Obama, You Hypocritical Bastard….!

lying bastard

…how the hell can you stand there with a straight face and declare that Venezuela is a national security threat? A national security threat? Venezuela? Are you shitting me? For fucks sake, this shit gets more ludicrous by the goddamn second! The goddamn White House had this to say,

“Venezuelan officials past and present who violate the human rights of Venezuelan citizens and engage in acts of public corruption will not be welcome here, and we now have the tools to block their assets and their use of U.S. financial systems,” the White House said in a statement.”

Venezuela is violating the human rights of THEIR citizens???!!! …AND the Venezuelan government is corrupt? Oh really??!! For real??!! The United States is violating the human rights of its citizens and you, you piece of filthy ass shit ain’t doing a goddamn thing about it or even posturing over the fact that human rights abuses abound in this shithole called America. And what government body could be more corrupt than the shits that take bribes and kickbacks from the ‘corporations are people’ corporations? Here is a list of American state and local politicians convicted of crimes, but this piece of shit is pointing the finger at Venezuela? For the love of ……!!!

And speaking of human rights abuses, my Black ass cannot even stand on a goddamn street in New York city and sell some loose, untaxed cigarettes without getting choked to death! That is not only a human rights abuse, that is motherfucking outright murder! And the fucks that committed that murder, walk around, free as a goddamn bird.

A 12-year old child by the name of Tamir Rice was gunned down in a park by filth in blue for playing with a toy gun and he is to blame for his own death and THAT is not a human rights abuse, not to mention, once again, goddamn out and out murder.

A mentally ill Black woman got her faced bashed in and beaten all about the body in California for having the goddamn gall to walk down the highway and what happened to her is not considered, a human rights abuse?

Let me set the record straight. What are human rights? Human rights are rights which you are entitled by virtue of being human but apparently, many of us who are American citizens are not considered, human and for that matter, neither are many other people that are held in secret U.S. prisons all across this planet, be they American citizens or otherwise.

Also this article states that the U.N. holds U.S. Accountable for Human Rights Violations At Home and Abroad but what I would like to know is, how so? Because in the article:

“The committee condemned the United States’ lack of accountability for disappearance, torture, and unlawful killings of terrorism suspects, and its failure to apply the ICCPR to international operations. In addition, the committee denounced racial disparities in law enforcement that have led to the incarceration of a disproportionate number of minorities (particularly Blacks and Latinos), effectively denying them basic human rights throughout the criminal justice process. This includes severe sentencing such as the death penalty and life without parole for juveniles; improper use of solitary confinement; and denial of civil rights following incarceration (most notably, the right to vote).”

Again, how is the U.N. holding the U.S. accountable for its human rights abuses since not a goddamn thing has changed? The U.S. is busily abusing our human right to privacy at this very minute by recording my motherfucking key strokes and listening in on my phone calls and having the ability, if they don’t like what they see or hear, to have my ass drone struck at any given moment without benefit of counsel or trial. So what the fuck difference did it make for the U.N. to even bother condemning this shithole for human rights abuses when this shithole is GOD to the goddamn world by virtue of its military?

This GOD called America can determine that Venezuela is abusing human rights when this shithole has not one goddamn human rights leg to stand on because they’ve all collapsed in a heap and been shoveled into a goddamn hot ass furnace, burned the fuck up and the ashes as was the case with Osama bin Laden was thrown into the goddamn Ocean, never to be seen or heard from again! Damn it all to hell! The blatant, outrageous hypocrisy of the shits at the helm of this lopsided, sinking, stinking shithole barge, knows no bounds! How the hell do they come off looking askance at another country’s perceived human rights abuses when this shithole is mired in human rights abuses and is damn fucking proud of it? Just ask Dick Cheney who is so fucking proud of the fact that innocent people were tortured to death, so proud to the point that he would do it all again in someone else’s heartbeat! Now if that don’t beat all? Why that heart that he stole from someone that was most likely cooling their heels in a U.S. prison, refuses to beat in his filthy ass chest is a mystery to me! Because if it was my heart that they had given to that depraved, blood thirsty, demonic bastard, it would have leaped up off the goddamn table and fled the goddamn building and thrown itself in front of a motherfucking bus so as not to get set inside that filthy bastard’s nasty ass chest! Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning is rotting in prison for exposing torture, war crimes, lies and hypocrisy, otherwise known as human rights abuses while Edward Snowden is in exile for exposing human rights abuses in the form of the U.S. government spying on us all as if we are all, enemies of the State. If that don’t take the goddamn cake!

The United States reigns supreme in human rights abuses and that is why China has told this shithole to “Fuck off!” when chastising them over their human rights abuses and so have other countries over this ‘pot calling the kettle, black’!

Is the U.N. going to recommend that the U.S. sanction its damn self over its human rights abuses? Fuck no because everybody is goddamn terrified of the U.S. and with good reason, with the exception of Russia’s Vladimir Putin who even condemned this shithole for the human rights abuses perpetrated on the Ferguson protesters when they protested the murder of Michael Brown by a racist ass cop. China had this to say, “It’s ironic that the U.S., with its brutal manner of assimilating minorities, never ceases to accuse China and countries like it of violating the rights of minorities,” and Russia had this to say, “Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement last week that the United States needs to clean its own house if it wants to call itself a “bastion of human rights” that “declares its own ‘exceptionalism.’ ”

“I would like to advise the American leaders to pay more attention to restoring order in their country before imposing its dubious experience on other states,” the Foreign Ministry said.”

But now the shits that run this shithole are pointing the human rights abuse finger at Venezuela and getting out the “SIGH”….sanctions book AGAIN! Who the fuck hasn’t been, is being or will be sanctioned by this hypocritical shithole? Cuba has been sanctioned as has Iran, Iraq, Russia, Burma, North Korea, Côte d’Ivoire and now, Venezuela.

AGAIN, I say, “WORLD!!!” Get your act together! Get up off your ass and blow this shithole to hell! Send your goddamn secret messages by carrier pigeon if you have to in order to elude the goddamn NSA, CIA, FBI and all the rest of the spying eyes over here and carry this thing through to end the reign of this shithole and blow Great Britain’s ass to kingdom come along with it because the two go hand in hand. Cut your losses already and get with the program that this shit is never going to let up off your ass and the hypocrisy is overwhelmingly all up in your face. It is undeniable and they lie and don’t even blink!

WORLD, you’ve got three choices! Expect to kneel and continue to kowtow to this sick ass twisted shit here in America and in Great Britain or get sanctioned to pieces and then have drones and other missiles raining down on your heads or plot together and destroy this shit, once and for all! My continued hope is for the latter! Do yourselves and US, a goddamn favor! Blow it the hell up!!

11 thoughts on “Obama, You Hypocritical Bastard….!

  1. Oh, Shelby you were supposed to rest and do more love poetry. Tubularsock loves this poem a lot!
    Seems like you have hit more than one nail on the head very well with this one. Now what rhymes with Hypocritical Bastard, ahh ………..

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    1. Tube, there is poetry and then there is THIS poetry. And don’t you know that there ain’t no rest for the madly insane and deranged and I’ll be danged if I could let that hypocritical shit slither by and not get called out. Not to mention that my faithful ‘followers’ just love my crazy ass rants and my cussing shit storms. They are SO discriminating, yes they are! So, I must give my adoring public what they want and so the show MUST go on!

      And I see that you figured out what rhymes with Hypocritical Bastard; one word “OBAMA!”

      Thanks Tube! Good to see ya man!

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      1. That is the trouble of being a STAR! Your discriminating “followers” do love your rants and Tubularsock does admit that a good “hypocritical shit slithering by” is too fun not to go off the deep end. Nice work, my friend.

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  2. Venezuela is redirecting wealth back to the people, lowering poverty rates and improving the quality of life for the poor. That’s very dangerous to the security of those who own America. It sets a bad example for the rest of the world. What happens if Americans find out what’s actually going on there and start demanding some of those reform back home? It would mean the 0.01% would have to start sharing some of that wealth they’ve worked so hard to steal.

    Another interesting thing about human rights violations. Saudi Arabia, America’s number two BFF after Israel, just sentenced a women to jail time and 200 lashes for the crime of being gang raped. But you don’t hear Obama, or any American politician, talking about corruption and human rights violations there. I guess it’s because in their minds, the greatest violations of human rights, are the ones that impede the ability of the wealthy to rob and oppress the masses

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    1. So, Venezuela is getting sanctioned because the government is trying to do the right thing by Its people instead of constantly fucking over them and fucking them up and the U.S. puppet masters are pissed off about that. A government can’t do the right thing and help the citizens. It must demand every drop of blood, sweat and tears from the people, put them out on the streets so that then they can get arrested and herded directly into the FOR PROFIT prison industrial complex. I hope that Venezuela sends a message to the fucked up shitheads at the helm of this lopsided barge telling them just where they can stick their sanctions and how far up they should shove ’em once they stick it in. I’d tell ’em to shove it so far up their ass that when they shit, ‘shit sanctions’ come pouring out of Obama’s big ass ears, likewise with all of the other filthy ass rats that are creeping around Washington. This just makes my blood boil, it does!

      And newsfortherevolution, we don’t care about that poor woman in Saudi Arabia that’s sentenced to receive 200 lashes. What’s that got to do with us? We’re filled with exceptionlism and all and her problem is that she isn’t. Not to mention that who gives a shit since we’ve got a date with our BFF at the club tonight! We ain’t missing out on gyrating and jumping up and down to some techno shit. Who in the hell wants to concentrate on some woman in the Middle East somewhere getting lashed? It ain’t us, so it’s all good. Let me ask Susie that’s sitting beside me here in Starbucks.

      “Hey Susie! Some woman in Saudi Arabia is going to receive 200 lashes because she was gang-raped, ain’t that atrocious?” Susie says, “like, not really, because like, my boyfriend tied me up like, last night and stuff and like, this other dude and his friend, like, joined us. It was like, mind blowing. If you like, know what I mean! Besides, she was like, probably dressed like a slut ’cause like I’m not wearing any panties right now, a hee hee!”

      That’s how we carry it news! If it ain’t happening to us, then we don’t give a fuck! It’s the same way when Saudi Arabia beheads journalists for speaking out against the government, that’s okay when Saudi Arabia does it, but if ISIS does it, we’ve got to bomb them in Syria and Iraq and Yemen and Pakistan and just go on and on. We get to determine who deserves our sympathy, our pity and who does not and if the MSM hasn’t told us that we should care about this poor woman, well, now, it must be nothing to it. We’re more interested in getting high and being entertained and it ain’t hardly no fun to sweat the stuff that ain’t all up in our face. We just can’t be bothered but we celebrate International Women’s Day by saying, “Happy International Women’s Day!” What the fuck does that do for women all across this planet that are getting fucked up by what the U.S. and her allies are doing? Not a goddamn thing!

      I care, believe me I do! And that is why I have to take little breaks because I stay red in the goddamn face over all of the atrocities that I see and can do nothing about. I just read Sojourner’s comment and I am just like him. If I was 20 years younger and wasn’t pushing a goddamn walker, AGAIN, thanks to being in yet ANOTHER car accident, I would have joined a militant group myself and a drone would, by now, have my motherfucking name all over it!

      I do sincerely appreciate your comment newsfortherevolution(that will never happen) even though we keep hope alive. I highlighted your comment because it is ever so spot on! Again, thank you!

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      1. And thank you. I really do love reading your stuff. Your passion is inspiring.

        But this line right here, “if the MSM hasn’t told us that we should care about this poor woman, well, now, it must be nothing to it,” sums it all up, our entire, empty, meaningless existence. We think what we’re told to think and care about what we’re told to care about, and we never question it.
        We have been reduced to empty-headed zombies, living shallow, selfish, superficial lives.

        It would be understandable if we actually enjoyed a high quality of life, but instead our quality of life is being destroyed and our rights are being taken away. You really have to wonder how it is people can’t see society is crumbling around them.


  3. If I could walk and function properly, physically, and it was twenty years ago, and I knew then, what I know now, this post would have sent me right over the edge, right off to the northwest territories to join a paramilitary organization. I ground down my last remaining molars as I read this, Shelby. You nailed this piece of shit monster, in almost every way conceivable.


    This is the legacy of this heinous, foul monster, this penal-colony/police-state, referred to as The U.S. Corporation/United Penal Colonies of Merica (UPC of m)!

    God, how I despise the country I was born in!


    1. I HEAR you Sojourner! See my comment to newsfortherevolution! If I was 20 years younger and not pushing a goddamn walker AGAIN, I would have long since joined a militant organization and AGAIN, the NSA can forward this to the CIA and they can just bring their ass on out here in the middle of no goddamn where a’ looking for my ass, but I ain’t going all quiet and peaceful like. That is for damn CERTAIN!

      I am highlighting your comment too because it truly reflects how I feel. I despise this country and I hope to make a major announcement soon because I have had it with this shithole. I swear that I have had it! We don’t have a goddamn thing to work with over here and millions of people are unemployed and fucked up and there ain’t no goddamn peep from any of them. We just keep taking this shit that they shove down our throats and we fucking swallow it and beg for more and wonder why the shit keeps getting deeper. We’re all but drowning in shit and obviously, loving it.

      “God, how I despise the country I was born in!” I most heartily concur!!!


  4. It’s sad to see a lame duck president to continue to behave as a puppet for the corporate interests who are the real power behind the national security state. If he had a single ounce of personal courage or integrity, he could be using his last two years to take a genuine stand for human rights, climate change and repairing America’s fucked up economy.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, what’s sad is, he’s sad. He is a sad excuse for a human being as I’ve ever seen. He is the embodiment of all that is SO very wrong because he willingly sold himself to feather his nest at the expense of the millions of people that voted for not the shit that we got, but for what we thought was going to turn the tide and bring in a different approach to handling issues and resolving them, not by more war and drone strikes and illegal detention and torture and more hypocrisy, lies and war crimes, but by doing what it was he promised that he would do in all of those speeches that galvanized a country. And he spit in our face and he gets the last laugh because we are suckers and we got played. That rankles with me and it always will because I don’t like to be made a fool of and that’s just what happened.

      Thank you Dr. Bramhall. The people here should realize that we are done for because there is no longer any attempt to cover up the shit that they do. It is out in the open for all to see. It is no holds barred. And who can’t see that, is dead.

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