Just Sit On Your Worthless Ass!

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I will no longer post such missives

about how fucked up we all are.

We know the danger we face

and what we do is quite bizarre.


We pretend that all is well

as we ignore what we can’t bear.

The writing is on the wall

and obviously, you don’t care.


Don’t worry about a thing.

Just sit on your worthless ass

and pretend that all is well

while they plan the next big crash.


Don’t whine and don’t complain

and don’t moan about your plight.

You never tried to understand

that the rich are a parasite.


You just hated on the poor

and blamed them for being so.

But what you failed to realize

is that where they went, you too will go!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


For those of you who have followed this blog for some time now, I thank you for your support but I am done repeating myself to worthless shits that don’t get it and I am including myself in the ‘worthless shits’ category because neither am I doing a goddamn thing about any goddamn thing. Apparently, we are all sitting around waiting on something or someone to save us from ourselves. Ain’t gonna happen. And so I have started a new blog because as the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.” I will keep this blog up for those who are interested in reading the fact that when we are all dead from either GMO foods, or from earthquakes caused by fracking or from World War III or from homelessness, lack of health care or from any of the other myriad of reasons for our demise that we could possibly have done something about and we sat back and did nothing because that was the easiest path to take, archive to your heart’s content. There is plenty of information here. I will no longer be checking out the blogs such as this one as I am only going to ‘follow’ poetry blogs that are ‘deeply from the soul and from the heart’ but I don’t want to read about how fucked up we are when that is already known. I am not going to continue to become angry over our fucked up situation and to no avail. I need some goddamn sunshine in my life and I ain’t getting it by concentrating on shit that’s going to remain shitty and just so you know that I mean what I say, THIS time, here is the link to the new blog that I have created and there will be no “We are fucking doomed!”, nonsense headed there!

Thank you all and for those that continue the useless, uphill struggle, for I will not say ‘battle’ because we never got that far; one less voice will not make any difference. Carry ‘quietly’ on!






18 thoughts on “Just Sit On Your Worthless Ass!

    1. Thank you for understanding Sojourner! My blood pressure was on the rise from becoming all het up over shit that I can only rail against and do nothing about. I need some relaxation and some calm and I intend to get it, come hell or high water. I am not going to kill myself over, again, what I have no control over. People have been trying to tell me that, but I wouldn’t listen. I will now.

      Shelby, over and out! But again, gracias amigo!


  1. You know me Shelby, a slow, deep smile spread across my face when I read this post. I almost feel like celebrating… but then I notice that I must be one of those doom spreaders. Oh well, we live and learn. 😉


    1. Robyn, you are not a doom spreader. Nothing that I have read on your blog bespoke doom. Hell! I’m having to ‘unfollow’ my damn self because I am causing doom and gloom to enter by the fact of my writing about it. I am consumed with it. Your blog was refreshing and it helped to inspire me to begin anew. So there! I learn from you and I took it and ran with it, right over to “Poetry and Prose from my Soul!” And so I owe you a BIG thank you!

      ..and hopefully, I’ll see you around!

      Oh and P.S. The champagne’s chilling for the celebration!


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      1. Most definitely, I love your new blog , I love the look. It is so regenerative, and I believe that, no matter how powerful people thought your voice has been on this blog, it is almost as nothing compared to what you are truly capable of. The light inside of you is so so bright. The thank you was received when I read the news, but now I have permission to join the celebration. Yes, yes, yes!


    2. Now I understand why your responses to my comments were less than friendly.

      No worry, this ‘doom spreader’ will not bother you again!

      And I’m glad you’re smiling!


      1. Just to clarify, my last comment and this follow-up are to jamborobyn, not Shelby.

        And with a P.S.

        Some of us ‘doom spreaders’ are compelled by the injustice in this world, as well as the suffering of others, to write the way we do. There are doom spreaders, tons of them, especially in the media and politics, but I and the others I follow are not! We are not making a living doing what we do. Nor do we love stirring the shit for no reason!

        I have lost a close friend of forty years, and his family, over what I write. So losing a poet will not be the end of the world for me, jamborobyn. And last night, after finding Shelby had to go another direction, I was torn and depressed all night. I have struggled with whether to continue on or not, as Shelby knows. Like Shelby, there are days when I feel I can’t go on, and all of this is taking too big a toll on me. I wish there were no need for me, or anyone else, to have to write this way. But there is a need, whether the ‘free thinking’, love and kisses folks think so or not!

        I feel like I owe it to those who are in pain and suffering to continue on. Believe it or not, jamborobyn, there are many men, in particular, who would get nothing from prose, even though prose has its place as well, just like every other art. I am a classically trained composer. SO WHAT! The world is going to hell!

        There are more ways than one to skin a cat, as the old saying goes. So, instead of looking down our noses at how others go about communicating, why don’t we just learn to live and let others live, too!


        Shelby, although you being here in this way, has been of great help and encouragement to me, Linda, Tube and others, I know, from your writings, that this is taking more of a toll on you. And so I support you in your decision!! And I mean it!

        Will we miss you? Hell yes! But you need to do this.


      2. I can’t believe you said all that. I have been supporting you. Where do you get the idea I am looking down my nose. One time, I went a bit off track on my reply to a comment, perfection is beyond me, but I sincerely apologised to you and you were kind in your response. I encourage Shelby to follow her dreams. I am uncomfortable with only focussing on the negative, it’s not the only truth in this world. I don’t believe we need any more sacrifices. Sojourner, I encourage you in the same way, even when your focus of attention is entirely different than mine. I know you have a good heart and I am very disappointed to hear that you think us to be in opposition. Be well.


    1. Thanks Linda! Hopefully, I’ll be around, just not on this blog and I’ve decided that I just need to let out the deep and beautiful me that is still there somewhere hovering, but yet afraid of that other me; the vicious one. I guess I’m crazy after all. At the very least, I’m Dr. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde and we need to come to grips as a hellacious battle is brewing and I am determined that the kinder, gentler me shall prevail!

      Linda thank you for all the comments and for all the great blogs that you write. You guys are the best, believe that!

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  2. No, I need to explain.

    I don’t really understand what has happened to me, over the past twenty four hours, but I have sunk into a deep depression, which was so bad last night that I considered ending it. It is much worse than anything I’ve had before.

    I have almost quit writing several times, over the last month, but Shelby, Tubularsock, Toritto and others have always posted something or commented and given me the energy to continue. And for some reason, the other night, when Shelby hadn’t commented or posted anything, I had this feeling like something was wrong, And then yesterday, when she wrote the post about moving on, it left me confused and not knowing what to do next. I guess I got used to Shelby being there.

    This is hard to explain in this manner, and in just a few words. I live alone, my family is gone (dead). I am divorced and my step-son and family live in Norway. And I have a few friends left, but because of a fourteen month illness, and the weather we’ve had, I have been, for the most part, housebound. And then losing my friend and family, a few months back, because of my opinions and writing, has even isolated me more. So my connection with all of you, I guess, had become more important to me than I knew.

    The last two times I commented on your poems, you responded like I irritated you, and then you came back and apologized. But I wondered what I had said that kept irritating you. And then I see ‘doom spreader’, and with Shelby going another direction, I put two and two together and came up with eight.

    So now that I’ve made a complete ass of myself, which is by no means a first, I really am sorry for all of this. And I do apologize, Jamborobyn.

    Writing has helped, in some ways, to keep me sane, over the last fourteen months. And I’m afraid to stop. And yet there are days that I feel it is tearing me down.

    Again, I apologize to both of you, and everyone else here as well.


    1. Thank you Sojourner, it is understandable. I have never been irritated by you, but it is difficult for me to find the right words to communicate with you. Somehow in your comments you manage to connect with the pain of my own past and at least once I have ended up accidentally talking to myself – in an effort to return to peace. Now that you have written further here I can see what we have in common. I want you to know that I respect you and I sincerely appreciate your apology. Let’s put it behind us, laugh and move on. I am grateful for this new understanding you have made possible.


      1. Thank you, Jamborobyn, so, so much for this! Shelby talks about tears flowing, well they’re in my eyes now.

        We will put this behind us, and gladly so. But I am so sorry that I responded that way to you. And I’ll remember what you have shared with me, here, when I read your wonderful poetry from here forward. It is wonderful poetryl, not that I’m an expert.

        I’ve been struggling again, today, and this note from you is like a breath of fresh air to me!

        I respect you, too, Jamborobyn!

        I hope Shelby is not still upset? I care so much about her, too. And although I’ll miss her input in this way, I want her to be at peace, especially with everything she has been and still is going through!

        Thanks again!

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      2. Sojourner, I kept quiet in here because I figured that you guys could work out any differences between you. Both you and Robyn are often on my mind and you are both in my heart and it tears me apart to see two people that I think have beautiful souls, not able to come together. But I see that you both have worked it out. I admire you both and I am truly glad that you’ve also put it behind you and decided to move forward.

        Sojourner, please know that I am still here. You can ask any of the people that have ‘followed’ me for almost two years that I often have these meltdowns and I state that I am going to quit ranting and raving and railing against the shit stirrers but then I step back, regroup and once all pistons are firing again, I come back; usually sooner than later.

        Even though I have announced the closure of this blog, people are still signing on to ‘follow’ me because they’ve more than likely ‘archived’ and found that I’ve quit 89,000 times and counting. Please, cheer up! Just as ‘talesfromthecomspiratum’ stated, “I’ll be back because it’s under my skin.” It is, it really is. So, again, this is me once again, blowing off steam and since I am such an attention seeking loud mouthed hoyden, I must announce to the world that I, too am one of the ‘worthless shits’ that I go on and on about. You see I believe in calling myself out along with all the other slackers that I call out. I’m for equal opportunity and if I’m bullshitting, I am going to call what I’m doing, bullshit. I ain’t ashamed to admit my faults, shortcomings and fuck ups.

        You dry those tears up while I try and dry up mine because I’ve got it so bad, I’m crying over Leonard Nimoy’s death and at least he died at the grand ole age of 83 but he was Mr. Spock to me and those of us who want our fantasies to forever remain fantasies even though they are based on a real person, it upsets me to know that when I watch another episode of Star Trek, Mr. Spock has now joined the deceased Dr. McCoy and Scotty. I loved that show for all that it stood for and the actors really got into character.

        Hopefully, I’ve cheered you up a bit. Uh…on second thought, probably not! And so, I’ll stop here. But please remember that something will get my goat up and I’ll storm back in here breathing hellfire and brimstone and some more shit! Bu-leee-dat!

        Much love to you Sojourner!


  3. Thanks, Shelby! I appreciate you and Robyn so much. These days, if one screws up, there’s not too many folks sticking around afterwards. So I thank you and Robyn for being forgiving with me!

    I honestly don’t know what happened to me two days ago. As I said in my apology to Robyn, I found out two days ago how much I’ve relied on you, in particular, and Tube, Toritto, and when you announced this, it was like I went into a panic.

    You know so well, being ill and isolated can really take a toll on the mind and heart. And I guess I wasn’t aware of how vulnerable I am at the moment. You know we men, we’re supposed to suck it, etc, but life has a way of kicking ass!

    Yes, the announcement of Leonard Nimoy’s death hit me too. That series ran while I was in high school, so I know what you mean.

    Listen, I want you to come back, but not until you are ready! Also, if you do come back, don’t stop writing on the poetry blog!

    And yes, your message, here, and Robyns’ have helped me a great deal!!

    Much love, respect and gratitude from this end also, Shelby!


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