If We’re In Purgatory…



She walked right through me
as though I was never there.
I was standing on the corner
and as invisible as the air.

I was lying on a bench
and he sat right in my lap.
He never heard my protest
as he disturbed me at my nap.

Every day we walk the streets;
mere ghosts that fade away
We are the unseen; the forgotten.
If we’re in purgatory, must we stay?

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Must they stay? Apparently so! Because we have done nothing to staunch the flow of people who are headed straight out on the mean streets of every city in America. We may as well sit on them and knock them down because they are just as ghostlike as if they aren’t there. We’ve gone so far beyond merely looking away from them to the point where we have no problem when laws are passed to continuously make it harder for them to survive homelessness. Can you even wrap your head around that word, HOMELESSNESS? Can you? Homelessness means “without a home, without shelter, without a place to LIVE. Do you get that? How can you LIVE if you have no place to LIVE? Oh, my bad! That IS the point! They are not supposed to live. Why should they? It’s their fault, right? Well, isn’t it? They drank too much. They are drug addicts. They are the scary mentally ill. Newsflash! They are the VICTIMS of an economic crisis of epic proportions that forced many people out on the streets. There is no ‘recovery’. Recovery? What the hell is that? It damn sure couldn’t be a game because that’s called ‘Operation’, so where is the goddamn ‘recovery’ at for these people? Damn it all to hell! I wrote this poem because I’ve just returned home and it’s colder than a motherfucker out there! How anybody is surviving in that shit, I don’t fucking know! For the love of …….!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “If We’re In Purgatory…

  1. “Oh, my bad! That IS the point! They are not supposed to live. Why should they? It’s their fault, right? Well, isn’t it? They drank too much. They are drug addicts. They are the scary mentally ill.”

    In my state (Ohio), over twenty years ago, the ‘mental institutions’ were turned into prisons, so the mentally ill were tossed out on the streets to survive any way they could. As we should know by now, there is great amounts of money to be made in the slave/prison industry, but none to be made in caring for the mentally ill, beyond Big Pharma drugs, of course. But Big Pharma is Big in slave/prisons, so what’s the difference for the pig?

    This is it, as you know, Shelby. Most of the people we try to reach have been brainwashed to believe that life of any kind is not precious or sacred, especially human. And the Zionist perpetrated disease that has caused this dehumanization to occur is the religion of Darwin and Galton: evolution/natural selection/eugenics/genetics.

    Those who are not ‘WELL BORN’ (eugenics/genetics) should not exist, they should be sterilized, just like they (70,000) were in Merica, at the beginning of the twentieth century, and then Nazi Germany later. In fact, it was Merican eugenics fans that went to Nazi Germany to help Hitler with his sterilization plan for blacks, Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and others who didn’t fit the ‘Aryan’ type.

    This world is for the ‘WELL BORN’, Shelby, and most of us do not fit into this class of all classes, assholes of all assholes. Thus the pig’s reasoning for a NEW WORLD ORDER, which will consist of about a half-billion WELL BORN folk only. It’s depopulation, or worldwide genocide.

    And most people are going to sit idly by as these elite-insane pigs perpetrate this last crime against humanity!

    IF WE LET THEM! If we 7 BILLION allow a couple thousand PSYCHOPATHS to have their way with us!

    Great post, Shelby!


  2. I have a convoluted thought here. While thinking about the homeless I think about the charity of man, or lack thereof, and of course charitable organizations themselves, though most of these have an underlying motive that has not to do with charity.

    But while on this path of thought, I thought about the welfare system, now there is a lot that can be said of the welfare system in this country and it not my intent to dwell into that, but only to say that it is our stolen taxes that we are forced to pay that should bear the burden of housing, educating, and employing those homeless of able body and to care for the remainder in a most dignified manner. Of course that, or relieve us this illegal tax burden and we’ll tend to our own.

    This all has me recalling conversations with peers who have only condemnation for the welfare system and are fond of expressing as much at every opportunity and with scorn for the recipients. These are the same folk with a mortgage mind you, who are employed and making a fair wage, pro-war, god-fearing Christians, republicans in most cases, and in every case white (but that probably doesn’t come at any surprise) and more times than not, they are a camo-clad redneck hunter, likely referred to as a “sportsman” instead of coldblooded brutal serial killer.

    There’s a pattern here, you see. A conspiracy if you will, that strives to keep the homeless homeless and invisible, and a welfare system at odds with the majority of white mortgage holding tax burdened working class. Then focus that burden on the welfare system rather than the “defense” system and voila! Though for what purpose and gain other than another means of keeping us divided and in contempt one for the other I know not. And that may well be it, for it’s a fine job it does of it. For they know, damn well, that our division is their gain, their lifeblood. And I don’t think we have a hope or prayer of ever changing that. Although that too is what they promote in the masses, hope and prayer, rather than activism. I don’t hope, I don’t pray.


    • Excellent!

      Divide and conquer, that is what the powers that be are all about, and in every way possible.

      As you point out, it has always amazed me how the very people being ravaged by this system/order are the ones who staunchly defend it, no matter how bad their situation might be. I would think those getting screwed would be the first to point the finger at the main culprits who are screwing them. But no, they choose to remain faithful sheep to the slaughter,

      And now, many of these ‘I did it my way” folk are having to rely on the welfare system to survive. I bet there are a lot of hung-low heads standing in food lines and family services offices.

      It should be the tax-free religions who care for the disenfranchised in this country. Let the bishops, priests and right reverends dip into their ‘off-shore’ ready reserves and help the disenfranchised, like their savior told them to do!

      Yeah! That will happen, when ‘hell’ freezes over!


  3. You Sojourner and you Peter have said it ALL! What more can I add? If I contribute to this discussion, I will put a sailor to the blush and so I won’t even go there! But I do thank you both for taking the time to comment, and spot on comments they were! Now, I’m off before my head explodes from sheer angry frustration!

    Again, a BIG thank you to both of you!


  4. I had African American client when I was in Seattle who always went to the bank to buy $25 worth of quarters every time she went downtown (this was in 1987). She wanted to make sure she had enough loose change to help every homeless person she encountered. Although she herself was on disability, she felt it was her civic duty to do what she could for those who were less well off.


    • Dr. Bramhall, it is usually the abject poor who are attempting to help the abject poor. That is why I have always made suggestions that money should be given directly to those who so obviously need it. What they do with it should be no concern of ours. We don’t have a problem donating to the Red Cross and to other ‘charities’ when we know that those who work at them are not even having to take the bus, but are driving brand new vehicles and going home to well-stocked pantries.

      When I give money to the homeless, their faces light up in disbelief, probably because they are so used to people not even acknowledging their existence, much less handing them some money. If only I could give more. I will continue to give what I can!

      Thank you for posting the lady’s story. It was just heartening to read it!


    • Tube cut it out! Stop putting ideas in to Odroner’s head! As if the homeless don’t have it bad enough what with laws flying on the books, left and right to stop people from feeding them, to stop people from giving them money, to stop people from giving them blankets and so forth and so on, you now want to put the idea of ‘droning’ them into Odroner’s head? Perish the thought, but not the homeless.

      You know what heartless shits we have at the helm of this lopsided, stinking, sinking, shithole barge and they need nothing but a suggestion; a new idea and away they’ll go with it to. I swear I’m fucking fed up with that useless shit in Washington!

      Thank you for your comment Tube!


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