know by now that I am totally outspoken and could care less what someone thinks of what I write. I have morals and principles and decency and values and the like and I am not politically correct.

        Yes, I have written before about how I live and let live and I even wrote a poem about homosexuality when Michael Sam played for the Rams and was seen kissing his boyfriend but I don’t like homosexuals because I am sick and tired of them claiming that their fight is the fight of Black people in America. And it is not! I was all about the business of ‘live and let live’ but when the homosexuals start claiming that what’s happening to them is on par with the struggles of Black people, I take exception. In damn near every state, a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman and they’ve been given the same benefits in marriage that heterosexual couples have, so what the fuck more do they want? I am sick and tired of their never ending complaints about stupid shit when if they had to walk a mile in my shoes, they’d shut the fuck up!

        I am not going to continue to give homosexuals the kid glove treatment. They need to grow the fuck up and realize that every goddamn thing is NOT about them and I certainly did not appreciate turning on my computer to see Neil Patrick Harris boldly depicted in his tighty whities.

        I don’t consider myself to be judging them. I just know what is sickening to me and homosexuality is sickening to me. It is disgusting, vile, depraved and indecent and they can call me an uptight Victorian spinster if they want, but I dare ’em to waltz all up in here on some “treat the homosexuals with respect” shit and as I always say, “I’ll mop the goddamn cyber floor with their vile and nasty, sick and twisted ass!”

        Sojourner, if you have strong feelings on a subject, you should feel free to voice those. Don’t let that politically correct shit silence you. You see I don’t because I could give a fuck about who ‘follows’ me. If I don’t stand for something, I’ll fall for anything and I am not going to jump on the gay bandwagon for expediency’s sake.

        Thank you for your comment Sojourner, again much appreciated.


  2. Excellent poem, as usual. But what the hell is that picture about? Is that part of the Oscar bull-shit? For real? Thanks Shelby. Americans think everything is fucking Disney World!


    1. It was Tube, at least if MSN’s home page was any indication. That obscene shit was staring me all up in the face when I signed in. I am just glad that I was not eating or drinking or I would be opening up the replacement to this computer! That is the only thing that I can be thankful for!

      But hey! It’s true American tastelessness and that’s what we here in America are all about! Now, you see why I don’t own a damn TV, but unfortunately, you can’t escape this trash because it’s plastered everywhere today.

      Thank you for your comment Tube! I appreciate it.


  3. “That whole thing about appealing to the moral conscience of America; America’s conscience is bankrupt. She lost all conscience a long time ago. Uncle Sam has no conscience. They don’t know what morals are. They don’t try and eliminate an evil because it’s evil, or because it’s illegal or because it’s immoral; they eliminate it only when it threatens their existence.”

    “So you’re wasting your time appealing to the moral conscience of a bankrupt man like Uncle Sam. If he had a conscience, he’d straighten this thing out with no more pressure being put upon him…”

    Malcolm X

    I read this today on another site. It pretty much sums up the problem with the west in general. We distract ourselves with the most puerile crap while our criminal governments in the west slaughter and oppress the rest of the planet. The world is on fire and eventually we will be the only things left for our despotic rulers to burn. But then again, maybe we deserve it for our apathy and indifference to the suffering of billions of people


    1. Newsfortherevolution, now on MSN’s home page, it’s all about that this Oscars had extremely low ratings and they’re having the nerve to wonder why. Oh my bad! I believe that the show, “The Walking Dead” was up against it. So, on the one hand, there was the whores of Hollywood with a blatant homosexual standing there in his padded tighty whities looking ridiculous and on the other hand, they were showing America’s true colors again, as brain dead zombies. So, that about covered the essence of America. We make movies called “Dumb And Dumber” and we think its funny when the movies IS the reality of America, the dumb and the dumber.

      America is setting the world on fire and here we sit watching stupid shit when we should be going the fuck off over the fact of our tax dollars going to support the so-called terrorists that we originally trained and armed in the first place and now we’re mad at them and it’s back to bombing the ones we trained. Meanwhile, people are homeless, hungry, sick, dying for no reason other than the fact that they can’t afford health care and again, here we sit, staring at a TV screen in our never ending quest for all things, entertainment wise. We are useless.

      Again, you are so right that because of our apathy and complacency, we are going to get what is coming to us but first the rest of the world is on fire thanks to us. We haven’t been hit as hard, not yet, but once there is no one left to shit stir into war, because everyone in foreign lands is getting killed, thanks to us, then they will finish us off. We’re just waiting around for our turn and since the lights are still on and the smartphones are still working and the whores of Hollywood are entertaining us, it’s all good. We’re real stupid shits, but don’t tell anyone. It’s supposed to be a secret.

      And Malcolm X was right on so many points and yet, did we and do we listen to his words that ring true? Hell no!

      I thank you for your comment Newsfortherevolution!

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      1. Malcolm was right, along with so many others who have tried to warn us. And what happened to them? They were either killed, marginalized or discredited in some way.

        As powerful as the propaganda machine is, sooner or later people have to be held accountable for their own actions, or lack there of. In the same way that ignorance of the law is not a defense, neither is ignorance of the crimes our governments commit in our names. What makes us all the more guilty is that so many suffer so we can live this soulless, mindless existence that we have here in the west. Enslaved people around the world work day and night to make our cell phones and sneakers and we never give the misery of their lives a second thought. All that matters is that we have a never ending supply of crap to consume

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      2. Yep, that is exactly what they do; discredit, marginalize and destroy those who are putting the truth out there and those who have had this done to them knew what was coming but they continued because they had hopes, apparently, that we here in America would wake up and rise up and become an avenging tide against the very ones that are oppressing our ass. We have failed these people, miserably and in so many ways and so many times. They wasted their time, energy and lost their life and for what? So that we could continue to ignore what we don’t want to face? So that we could focus on stupid shit and not sweat the big stuff? It is a sin and a shame that good men and women died so that we could know that we’re being played, so that we could know that we are enslaved to a brutal regime that only craves our destruction. And what do we do? Pass the Doritos, prop our feet up and grab the TV remote! Americans sicken and disgust me!

        Again, thank you for your comment Newsfortherevolution(that Americans will never start)!


  4. I read what I wrote, and I didn’t explain myself well. I wasn’t saying that I or you pull punches or back off from what needs to be said.

    I was, in a not very effective way, trying to make the point that these Hollywood ‘people’ are worshiped and adored by the majority of young Mericans, today, no matter the race, color or creed. And this includes a large number of young blacks, as you know.

    I believe, like you, that these Hollywood assholes are as much a diversionary and divisive tactic being used by TPTB, as Obomber and the congress are. They nauseate me, as I said.

    Please believe me, if I sounded like I was accusing you, in any way, I was not, since what you wrote, here, speaks for me, too. And, in particular, I always thought it was low for homosexuals to claim what had happened to them equates to what happened to you and other people of African descent! Were the homosexuals carried off to a strange land and sold like animals to be enslaved for four hundred years? We all know the answer: Hell NO!

    They are bullshitters, as are Hollywood types. They are mannequins pretending to be alive.

    But, like you, I will never return to my judgmental, religious dogma ways of judging others, especially for choices concerning sexual appetites.

    That is all I meant. Sorry I didn’t explain well.

    And no, I am nor upset, just wanted to clarify!

    Keep going, my friend and sister!

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    1. Don’t worry about it my friend. This all just goes back to not being able to see the person or their expressions. Nothing you could say could stop me from keeping in touch with you! And no need to apologize. I should be the one to do that. Hell! If we keep apologizing to one another, we’re going to need video chat just to say “Hi” for fear that we’ve said it while someone was having a bad day and even the word, “Hi” was an affront to their delicate sensibilities. We, hopefully, won’t get to that point. LOL!


      1. We won’t!

        It doesn’t hurt to clarify, since we both understand that this is not the optimal way of communicating.

        We be cool! Sorry, I keep flashing back to my days playing old R&B and Funk;-)

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  5. Gee, I missed this. I think I might have watched the Academy Awards once in the 1970s. According to the numbers, a lot of Americans are tuning out the Oscars – ratings this year were down 18% from last year and the lowest in six years: http://deadline.com/2015/02/oscar-ratings-2015-academy-awards-show-abc-1201379351/

    Americans know this bullshit is irrelevant. Thank God, it’s finally being reflected in their behavior. You know the puppet masters must be desperate when they bring out the tits and junk.


    1. Well, I sincerely hope that you are right Dr. Bramhall in that more Americans are waking up! We’ve still got a ways to go though and I do realize that I should take what I can get but the thing is, we are fast running out of time, so they’d better hop to it!

      And Dr. Bramhall, I tried to miss it seeing as how as I’ve stated often enough, I don’t own a TV, but unfortunately, I could not miss it since it was on my home page, the very first thing I saw when my hand cranked computer finally wheezed on and lit up without smoking and catching fire. And yeah, I noticed that today they’re screaming and yelling about the low viewership that the Oscars got, good! And I’ve been reading about how those who did catch a glimpse of it quickly turned to something else because of their disgust at what they saw.

      So now everybody’s getting desperate and not just those who are jobless, homeless and hungry? It would do the puppet masters some goddamn good to get desperate and I hope fearful with thinking that their very existence is in danger. Yeah, wishful thinking and all, I know, but I’ll do it all the same.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall! Much appreciated!


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