This Is How I Truly Feel About The U.S. Military!

us military whores

I had originally posted this as a comment but as strongly as I feel about this, I decided that it needs a blog unto itself.

While you are reading it, I hope that you can feel the disdain that I have for you. I hope that you can sense the contempt that I have for you. I hope that you realize that you are a piece of nasty, stinking, vile ass shit and that you mean less than dirt to me. You think that what you do is honorable. It’s not and I cannot stress this enough! How can “kill by drone” ever be considered honorable? How can killing people who have inferior weapons to yours be an honorable thing to do? How can killing people while you are in THEIR country be considered, honorable? You are not fighting a foreign enemy on American soil and so what business is it of yours as to what goes on in any other country? Why are you in someone else’s country bringing destruction, maiming and death to the country and to its people? You think that there is ‘honor’ in that? Who are you shitting? Yourself? Well, I’m here to enlighten you. You are just a military whore and if you’ve ever read anything from me, then you know that I’ve called you military motherfuckers, useless military whores many times over and I will continue to do so. But I did promise to post a comment of mine and without further ado, read this eloquently worded comment and remember, I mean every goddamn word of it!

They are not heroes! They are military whores! They bend over and get fucked and if they make it back, they decide to bend over again and then if they come back fucked up after having been fucked, well now, let’s put them on a commercial since the Veterans Administration said to them, “Fuck you and get at the end of that non-existent line!” And what does Obama do? Oh, he goes to a military base and salutes his military whores and promises them the moon all the while laughing at their goddamn stupidity and blind obedience. There is always going to be a ‘conflict’ and what a nice, pretty word for war, conflict is, because as long as there are dumb motherfuckers that sign up, ‘conflicts’ will never cease. War will never cease.

We say we don’t like or want war? Well fucking prove it! Stop signing the fuck up! We don’t want to keep hearing and seeing your sob stories about how sorry you are that you fucked people up for no reason. We are sick and tired of your attempts to gain our sympathy when you had no reason to sign up in the first damn place. No one is forcing you to sign up. That is all on YOU! No one is to blame for your nightmares and your post traumatic stress and for your depression but YOU! Take some responsibility for what YOU chose to do! I don’t owe you a wheelchair! I don’t owe you a goddamn thing because I didn’t ask you to fucking ‘keep me safe’! Keep me safe from who? What enemy of mine are you keeping me safe from? America IS the goddamn enemy and you are America’s goddamn willing tool of war! I begrudge you motherfuckers, a slice of moldy bread and I truly mean that!

Now, come on up in here and try my non-existent patience with some patriotic bullshit and see just what the fuck you get for your efforts, you goddamn worthless ass military whores!

So, when you military whores bring your filthy ass eyes all up in here thinking that you are going to read about some whores that are available for you to bend them over and fuck, think again. This is about you, you nasty whores and how you yourselves bend over and get fucked by the likes of Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Barack Obama, Colin Powell, John McCain and all the other filthy warmongers and war hawks that you whore yourselves out for.

And if you bring your whorish ass back from deployment, I am sure that it goes without saying that I won’t be standing on the sidelines of a parade watching you nasty ass whores strut your wide open asshole all up and down a pothole filled street in this shithole called America. Don’t even think that I am one of the suckers that watch a commercial about ‘Wounded Warriors’ and open my checkbook to send you a goddamn penny. Why should I throw good money after bad? I am already paying for you whores to kill innocent people. I am paying for your goddamn health care. I am paying for the goddamn food that you eat. Yeah, think for one goddamn second that I’m going to hand some more money over to you because you’re now a ‘Disabled Vet’ and the Veterans Administration told you to “Piss off!” Like I’m going to continue to fucking help you? Never fucking think it!

11 thoughts on “This Is How I Truly Feel About The U.S. Military!

    1. “no soldiers- no war!”

      It really IS that simple and yet we just cannot or will not grasp that concept that if not for the fact of those most willing enlisted grunts, Obama couldn’t do a damn thing about a damn thing. If he had to man the drone button and if McCain had to have his ass shoved inside a hollowed-out missile and have someone blast his ass to where ever the hell he wants a war, he’d sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. But when it’s always the poorest of the poor that are putting their bodies at the disposal of the war hawks and warmongers then there will forever be war.

      There would be jobs aplenty to work at if instead of shit stirring and causing wars in other countries that we run over to and get embroiled in, we’d get to fixing up an infrastructure that is second by second falling into disrepair.

      One year, I tried to take the goddamn train to New York from the Midwest and Amtrak told me that I would have to spend a night in Chicago because only one track is going in and out of Chicago and that Amtrak is suing to be able to use that train track that was laid for commercial trains and not for passenger trains. And yet, the only thing we can continue funding is the goddamn military when I can’t even take a straight through train from the Midwest to New York. Seriously? And who the fuck is complaining about that? Our bridges are falling down into our rivers and if not exactly falling, they are leaning like hell and we have no high speed rail, that’s for sure, just ask Amtrak. Our electric grid is shot to shit and the Obama Administration has the nerve to worry about ISIS aka The Backyard Beheader’s Burner Club when we’re our own worst enemy. One small earthquake near one of the many nuclear power plants and we’re done for but no one has done a damn thing about ensuring the safety of those facilities. We are too busy in foreign lands, starting shit and killing people for their oil and whatever else we can steal from them.

      SIGH!!! I fucking despair of us as I always do!

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!


  1. Truth! There is no way I could ever love a country that does not love me. I would NEVER fight for this country and NEVER pledge allegiance to the flag. Like you said, how can you go to another country and wage war on their land and be considered heroes?!


    1. Thank you Constance for your excellent comment and question. We were never included in the Declaration of Independence and we were never included in any other document that pertained to these corrupt states and neither were the Indians. We are just as expendable as the Indians were because you never hear anyone speak about trying to obtain the Indian vote seeing as how it’s only about 45 or so of them left and the whites have been hell bent on attempting to reduce our numbers to that of the Indians.

      I would spit on the American flag if anything, but I’d damn sure as hell not pledge allegiance to some shit that still considers my ass to be three-fifths of a person. Why the hell would I take up arms in defense of a shithole that looks at me just as they would look at a horse or cattle? I don’t have a goddamn thing to fight for and I damn sure as hell don’t have a stickpin worth of patriotism. A gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of patriotism that I have because its non-existent.

      Black folks, especially, need to wake the hell up and get a clue! This country ain’t never gave a damn about us and it never will. We are expendable and that is another reason why the white elitist pigs keep their boot planted firmly on our neck, it is so that we have no choice but to sign up to get shipped the fuck out to fight their wars. And the reason why the whites join up is because they love fighting and torturing and otherwise fucking people up just as they’ve been doing for centuries. They get their fucking jollies off on that shit! Black people were never as depraved as whites have always been and why we are busy somewhere trying to emulate that foul ass shit is beyond me! Fuck that shit! I don’t give a damn who takes offense because truth is truth and one thing you can count on, there will be those who recognize themselves in this truth and have a problem with it. Again, I don’t seriously give a goddamn!

      And Constance, again, I want to thank you for your comment. It was ever so spot on!

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  2. Once again Shelby you’ve taken to words right out or my head. I can’t stand to hear people call everyone in the military heroes. Like they are doing me and the rest of the country some fucking favor. Most sign up because they have no other choice and are to dumb to get into college. The military is nothing but a glorified police force… the only difference being a cop has more freedom. And honestly I have very little fucks to give about either one. Old men start wars and young men die in them…such a shame.. it would probably be alot more peaceful if politicians had to round up their own families to fight when they decide to “go to war.”


    1. Lashaun620, I made this comment on another blog that reblogged this particular post.

      THAT my friend is what I am aiming for! Reinstitute the draft and see as you put it, ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE! Wouldn’t that be something? And no excuses for the children of that shit in congress. And since women are now very much in the military picture, let’s see if Obama doesn’t mind his daughter who will be 18 in two years get conscripted. He is fine with sending other peoples children to war, let’s see if he’s ready to send his own.

      And quite honestly, presidents shouldn’t be exempt. Obama looks able-bodied, he can go and so can McCain. If he’s got enough spunk to be a war hawk then he can have his ass dragged on over and participate in what he starts. There will be NO deferments for religion or college since religion be damned and who the hell is learning anything? The only thing college students are doing is waiting tables after having amassed a shitload of student loan debt and moved back in with their parents.

      So, yes indeed, reinstitute the draft and see how many changes take place. You don’t see no anti-war protesters out in force now, but goddamn it, when the children of the ‘upper crust’ are lying dead and bloodied alongside the abject poverty stricken who see no way out of poverty other than to join the military, well things would change quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry. As long as the poor are the ones that are getting blown to bits and who are coming back all fucked up, nobody gives a goddamn, but let’s up the ante and make war, equal opportunity, yes indeed. None of this bullshit about “my back is bothering me and I can’t go!” Put a goddamn back brace on and get out there on the battlefield. No more “I can’t fight a war because I need to preach some Mormon bullshit in France!” Fuck that! Preach some Mormon bullshit to your fellow comrades while you’re running with a grenade launcher in hand and if your motherfucking ass stumble and fall at least the last thing you did was fucking pray, so you good than a motherfucker. That was for Mitt Romney that never did see a minute of fighting in Vietnam because he claimed to be much needed in France preaching Mormon bullshit to the French, all holed up in le château.

      And Dick Cheney sought five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, four was for going to college and one was because someone actually allowed his nasty ass to hump them and produce a baby and so he claimed, ‘new father’ deferment. He fucking bent over backwards to not go and fight in a war but yet he and Bush both lied and got over a million people killed in the Iraq war all over a lie! And people can’t see the hypocrisy of these cowardly assholes? They can’t see that Dick Cheney is a mealy mouthed liar and lower than a snake’s belly when he can speak of torturing people and yet his namby-pamby ass was scared too shitless to don a military uniform and get in the fray? For the love of …..!!!!

      If people can’t find jobs, it is because the government is deliberately making sure along with corporations that there are no jobs available for everyone that wants to work and therefore, they make people have to think about signing up for the military when there would be plenty of work for all if America would concentrate on the neglected shit that’s been neglected for decades and actually fix up this shithole. That would put millions of people to work but no, we are more interested in starting wars in foreign lands and sign on the dotted line and here’s your military gear, now head the fuck out! I’d rather clean toilets and bend over fields of strawberries and green peppers than pick up a weapon and have some innocent person’s death on my hands. I understand poverty, hunger and not having medical insurance, all too well. I have been there but never did I think of joining the military as a way out of my situation. There are just some things that I am not willing to do and being a hired killer, prostituting myself to the warmongers, ain’t something that I’m prepared to live with on my conscience or die for.

      Thank you so much Lashaun620 for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it!


    1. Then you should really like this Dr. Bramhall!

      We’ll be set soon enough to not run out of able and not so able bodied people regardless of pedigree, rank or financial situation. Reinstate the draft for ALL, including congress is what’s happening and the president can issue orders in the heat of battle. We’ll all go and get it done, even John ‘mad dog’ McCain! From ages 18-75, that should about cover the majority of U.S. Wouldn’t you say? LOL!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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